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Every Blogger Counts....No Matter The Niche!

I got a link to a post from a tech blogger (don't want to name him) on my BBM on ‘5 ways to earn from blogging without waiting for Adsense’. Though i found the post informative, I was put off by a comment from a tech blogger on the comment section where he literally called entertainment bloggers not just ‘copy and paste' but 'lazy bloggers’. Though i received the link some days ago, i just thought about the comment made by that blogger (PS: not the owner of the blog i read the link from o) and it didn’t sit well with me, i just had to write about it. The truth is, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about this; not like he is the first to say this or is thinking it but the fact that he wrote that  and i found it, is really absurd. There’s a big difference when you think about something compared to when you say it. And on behalf of all entertainment bloggers, I say that’s just blogist -blog race word (Don't get it? yes, that’s what we entertainment folks do, we are trendsetters, we entertain

people, we make something so ordinary very intriguing ,we create something out of nothing)!

This is no personal diss but i remember contacting a 'tech' blogger on  assisting with the technical side of my blog and the minute he checked it was an entertainment blog, he became adamant; obviously showing me what i do is just a waste of time or in his words a 'copy and paste' blogger. It also felt like; yeah just another 'copy & paste' blogger, like we've not had enough of these guys. There’s this famous saying that people criticize what they don’t understand.


Though i write articles, I’m also an entertainment blogger cos every movie, music, fashion and celeb news excites me and i love to share with the world cos i find it fascinating. It makes me happy and if it can, I believe can make my readers (people that think like me and are intrigued by every post on this blog) happy as well. That's why we have different blog niche; everyone can't be an educator, that’s why we have lecturers and students. When you call an entertainment blogger, a lazy blogger or in most cases, copy and paste blogger....It's like saying actor/actresses know nothing about art and their roles in movies don't matter because the writers, directors, camera crew and producers bring the movie to light. Without these actors, movie production is not complete; it’s a collective thing. That's why the blog world should have different niches; Entertainment, tech, fashion/lifestyle, news, personal/diary, fiction story blogs and more....

Some people love the news

Some people love Entertainment (which is very broad if you ask me) news...

Some love fashion

Some sports

Some just want to read anything funny

While some want to understand what goes on behind the blog world (technically)

And more i cannot even begin to list here. The blog world is so broad and has created opportunity for people to express and share what they know or find fascinating. So what type of blogger are you to condemn a fellow blogger. Just like in music; not every artist is the best or the definition of what music should be yet they get more recognition compared to the singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, producers and what not. So i would really like y'all to define what you mean by lazy bloggers aka 'copy and paste' blogger cos as far as I’m concerned there's no such thing. And i dare the so called tech 'hardworking' blogger' to blog on entertainment for a day and see how that goes. The truth is you can’t blog what you don't know; take me for instance and imagine me blogging /writing about I'll just go out of my mind! And trust me I’ve tried. The only political/news you see on this blog is if it has something to do with a celebrity, art or something really funny happened. That's

because i don’t give a rats ass on what happens there cos i don't find it interesting, it does not add value to me or my day and I’m very much better and happier without it. Meanwhile we have blogs/websites for that...let them do what they do while i do what i do. Every blog should have a purpose and as long as yours have a goal and purpose, that should be enough. 

Does that mean these tech bloggers don't copy and paste? How did you come about blogging in the first place? How did you create the niche for yourself? And where do most of your post/ images come from? So one way or the other, we are all 'copy and paste' bloggers! Just give honor to whom honor is due... In other words; give credit to every source. Because you've made a name for yourself, does not give you the right to condemn newbie bloggers that are trying to find their way/calling to blogging. Which i believe you made (still make) so many mistakes as a beginner before you discovered what you enjoy talking about and perfected it through research and constant blogging.

Or are you saying the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji is lazy? And don't tell me i should not compare cos she was once a newbie blogger. You think she does not research before posting? Sorting for news on the web (since we don't have paparazzi’s in Nigeria), making a statement and editing it to her taste and that of her readers, is a lazy way of blogging? This is a blogger that has close to 50post every day, excuse me for having a 9 to 5 (that’s putting in likely) job and post mostly at night and weekends for not writing the 'hardworking' post you feel should be given credit or taken seriously. How would you feel if i say your free e-book on basic blogger knowledge can be written or better explained by a lame man? Yeah, i just poked a nerve right? That's how you make every entertainment blogger feel when you call them ,lazy bloggers or when you try to discourage an upcoming entertainment blogger on blogging; That it’s all about knowing the background 'technical' work of it. Just like the camera crew, writers ,directors and producers... we all need each other to provide information /update on what's trending (artistic, newsworthy, inspiration, health, IT....) to the population, anyhow you'd like to define your purpose as long as no one is getting hurt. So write what you know how to write best and let others write what they know or enjoy writing about as well.

Lastly, entertainment bloggers are not lazy and all bloggers copy and paste or did at some point (so get your facts right!); the internet world is full of information where people research and share their knowledge in their own words or understanding to the world. If you don't understand what they do or have any interest in it, look away and don't talk smack about them just to make what you do look or sound better. At the end of the day it’s not just about the news; if not why don't we all go to Google ,Wikipedia, ask, yahoo, Bing (And why are there so many of them by the way, why not just one of them?) and co... It's about your presentation and how people are drawn to your style/personality and how they only want to read, watch or hear from you. Therefore, every blogger count and what they do matter! Whether they are popular or not; knowing our economy and how bills for things like electricity, Internet connection, laptop and personal space are not so easy to come by yet some of us still create this time and make the effort to entertain (in our case, can’t say the same for other niche though) people that are also going through the same or worse but just need something to brighten their day.

PS: I appreciate every blogger and the time and effort they put on their blogs for their readers and want to encourage newbie or aspiring bloggers to not give up and keep pursuing the blog topic they are passionate about; research, be focused and consistent(please give credit to whom is due),it will all add up someday . The sky is big enough for us.