Miley Cyrus Kicks Off ‘Bangerz’ Tour With A Giant Tongue Slide,Marijana Leaf Leotard & Crotch Grabbing

Advertising: Miley Cyrus wore a marijuana leaf leotard for her Bangerz tour in Vancouver, Canada, on Friday night Taking a knee: The blonde bobbed singer played to the packed crowd
Miley Cyrus opened her Bangerz tour by sliding out of a giant replica of her own mouth on a pink slide.
The 21-year-old kicked off the tour in
Vancouver, Canada, on Friday by wearing a marijuana leaf leotard whilst
performing her now predictable raunchy antics such as crotch grabbing
and derrière waggling.

Wearing a leotard printed with marijuana
leaves(pic above) she strutted onstage in a pair of white cowboy boots before
changing into a red mid-riff baring two-piece with fluffy feathered
shoulders. See photo of the tongue slide and more raunchy performance after the cut…

That's a mouthful: The 21-year-old rode a tongue slide to open her showShowing her true colours: The Wrecking Ball singer displayed some of assets whilst onstage
Wild night: The Bangerz backup dancers got quite hands on with MileyCar wash: Miley slid around the hood of a low rider vehicleBelting it out: Miley crooned as she backup performers swayed behind herCostume change: The star slipped into racy red number for a raunchy dance numberRiding the hood: The Wrecking Ball singer performed some raunchy movesSliding in: The young woman showed off some of her now infamous movesWe get it, you have a tongue: Miley posted a snap pre-show featuring her lingual muscle once againShe shared backstage photo(above) . She kinda looks like pal Justin Bieber here.

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