Mel B’s former ‘manny’ discuss how her sex life mattered more than her children

Wow,this is really sad. Following Mel B’s messing divorce,she admitting to being a sex addict and seeking therapy. Now her former Manny, Rusty Updegraff revealed to DailymailTV about his experience working fort he former Spice Girls star for nine months. He said;
‘I did the job, you know, because it’s about the kids, not about her,’ he said.

‘Those girls love their mom and Melanie loves the girls, but Melanie desperately needs help.

‘I want her to be clean and healthy, because when she’s healthy she can be a mom again. Right now she’s the world’s worst mom.’
He recalls: ‘Angel’s a tomboy, she doesn’t like to shower, she’s at that age, so Mel nicknames her smelly b***h, she’s like, ‘you want to be a smelly b***h? Everybody will call you smelly b***h’ and she’d just keep going.

‘I pleaded with her, ”please don’t say that to your daughter”. She responded: ”Why? She is a smelly b***h… she stinks.”

‘Angel is 11 years old, that’s going to stay with her, I know because my dad was like that…it just creates these insecurities in children as they get older.’

‘We were in Palm Springs and Mel had been drinking. I was on my last nerve and Mel had been on a roll in LA before she even went to Palm Springs.

‘Then Angel saw an Instagram post of Melanie naked with Gary her hairdresser and she’s like, ”Oh my God, Mommy’s naked, what is she doing?”

‘And I’m like, Oh God, how do I explain this one, then she comments that Mommy has the worst grammar, which was cute, but it’s sad.

‘Angel was embarrassed that Mommy had done this. Mel’s kids are seeing her Instagram, Angel is 11 but her mind isn’t developed, it’s truly sad.’
‘I mean, who does that,’ said Rusty.
‘They’re so funny and so interesting, they ask a million questions, they’re great,’ he said. ‘Madison is, I swear to God, she’s a TV personality and she doesn’t understand why she’s funny.

‘It makes me so angry; hand on heart I honestly thought that Madison was potentially going to be molested by one of her man friends,’ he said.

‘He wanted to clean her in the shower after they went swimming when Mel left the house.

‘What man thinks it is okay to take a six-year-old girl, not his child, into a shower, and I thought that is wrong.

‘Had I not been there that day, I dread to think what would have happened.’

Guess he didn’t sign a NDA. Mel B needs to get it together.

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