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Check out first Miss Nigeria at 86

Twitterverse went wild after the first Miss Nigeria ,Grace Oyelude surfaced online thanks to her nephew,U.S. based Professor Pius Adesanmi.

The beauty who was born in Kano in November 16,1937 to James Adeleye Olude and Marthan Dantu was crowned Miss Nigeria in 1957.After winning the contest, she travelled to England to study Nursing. According to her: “I was living in Kano then. My brother saw the advertisement in the newspapers and advised me to go to Lagos for an interview to be selected as a Miss Nigeria contestant. “He applied, and the result was that I was supposed to be in Lagos for the Miss Nigeria contest. I was working in the UAC then, and they also were also involved in the pageant. The following day, they got me on a plane to Lagos and that was it.”

She is 86 years old. Aww ,i love this type of history.

Three Canadian YouTubers died at Shannon Falls in British Columbia

Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper died on Tuesday in a tragic accident that occurred at Shannon Falls in British Columbia. The Canadian YouTubers were swimming in one of the pools at the top of Shannon Falls with a group of friends and in a statement released Wednesday; the Squamish RCMP wrote that, “On July 3rd, 2018, at 11:55 am Squamish RCMP received a call from BC Ambulance regarding three people who were swimming in one of the pools at the top of Shannon Falls.”“The individuals were with a group of friends when they slipped and fell into a pool 30 metres below,” 
Members of the group High on Life — a group that posts travel videos online — shared a tearful memorial for the three deceased vloggers in a YouTube video on July 6th and wrote on their facebook page'“On July 3rd, 2018, we lost three very dear friends of ours: Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper,” a member of the group said. “There are truly no words that can be said to ease the pain and the deva…

Federal Government declare June 15th and 18th as public holiday

The minister of Interior, Lt Gen. Abdulrahman  Dambazau, (rtd),  declared Friday, June 15 and Monday 18 , as public holidays to mark this year’s Id-el Fitr celebration. In a statement issued by the Permanent Secretary, he urged Nigerians to pray for the peace, unity, prosperity and stability of the nation.

More News on Woman who committed suicide on 3rd mainland bridge

Okay so this woman (pic above) who is based in Texas,US and married with three children committed suicide after her alleged boyfriend blackmailed her with her nude pictures. She got involved with a man in Nigeria who collected N10m from her. After reporting to the police and he got arrested he published nude pictures of them together to prove his innocence to the Police that whatever happened between them was consensual and he is not a fraudster as claimed by the married woman.According to reports,
The blackmail from the man got to her husband and this compelled the husband to conduct a DNA test on all his 3 children which later turned out that they are not all his kids after all.

Those kids belong to someone else. On Saturday, 9th of June, 2018, the woman drove her truck to the bridge, parked her SUV van on the 3rd Mainland Bridge and jumped inside the lagoon on a suicide mission which is a resultant effect of the blackmail.

An update on the report reveals that her lover who duped her …

President Muhammadu Buhari tenders apology to the family of the late MKO Abiola

President Muhammadu Buhari apologized to the family of the late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, on Tuesday. He said;
“On behalf of the Federal Government, I tender the nation’s apology to the family of late MKO Abiola, who got the highest vote [in the election], and to those that lost their loved ones in the course of the June 12 struggle,” 
“We cannot rewind the past but we can at least assuage our feelings, recognise that a wrong has been committed and resolve to stand firm now and ease the future for the sanctity of free elections,” he said.
“Nigerians will no longer tolerate such perversion of justice. This retrospective and posthumous recognition is only a symbolic token of redress and recompense for the grievous injury done to the peace and unity of our country.”
“We cannot rewind the past but we can at least assuage our feelings, recognise that a wrong has been committed and resolve to stand firm now and ease the future for the sanctity of free elections,” he said.

Reggae star, Ras Kimono is dead


This man beat his mother to coma after returning from night club

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC)  arrested Obey Smauel,32 for beating his mother to coma "without any provocation", the Commandant of NSCDC in Nasarawa, Muhammed Gidado Fari, said.

Samuel (in the photos above)denied it,he said;
He said: "I did not beat her but I know that when I came back from a night club at that time I was drunk I just locked her up in her room."

That's too bad. Instead of you to get you s--t together,you are passing your frustration on your mother. Shame on you man.

Zinedine Zidane Resigns as Real Madrid Manager

Football Legend, Zinedine Zidane resigns after two and the half years as Real Madrid manager. The former midfielder made the announcement at a press conference on Thursday,at the Bernabeu.
Zidane, 45, was the first coach to win three European Cups in a row when Real beat Liverpool 3-1 last weekend. He's won a total of nine titles while leading the Spanish club.

Chairman,Punch Nigeria Limited,Gbadebowale Wayne Aboderin Dies at 60

The Chairman,Punch Nigeria Limited,Gbadebowale Wayne Aboderin, gave up the ghost after  a heart surgery at the First Cardiology Consultants, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The one-time vice-president of the Nigerian Basketball Supporters Club was 60 years.

 He attended the Government College, Ibadan and trained as a pilot in the United States. He was the founder and chairman of  the Dolphins Female  Basketball Foundation, and also a former chairman of the Lagos State Basketball Association.  May his soul rest in peace.

President Muhammadu Buhari list achievement as Nigerians Mark Democracy day

As Nigerians celebrate Democracy day ,President Muhammadu Buhari addressed his administrative performance in the last three years. See below;

My Dear Nigerians!

Today marks the 19th year of our nascent democracy and the 3rd Anniversary of this administration. I am thankful to Almighty God for bringing us thus far. This administration came at a time that Nigerians needed Change, the Change we promised and the Change we continue to deliver. We have faced a lot of challenges on this journey and Nigerians have stood by us in achieving the three cardinal points of this administration namely; Security, Corruption and the Economy.

2. The commemoration of this year’s Democracy Day is a celebration of freedom, a salute to the resilience and determination of Nigerians and a recommitment by Government to keep its promise to lead Nigeria into a new era of justice and prosperity.

3. Public safety and security remains the primary duty of this Government. Before this Administration came into being …

Nigerian Couple share photos of Sextuplet they welcomed after 17 years of Marriage

This Nigerian couple, Ajibola and Adeboye Taiwo, welcomed sextuplets;three boys and three girls, last year in the US after 17 years of waiting. They shared photos of them all grown up.
It took a 40-person medical team to welcome them t VCU Medical Center in Virginia.Aww,isn't God wonderful. See photos below;

Atiku Abubakar responds to a twitter user question on his plans for Nigerians

This twitter user,Hassan Mohammed Kawu questioned former Vice President and presidential candidate,Atiku Abubakar on how he plans to improve the standard of living in Nigeria. See his reply below;

Yeah right! from 1999-2007,clap for yourself. Who will you guys be voting for come 2019? May God help Nigeria.

An Ohio Teacher Sentenced for Sexually harassing a 13-year-old

An Ohio teacher pleaded guilty to having sex with 13-year-old female student and was sentenced  to three years in prison on Wednesday. The female teacher's name is Brooke Rosendale, a fifth grade intervention specialist and a girls volleyball and basketball coach at Riverdale School in Ohio.
Rosendale said in court.“I want to apologize to the family,”  “I know I hurt them and I apologize.”

Rosendale’s attorney, Peter Halleck,told the court that his client accepted responsibility for what she had done. He said that she was remorseful for her actions.

 Hancock County Judge Reginald Routson,not convinced by her apology ,said;“You stepped across a line, a taboo that cannot be violated,” “There cannot be any sort of relationships between teachers and students and you betrayed a very important trust.”
Rosendale, 27, was engaged to her long-term boyfriend when the incidents occurred.

According to People;Rosendale had sexual contact with the teen in January and February of 2017. The inci…

A New York woman arrested for throwing popcorn on a toddler at the movies

People are weird,lol - ok,its not funny actually as the little kid suffered a bruise on her head. A woman from New York,Keri Karman, 25, was arrested after throwing popcorn and the container on a 2-year-old at the movies . Police reports;
The unidentified toddler went to a movie in Levittown, NY., in January and asked her mom for popcorn during the show. Keri Karman, 25, reportedly told the child to be quiet. 

The child’s mom then told Karman not to talk to her daughter and Karman allegedly started to yell and curse at the mother and daughter. 

Karman then allegedly dumped her own popcorn on the child and struck her with the container.

Karman and her father, 61-year-old child Charles Karman, who she was at the theater with, both allegedly fled after the incident.Both of the Karmans are charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Italian Women Pose in front of a cathedral in their underwear

This is another body positive campaign by Italian blogger behind the blog Love Curvy, Laura Brioschi set up the #BodyPositiveCatwalk right outside of the distinguished Duomo Cathedral. Laura who is a size 18 gathered 25 women in their underwear for the campaign. Her team said in a statement with Yahoo lifestyle;“Clothes can hide cellulite, pimples, stretch marks and we have nothing to hide!” Brioschi reiterated in her blog, while sharing that each woman wore a garment that she felt comfortable in.
She shared a video and photos from the walk and captioned;Finally out the official video of our #BodyPositiveCatwalk 😍I crying of happiness watching this!I’m really happy, we did it! ❤️. We are undressed From prejudice In every size, in every shape, . Thank u girls and thank u @gabriele.depaoli for this amazing editing 🤩 More pics on @fabiana_pastorino  @federicacurreli_  @aba_official @ottaviacaserza @jessicacortina_ @lafrivola @dany_rocchi @veronicaperez_curvy…

Three persons killed by Gas Explosion in Abuja

Three people lost their lives yesterday in a tragic gas explosion in  Zuba, Gwagwalada Area Council of the nation’s capital, Abuja,

An eye witness, Miss Victoria Martins said, “the incident happened at about 9 am on Friday , when a boy, an apprentice of a welder brought their cylinder to refill, there were four persons in the gas shop, the wife and three apprentices. When the boy came to refill the gas, two of the gas attendants came to attend to him, as they were trying to refill the gas, there was an error as the attendants tried to figure out the fault, the gas cylinder exploded and blasted them into shreds with limbs scattered all over the place”

The wife of the owner of the shop and one of the apprentices escaped death by whiskers and an apprentice of the neighbour who sells phones and accessories was injured were rushed to the hospital at Diamond Crest for treatment.

Source -Vanguard

Texas middle school teacher was arrested for having improper relationship with a student

Crystal Nicole Rodriguez, 28,Texas middle school teacher was arrested on Sunday after she was busted by the police in a hotel room with a 15-year-old former student
Authorities revealed that the teacher confessed to being involved in a sexual relationship with the teen girl. On Tuesday,San Antonio Independent School District officials said;“We are working to gather information to ensure we have full knowledge of what has occurred,”.
Rodriguez was booked at Bexar County Jail and released on a $20,000 bond, according to court records. -NY Post

Former Student Kill 17 people at a shooting in Florida high school

17 people were killed after a former student at Florida high school opened fire on Wednesday.
The shooter, who was equipped with a gas mask and smoke grenades, set off a fire alarm to draw students out of classrooms shortly before the day ended at one of the state's largest schools, officials said.

Authorities offered no immediate details on the 19-year-old suspect or any possible motive, except to say that he had been kicked out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which has about 3,000 students.

Students who knew the shooter, identified as Nikolas Cruz, described a volatile teenager whose strange behavior had caused others to end friendships with him, particularly after the fight that led to his expulsion.

Victoria Olvera, a junior at the school, said Cruz was expelled last school year because he got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. She said he had been abusive to his girlfriend.

"I think everyone had in their minds if anybody was going to do it, it …

Porn Star,Stormy Daniels Believes She is now free to discuss Sexual Encounter With Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels, the porn star who had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006,a year after his marriage to Melania believes she is now free to discuss an alleged sexual encounter with the man who is now president ,her manager told The Associated Press.

"Everything is off now, and Stormy is going to tell her story," Rodriguez said Wednesday.

According to Dailymail;
Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, believes that Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, invalidated a non-disclosure agreement after two news stories were published Tuesday: one in which Cohen told The New York Times he made the six-figure payment with his personal funds, and another in the Daily Beast, which reported that Cohen was shopping a book proposal that would touch on Daniels' story, said the manager, Gina Rodriguez.

Michael Cohen tells The New York Times he was not reimbursed by the Trump Organization or the Trump campaign for the payment to Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Cl…

South Korean Ice dancers almost suffer Wardrobe malfunction at the 2018 Olympics

South Korean ice dancer,Yura Min and her partner Alexander Gamelin's dance routine got affected as Min noticed the clasp on her back was undone. The pair spoke of the experience,Min said; “This is my first Olympics, our first program and if my top were to come down, that would have been a disaster” Min told the Free Press. “I was very nervous that the entire thing was going to come off.”
Gamelin said;
“Anytime she brought her shoulders in, it came down,” he said. “I only noticed it halfway through. During our twizzle, it came off her shoulder, all of the way. She had to stop and pull it back up and that cost us a bunch of points. It wasn’t because we were skating poorly.”
They finished ninth out of 10 pairs with 51.97 points and will compete in the regular ice dancing competition starting Feb. 18. Phew!thank would have been another Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Super bowl trend. Get a more fitting dress next time,don't blow your chance.