13-year-old boy killed while crossing the road on Easter Sunday

13-year-old killed

This is really sad.  A 13-year-old boy was killed by a hit and run while crossing the road with family on Easter Sunday. According to BirminghamLive;He was hit by a black Volkswagen Polo in Erdington, Birmingham, just before 6.50pm on Sunday, April 12.
The teenager was rushed to hospital but medics were unable to save him.

13-year-old killed

Some people in the neighborhood said of the incident;
“I live a little way up the road from where it happened but my friend was walking his dog nearby and said he heard a loud bang.
“The family were crossing at the traffic lights. I don’t know if it was green.
“My friend said the car must have been going at some speed to hit him that hard but with so few cars on the road the driver probably put his foot down.

“My mum said she heard screaming shortly afterwards which she assumes was the boy’s parents.

“It’s just heartbreaking to think they were just out for a family walk on Easter Sunday and now a poor lad’s life has been lost.”

This is really sad, can’t imagine what his parents are going through. Please take heart.

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