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Tracy Daniel Diaries : First Cut Is The Deepest

Tracy Daniels is beautiful, intelligent, creative, inquisitive, imaginative, stubborn, compassionate, nurturing, an introvert but can be very social when necessary but sometimes she has no idea who she is. She knows what she wants most of the time and how to go for it but she lacks the confidence, patience, clouded with self-doubts, distracted by life and people. Also, due to her background and everything she’s been through, sometimes she feels it’s impossible to succeed; to be who she is meant to be, who she dreams she can be ,who the world think she is. After spending three (3) years at home, Tracy got admission into the university (well, sort of but she started with a pre-degree). Tracy and her brother were in the same school, the campus was located in a very timid village, people from different parts of the country attended as well.

Before now, Tracy has never lived in a hostel before; the introvert that she is, she loved to observe people before associating with them. She also t…

Tracy Daniel Diaries : Dont You Just Hate...

Tracy Daniels just went through a 'don't you just hate' moment. On her way home from work few days ago, Tracy sees this guy that used to sorta ask her out.You see the thing is, Tracy meets lots of guys at her place of work but its either they are married. Not her type, broke... you name it.
She met this guy in his late thirties, they work in the same building but different organizations. Just like everyone have problems, this guy had his problem; He married a young girl that wasn't ready to start a family but had to marry him because he had the finances to get her where she needs to be. You see, where Tracy is from, men dominate everything and have the power (what do I mean where Tracy is from...I believe is everywhere).

Introducing Tracy Daniel Diaries

Who is Tracy Daniel?
Tracy Daniel is a fictional character or what people might call your alter ego. She’s a girl, lady or woman; she’s that part of you that you don’t want people to know. Everyone has a dark side they wish they hadn’t or people knew. Tracy Daniel is not everything bad but she represents that part everyone hides; she loves art, she appreciate beauty, she’s open minded, opinionated, stubborn, ambitious, loving, reserved, witty, intelligent, very influential, misunderstood, from an average family but people think otherwise, very creative but misguided, very social but have few genuine friends.