Reese Witherspoon gush about Kate Middleton in her new book

Hollywood actress,Reese Witherspoon revealed in her new book ‘Whiskey in a Teacup’ about her 2011 encounter with the Duchess of Cambridge,Marie Claire reports. Though the ‘Big Little lies’ actress said she was “relatively immune from the obsession with the royals,” She wrote;“The scream that issued from my lips upon receiving [the invitation] — you would have thought I was going to die,” writes Witherspoon, 42. “I wake up early, mind you, but on that day I was up at 4 a.m. doing my hair. That’s early, even for me.”

She continued, ” ‘I’ve never seen you this excited,’ my husband said. He wasn’t kidding.”

“I love Kate Middleton that much,”  “And she did not disappoint!”

“She was just lovely and warm, elegant and composed,” Witherspoon writes. “She also told a joke, and I immediately fell under her spell. She’s just as magnificent as she seems to be. She’s a very compassionate, socially conscious, deeply caring person.”

“It takes a very special person to decide to commit to that kind of life, to choose to be under public scrutiny every moment,” writes the actress. “Now that she’s in that position, her entire life is in service, forever. I am so in awe of that kind of dedication.”

Yep,Kate is very special. She was born to be a Royal.

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