Chapter Thirty:The Fifth And The Last Child

By then all her roommates were around so she had to talk to them about people always lying in her bed
Nina: excuse me guys.
Kaycee: excuse me guys!
Nina: kaycee Im not kidding.
Kaycee: okay
Fat kc: Amanda. What is it?
Nina :( saw phones on her bed) this is what Im talking about.
Ebere: what?
Nina: phones on my bed. I dont want phones on my bed and why do people have to charge phones in my corner alone? The last time I checked there are two sockets in this room.
Maureen: because our last roommate didnt complain.
Nina: well Im not your last roommate.
Fat kc: and most people charge there.
Nina:  when Im sleeping I dont need phones to be charged here.
Maureen: whats that suppose to mean.
Nina: what if i turnover and mistakenly touch the socket?
Fat kc: I think shes right, it’s dangerous.
Nina: and anyone that wants to charge here should get a socket so I wont have to see any phone on my bed.
Maureen: I dont agree.
Nina: like you agree to anything. Except you want to switch bunks?
Maureen: no, I dont.
Nina: good, then its settled and one more thing, I dont want to see anyone on my bed. Whether your visitors or ourselves. Except I invite you.
Kaycee: thats true, I dont want anyone on my bed, Maureen especially you.
Ebere: kaycee, what if we want to look outside the window.
Kaycee: it’s not my fault I was given a space close to the window. Besides you can look outside without actually sitting on my bed and we have a table and two chairs.
Nina: I wonder! Make use of the chairs people, not my bed.
Maureen: I guess you are through, so lets move on. Besides I dont lie on your bed.
Nina: is that so? Who did I see wearing nothing but g-strings on my bed last time?
Maureen: that was one time.
Nina: you just said youve never lain on my bed. Im dead serious; I dont need anyone on my bed.
Ebere: weve heard you.
She forgot to warn her bunkmate about her panties she soaks and went straight to Chizobas room. At that point her bed was really important to her, meanwhile Chizoba has already started sleeping
Nina: shes sleeping already.
Chizoba :( waking up since she wasnt deep asleep) what happened?
Nina: it’s my roommates.
Chizoba :(dizzy) what did they do?
Nina: nothing, I just told them about seeing strange people on my bed.
Chizoba: okay, lock the door when you are through (and goes back to sleep).
Nina: sure.
Since Nina hardly sleep in a place for the first night, she decided to read .The next morning she went to her room and saw Ebere lying on her bed..

Nina: oh my God!
Ebere: hey, you are sorry,you know I and Nneka are sharing the same bed so since you werent around I thought I could keep your bed warm.
Nina: keep my bed warm? Whats wrong with you guys?
Ebere: Im sorry it didnt come out right Im still feeling dizzy though. Come on, aren’t we friends anymore?
Nina: Ebere, I meant what I said.
Ebere: okay it will never happen again.
Nina: I dont even have time for this; I have to prepare for school.
Nina went to have her bathe, since she didnt really sleep well she woke up late and had her bathe in the bathroom. After dressing up, she went to see if Agnes was in her room but she and Adaobi had already gone for lectures so she decided to go on her own.
After their lectures, Martin announces their induction party date and where they will be going for picnic
ZinoWhy were you late today?
Nina :( waves Agnes) long story.
Onome: who are you waving?
Nina: Agnes.
Zino: oh youve finally found the Agnes? Where is she?
Nina: She that average height dark-skinned girl.
Zino: oh okay, shes always with that fair girl.
Nina: yeah, thats Adaobi. Shes like her best friend.
Zino: did they know each other before school?
Nina: ah, I dont know.Do they have to know each other from somewhere before becoming friends? Maybe they do, either ways its none of our business.
Zino: anyways, I heard some people are paying for the form.
Nina: what form?
Zino: the Miss Microbiology form.
Nina:oh really? Good for them.
Martins: may I have your attention please?
All: (still making noises)
Martins: I just want to announce that the seminar will be this Thursday and the picnic will be on Friday.
Zino: are you going to go,Babi?
Nina: I dont know yet. You?
Zino: for what? You know I dont have time for these things.
Nina: okay.
Uju :( looking for Zino) hey martins babe move your ass from the way.
Zino: look at Uju, she’s looking for me.over here!
Uju: imagine where you went to sit Zino.
Zino: welcome madam.
Uju: how are you guys? This Martins girlfriend should do something about that ass.
Nina :(laughing) you’ve started again.
Uju: Im serious its just too big.
Nina: I heard shes a virgin.
Zino: what kind of virgin? Amanda I dont know where you get your own information.
Uju: dont mind her, how can she be a virgin with all that hips and ass.
Nina: some people might have that naturally.
Uju: I dont think this one is natural.
Zino: so you mean she and Martins just play around when they see each other?
Nina: it’s possible.
Uju: indeed, please forget Amanda. So how about my attendance?
Zino: no problem, everything is done.
Uju: are you sure Zino?
Zino: yes, it’s handled.
Uju: okay thanks, just come by the house later, Ill settle you.
Zino: alright.
Nina: what are you guys settling?
Zino: we are doing business.
Uju: yes oh, if not for Zino I dont know how Ill be managing school and travelling.
Nina: where do you always travel to?
Uju: its my dad issues.
Nina: I hope hes okay though?
Uju: yeah hes fine.
Nina: okay.

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