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Chapter Thirty Three:The Fifth And The Last Child

Dennis knows nothing has happened between them especially since shes a virgin but the rest of them dont know. Ifeanyi on the other hand as a roommate has not caught them in the act before so he cant really say although he was guessing that they do it when he is not around
Nina: look at my pictures.
Dennis :( looking at the pictures) Ifeanyi, did you know I forgot my baby had a picnic?
Ifeanyi: why didnt you follow her?
Nina: very good question Ifeanyi.
Dennis: she didnt invite me.
Nina: so thats your excuse?
Dennis: who is this guy?
Ifeanyi: let me see( seing the picture of chux and nina),oh boy! I saw this picture at the photo stand but not closely I didnt know it was you.
Nina: hes a friend.
Dennis: how come I dont know him?
Ifeanyi: do you know all her friends?
Dennis: at least I know most of them.
Nina: hes a new friend.
Dennis: okay, you look like you really had fun.
Nina: not so much without you.
Tony: guys whats up? Hey Amanda, you are here?
Nina: hi tony.
Tony: whose picture is that?
Dennis: Amanda and her friends.
Tony: oh let me see, that reminds me your department seems to have had a blast at Oguta Lake.
Dennis: she went for it.
Tony: oh I see. Who is this guy?
Dennis: a friend.
Tony: hmmm, not from what I see.
Nina: what do you mean?
Tony didnt want to say what he and every other person was seeing so he just said something else because most times things are quite embarrassing for them to see or say abour what their fellow guy is doing
Tony: I meant, you know we are all guys and theres no such thing as friends with a girl
Nina: so you mean you dont have any girlfriends.
Tony: I wont really call them girlfriends Ill say we talk sometimes while Ive probably slept with some.
Nina: well, its not the same with me.
Tony: you are not saying anything Dennis?
Dennis: she says he is her friend what do you want me to say?
Tony: okay, excuse me (picks his call) hey Floxy!
Florence :( on the phone) Tony, where are you? You are not in your room.
Tony: okay, Im in Ifeanyis room.
Florence: okay (hangs up).
Tony: its Floxy, Ill be back.
Floxy leaves Tonys compound to meet him at Ifeanyis place and sees Tony coming out from there meanwhile Nina peeps at the window to see the girl that they say looks like her
Floxy: Tony! Is Ifeanyi around?
Tony: (hugs her) yeah hes with Dennis and hes girlfriend.
Floxy: Ifeanyis girlfriend?
Tony: no, Dennis.
Floxy; okay, let me say hi.
Dennis: (talking to Nina) why are you peeping?
Nina: I want to see how this girl looks like me.
Dennis: who said she looks like you?
Nina: some of my roommates and Agnes even Ernestina said so.
Dennis: really?
Floxy :( walks in) hey guys! Ifeanyi so you dont want to say hi?
Ifeanyi: no I was planning to do that before you walked in.
Floxy: well stop planning and Dennis because you are with your girlfriend you wont say hi.
Dennis: I thought you were talking to Ifeanyi, i didnt want to interrupt. Meet Amanda, Amanda meet floxy.
Nina: hi!
Floxy: hello! Nice to meet you, you are in year one i believe?
Nina: yes I am, you?
Floxy: fourth year.
Nina: okay.

Floxy: okay, it was nice meeting you guys. Let me steal Ifeanyi for some minutes, bye Dennis and Amanda (dragging Ifeanyi)!
Nina: bye!
Dennis: bye! (Talking to Nina),you were saying people say you look like Floxy?
Nina: yes, can you imagine?
Dennis: I dont really see the resemblance.
Nina: thank you, I look like me and no one else.
Dennis: do you know Ifeanyi used to like Floxy?
Nina: Ifeanyi use to like everyone, First Chize now Floxy.
Dennis: dont mind him.
Nina; so what happened?
Dennis: she wasnt interested in him.
Nina: uh, did he ask her out?
Dennis: he said he didnt but I think he did and she turned him down.
Nina: why do they keep turning him down? Ifeanyi is not that bad.
Dennis: it depends on what they want.
Nina: what do they want? Isnt he a guy like you and Tony?
Dennis: do you want to go out with him?
Nina :( laughing) I just might.
Dennis: you are not serious.
Ifeanyi :( walks in) hey guys!
Dennis: has she gone?
Ifeanyi: yeah she has, Florence and her trouble.
Dennis: what did she do?
Ifeanyi; you know Floxy now. Amanda, do you know I used to like that girl?
Nina: and you dont like her anymore?
Ifeanyi: I still like her but we are just friends now.
Nina: okay, did you tell her how you feel?
Ifeanyi: I wanted to but when I got to know how she is, I just didnt want to do it anymore.
Nina: how is she?
Ifeanyi: shes too complex.
Nina: complex?
Ifeanyi: I dont really know how to say it but let me just tell you I just realized she wasnt my type.
Dennis: or you are not her type?
Nina: Dennis.
Ifeanyi: of course Im her type, Im anyones type.
Nina: ah you not anyones type.
Ifeanyi: Im I not your type?
Nina: uh, let’s not get carried away my friend.
Ifeanyi: meaning what? Is Dennis better that me besides Chize is not that pretty, short girl.
Nina: waoh, are we talking about Floxy or Chize?
Ifeanyi: both of them especially Chize, shes not even that pretty.
Nina: but you like her.
Ifeanyi: I dont think so, I have a girlfriend now and shes the best.
Nina: good, Dennis you are not saying anything about it.
Dennis: you guys have said it all. Come here, leave Ifeanyi to sort himself.
Finally the discussion was over and they had their dinner and went to bed, the next day Nina went for lectures and finally went to her hostel and met with Vivian and Stephanie
Nina: hi Vivian.
Vivian: hey mandie whats up?
Nina: Im good and you?
Stephanie: hi.
Nina: hi.
Stephanie: Im contesting for Miss Anambra state university.
Nina: really, that’s cool.
Stephanie: and the party is going to be outside the school.
Nina: nice.
Vivian: will you come?
Nina: Ive not really attended a party outside the school but maybe I could.
Stephanie: because its tomorrow.
Nina: tomorrow?
Vivian: yeah.
Nina: wow, um how come I didnt know about it?
Vivian: I guess you didnt really care to know.
Nina: I guess you are right.anyways till then.
Stephanie: okay bye.
Nina: bye.

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Chapter Thirty Two :The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

Finally the party was over and it was time for them to head back to their hostel which means crossing back to the other side of the lake. When they were going back she wasnt scared anymore because she has already done it and she had a lot of fun so five minutes on the speed boat will not kill her. They got safely to their school in the evening and Nina had her bathe and took a very good nap.
The pictures were ready the next day and after lectures Nina heard people talking about the pictures
Nina: excuse me; is that the Oguta lake picture?
Classmate: yes it is.
Nina: is out already?
Classmate: yeah, I saw yours.
Nina: really? What is pretty?
Classmate: yeah it was really pretty.
Nina: thanks.
Zino: looks like some people really hard fun.
Nina: you missed.
Zino: oh please! I enjoyed my lecture free day that day.
Nina: good for you.
Zino: where is your own picture?
Nina: I didnt even know it was out.
Zino: I cant wait to see yours.
Nina: then lets go there now.
Zino: okay.
They went there and saw a lot of people there; some were paying for their pictures while some were just watching. The picture that people were really talking about was the picture Nina took with chux; his manhood was obvious in his boxers if you know what I mean
Nina: Wow, look at this crowd. Maybe we should come back later.
Zino: no, no! most of the people here are just watching, if you call the guy to check your picture he can bring it out for you.
Nina: okay.Excuse me, excuse me! I came for my picture.
Photographer :( looks at her face) oh okay, let me get them for you.

As she watched him flip the picture, normally she supposed to tell him which picture is hers but because he knows her face already, he was giving her all her pictures. Normally they make two personal copies and also for each person in a picture especially if they request for it but Nina just took a copy of she and Chux
Zino: this one is fine, um (sees the one with Chux) is like some people had too much fun.
Nina: thats what a picnic is all about isnt it?
Zino: Where is Dennis here?
Nina: He didnt come with me.
Zino: Why? This guy is not in our department.
Nina: he didnt come with me; he came with his girlfriend besides I didnt know that other departments could come. Even if I knew I dont think Dennis would be interested.
Zino: anyways, you had fun.
Nina: yeah I did.
Zino: so will you show Dennis these pictures?
Nina: ofcourse, why?
Zino: nothing, just asking.
The funny part about this was that Nina didnt understand why everyone was talking about the picture with her and Chux. The only thing she notices was she was having fun and took a fun picture. She went to the hostel to pack her things to go see Dennis
Fat Kc: amandie! I didnt get to find out how your picnic went.
Nina: thats true, where were you last night?
Fat Kc: I went to see a friend.

Nina: this friend of yours doesnt have a name?
Fat Kc: we are talking about you right now besides who do you know in public administration?
Nina: anyways, it was fun, here are my pictures (hands her picture over to Fat kc).
Fat kc: wow, this place is beautiful. I havent really been to a lake before.
Nina: that was my first time.
Fat kc: I didnt know you knew this guy.
Nina: who?
Fat Kc: with this guy.
Nina: oh Chux? Yeah we are friends.
Fat kc :( still checking other pictures)okay, look at his girlfriend. I was wondering what associated him with this event. Is his girlfriend in your department?
Nina: no, biochemistry.
Fat kc: so people from other departments could join you guys?
Nina: yeah, I found out there as well, would you have come?
Fat Kc: dont really know but after seeing these pictures I wish I was there.
Nina: yeah, they are nice arent they? Where is everyone?
Fat kc: um lectures.
Nina: okay,I’ll be back. Let me show Chizoba my pictures.
Fat kc: I dont think shes around.
Nina: how would you know?
Fat Kc: I saw her going for lectures. Shes now my friend too,the last time she came to check for you,she asked me what cream I was using that I have a nice complexion and since then whenever she sees me,she calls me her friend.
Nina: Zoba loves skin cream a lot. Do you know she even has night cream and different facial products?
Fat kc: (smiling) but her skin is not bad.
Nina: that means what shes using is working.
Fat Kc: yeah I guess.
Nina: well then, I’m off Ill see you soon.
Fat kc: when are you coming back?
Nina: tomorrow or next.
Fat kc: alright bye.
Nina :( leaving) bye!
Fat kc likes Chizoba and wants Chizoba to treat her the way she treats Nina but she knew the only way it could be like that is for her to be friends with her first which is what shes doing unlike for Nina that Chizoba just liked her from the first day she met her. So Nina packed her bags and headed off to Dennis house, and as usual Dennis wasnt back from school but this time they kept the key where Nina could see it
When she got to the house, no one was around, she wanted to prepare something for them to eat but saw that they have soup already so she decided to take a nap. After an hour Dennis came back with Tony, they met Ifeanyi on the way so they all came back together. They knocked at the door till Nina woke up to open the door
Ifeanyi: sleeping sickness!
Nina: welcome.
Dennis: hey babe!
Ifeanyi: this girl, you are beginning to sleep too much, Dennis hope shes not...
Dennis: indeed! Except?
Nina :( looking confused) what are you implying?
Dennis: Im just kidding!
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