Jada Pinkett says Will Smith’s ex wife “did her a favor”

Actress,Jada Pinkett Smith during a conversation from an episode of her Red Table Talk show where she discussed marriage and divorce alonside her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones,Toni Braxton and a psychotherapist. The 47-year-old said;“You need to find a way to get along with them because you wouldn’t be dating that person if it weren’t for the person who they broke up with.”

“One of the coping mechanisms with me with Sheree was really, like, ‘Hey, she gifted me.’ She really did. She gifted me. I started to put that into my psychology. She’s not an enemy. She did me a favor. But then on top of that I had to go into an even deeper psychology of, ‘She’s Trey’s mother,’ as my relationship with Trey deepened.”

 “Until that relationship develops and you start to see the importance, and you really have a care for that child, that does become your primary [concern]—I’ve had to go through many different stages of getting to good places,” she said. “It’s a process. It’s very difficult coming into a dynamic like that, and it doesn’t stop.”

It’s nice that they have a healthy relationship.

Toni Braxton also discussed her divorce with ex,Keri Lewis;”My husband became my boyfriend and we were attempting to salvage the relationship again, we were hopeful,” she shared. “We dated for a good year and a half, almost 2 years after we got a divorce. I know it sounds crazy, right?”

“I felt shallow because my ex-husband and I broke up for money issues,” she explained. “I found out I had lupus at the time, I couldn’t make money because I had lupus, I had to cancel the show. That was my personal contribution to the marriage failing, because who wants to take care of a person who’s sick all the time?”

“I never talked to my ex-husband about it, I probably should have, but if I’m going to be completely honest, money was just the decoration on the tree. The tree itself was I felt because I was sick, he left.”

“I always felt like if I didn’t get sick and I could have continued to work, we wouldn’t have had that deficit, it wouldn’t have shown its face and we would probably have still been together,” she added.

“I was very very angry about that, but it was because we had an existing prenup and post-nup,” she explained. “I wanted to renege. I’m gonna be honest.

The singer who is engaged to Birdman recently misplaced her $500k engagement ring (she calls Bonnie).

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