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Justin Bieber and Hailey Balwin in Matching PJs

Justin Bieber and his model wife,Hailey Baldwin were spotted outdoor in Los Angeles wearing same pyjamas. Hailey wore the top while JB wore the bottom for what seems like a photoshoot for a magazine.

Hailey had no signs of honeymoon weight rocking a polka dot bikini wjile Justin showed off his tatts and looked clean with his latest haircut. It's so cute seeing young people in love and married. More photos below;
Say cheese: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have posed for many Instagram photos together. But now it looks as if the Sorry singer and the Vogue model have collaborated on a proper photo shootReady to roll: It looked as if they could have been in a public space

John Mayer stopped drinking after a 6-day Hangover at Drake's Party

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Singer,John Mayer revealed he has been sober for six years and it was due to a six-day hangover after he attended rapper,Drake's 30th birthday party two years ago.

In a conversation with fashion designer Jerry Lorenzo, The 'Free falling'singer said; “I made quite a fool of myself,” Mayer says of the “last night of [his] life drinking.” We’ll spare him the hangover math, (and the obvious astrological influence of Scorpio season), but he claims that this particular hangover lasted six whole days.

I remember where I was. I was in my sixth day of the hangover. That’s how big the hangover was. I looked out the window and I went, ‘Okay, John, what percentage of your potential would you like to have? Because if you say you’d like 60, and you’d like to spend the other 40 having fun, that’s fine. But what percentage of what is available to you would you like to make happen? There’s no wrong answer. What is it?” I went, “100.”

Haha,talk about life changing moments.

Check out Kylie Jenner's Early birthday gift to mum, Kris Jenner

Kylie Jenner is such a cool daughter. The 21-year-old got her momager, Kris Jenner a 488 Ferrari for her birthday which is on the 5th of November.  She calls it early birthday gift.

The mother-of-one shared photos on her instagram and captioned :"488 for the Queen 💛#earlybirthdaygift". "My mom's dream car"

I was wondering...its a really nice and expensive gift but is Kris not old to be driving a Ferrari? I'm just imagining her trying to enter the car (it's quite low, considering her back?)...Anyhow what do I know, lol. 

Eva Longoria and son,Santiago in Australia

Actress,Eva Longoria looked every-inch the hands-on mum as she takes a stroll with son,Santiago  on the Gold Coast in Australia on Sunday. The producer who a white tee-shirt,black leggings and black Nike trainers,covering her makeup free face with a 007 cap.

Emma Nyra shows off twins

Singer Emma Nyra showed off her twins in this photo with brother. The  American-born Nigerian singer-songwriter welcomed her twins last two months and named them,Alexander and Alexandria. She looks great.