Scott Disick's photo with daughter at a Chinese restaurant cause quite a stir

Scott Disick's photo with daughter at a chinese restuarant cause quite a stir

Reality star,Scott Disick faced some backlash few days ago after he shared the photo (above) with daughter,Penelope Disick at a Chinese restaurant. The father-of-three captioned the photo;
Best first date of 2019!”

And some people felt it was racist. See their comments below;“Tell her to stop being racist,” 
“Better teach your kid not to make eye thing with chopsticks,” another fan commented.
“So it’s ok to post racist photos because it’s a kid doing it…” another user chimed in.

“Why the F is his daughter doing that? Eating Asian food and being racist???” another commenter expressed.

Though some were not impressed,others who seem to be parents as well defended the 34-year-old;“She’s a little girl! It’s not racist! Calm down, she’s holding her eyes UP! Every 5 year old doesn’t make funny faces when getting a picture taken!” one fan wrote.

“You clear [sic] do not have children… My kids make faces like this all the time and not one time have they ever said look mommy [I] look like an Asian person… I have no idea what they’re doing, they’re just being silly,” another user wrote defending Disick.

“She’s a little girl having fun,” another user wrote.

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