Clive Davis Says He Does not blame Bobby Brown For Whitney Houston’s Death

The music mogul and his star: Clive Davis was responsible for introducing the world to the talent of Whitney and is releasing a CD/DVD of her greatest live performances 

Speaking exclusively with mailonline,Clive Davis says Bobby Brown was not to blame for Whitney’s untimely death;

‘I don’t lay her problems at his doorstep. You know I never spent time with Bobby I knew they loved each other and it was well documented how their problems were. It just obviously was not ultimately beneficial to either of them,’ the 82-year-old music mogul said.‘Really, my relationship with Whitney was always one on one,’ he revealed to MailOnline.
‘He was never present when I dealt with her about music so I never got involved there. ‘He by his non-participation, certainly was very content to allow the professional relationship that I had with Whitney to remain one on one.’‘When I look at award shows today with 100 people on stage because dancers are so prominent today, you really miss that solo spotlight that Whitney had when she would come on stage.‘There are very few old timers. There’s Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand and Whitney Houston. As far as the voice, I think Adele has a great voice and I look very much forward to her new album. ‘Jennifer Hudson has a magnificent voice and she is a big fan of Whitney,’ he continued.‘There has never been a time when I’ve not been on good terms with the family. 

The way they were: Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a tumultuous marriage but her manager Clive Davis has insisted he doesn't blame the bad boy for her troubles and death 

‘Obviously, there was one or two people who felt it was inappropriate to have the tribute to Whitney right after she passed away but everyone is entitled to their own point of view, there are no wrongs or rights.’I could not acted without the full support of her family and they could not have been more supportive or praiseworthy of our relationship and they’ve all turned to me. ‘Cissy [Whitney’s mother] certainly knew how much I loved Whitney and I am dealing with Cissy right now as she is the background singer on the Aretha Franklin album that is just coming out.’ ‘You know, I’d just been with her for an afternoon two days before her death, and she was looking forward to music and giving up cigarette smoking and anything that would impair her voice.’

The music mogul decided to make Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances live album to ‘make sure nobody ever will forget why she really was an incredible voice to be studied and enjoyed through the centuries’.

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