Nigerian Model with Tribal Mark Seeks Rihanna’s Attention

This confident Nigerian model with Twitter handle @Eleven Paz is trying to get through to music star turned beauty mogul,Rihanna to model for her.  Following Rihanna’s versatile sense of beauty,the young lady believes with her tribal mark Rihanna would take note. She wrote;

“I have been doing this campaign to get through @rihanna on all my social media handle… Yeah.. I have tribal marks and want to model for her. I need my Nigerian peeps to help get through to her. Please”

Well,Rihanna loves to try new things; Slick woods walked the runway for Fenty lingerie line pregnant,also women of different shapes and sizes wore her lingerie. So who knows? She could make tribal mark a beauty trend,it’s Rihanna y’all! I wish Eleven Paz the best. 

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