Nicki Minaj Reveals In New Song “all things go’,She Lost A Child At 16

Sisterly love: Nicki raps about her desire for her younger brother Micaiah to attend college Opening up: The star also  reveals that she got engaged 10 years ago, pictured last month in LA 
In a slow-tempo song ‘All things go’ off her upcoming album The Pinkprint,the anaconda singer,31 revealed she was engaged and lost a child at 16. Read the lyrics;

‘I want Caiah to go to college just to say we did it/ My child with Aaron, would’ve have been 16 any minute/ So in some ways I feel like Caiah is the both of them/ It’s like he’s Cai’s little angel looking over him,’‘Ten years ago, that’s when you proposed/I look down, yes I suppose.’‘I love my mother more than life itself and that’s a fact,’ she raps. ‘I’d give it all if I could somehow just rekindle that/ She never understands why I’m so over-protective/ The more I work the more I feel like their neglected.’ 

‘I lost my little cousin to a senseless act of violence/ His sister said he wanted to stay with me but I didn’t invite him/ Why didn’t he ask?‘Or am I just buggin’?/ ‘Cause since I got fame, they don’t act the same even though that they know that I love them.’ 

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