Chapter Twenty Six:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

The next day Nina woke up by 4am and saw people going downstairs to have their bath since the bathroom is always messed up anyways, so she decided to do the same and dressed up. Then Chidera came to meet her and they went together with Adaeze.
After church she was wondering why Dennis hadnt called her, and then she called him…
Nina :( on the phone) hey!
Dennis: hi, how are you doing? Why didnt you come yesterday?
Nina: nothing, just wanted to know what its like here during the weekends. What are you doing?
Dennis: just chilling with Tony and my neighbors. Want to come?
Nina: um, I dont know. Im not sure.
Dennis: okay.
Nina: just checking on you.
Dennis: oh okay, thanks.
Nina: yeah bye.
Dennis: bye.
Nina was pissed with the question he asked, as if he didnt want her to come. She missed him but he didnt even miss her at all, hes having a swell time with his friends and neighbors that he had to askif she want to see him
After some time Nina went to Chideras room to stay with her
Nina: hi!
Chidera: hi. You are really around these days.
Nina: why? Is it a bad thing?
Chidera: not at all, I actually like it.
Nina: okay, are you cooking?
Nina: what?
Chidera: jollof rice.
Nina: okay.
Chidera: do you cook at all?
Nina: {smiles}yes,why?
Chidera: because you are hardly around so I wonder when you do that.
Nina: when Im around I do.
Chidera: okay, where do you stay in lagos?
Nina: Badagry.
Chidera: wow, it’s quite far. Thats not Lagos by the way.
Nina: whatever! What about you?
Chidera: ikorodu.
Nina: Okay.
Chidera: have you been there?
Nina: Ive heard of the place but I have not been there.
Chidera: okay.
Nina: what position are you?
Chidera: the first,You?
Nina: fifth.
Chidera: hmm, some of your elder ones must have graduated.
Nina: no, some are about too.
Chidera: okay, excuse me let me go check the food.
Nina: okay, mmm whats that smell?
Chidera: which one?
Nina: is that Cameroon pepper?
Chidera: (speaking aloud) yeah, you like it?
Nina: we use it to prepare stew at home. I didnt know they have them here.
Chidera: I dont know too,I brought this one from home.
Nina: how did you do it?
Chidera: just like dry pepper, I grinded it and put it in a nylon.
Nina: oh, alright. Your phone is ringing!
Chidera: please help me check who the person is.
Nina: douche bag?
Chidera :( hissing) dont bother.
Nina: why did you save his name as a douche bag?
Chidera: the guy bothers me a lot, you need to see him, very ugly and looks like a thug.

Nina: (laughing) how did he get your number?
Chidera: I gave him so hell stop disturbing me.
Nina: so what are you going to do now?
Chidera: keep ignoring him.
Nina: what if he starts stalking you?
Chidera: where would he see me?
Nina: just be careful, we dont know who is who in this campus.
Chidera: nothing will happen, my cousin is there.
Nina: who is your cousin?
Chidera: his in final year, his name is chidi. You might know him, he dyed his hair blonde, he’s studying law.
Nina: maybe I might. So how is he going to protect you?
Chidera: he knows most of the bad guys in school.
Nina: and he isnt one of them?
Chidera: don’t know, if hes one of them thats hes problem. Hes a big boy he can take care of himself. Ive asked him, he said hes not with them.
Nina: okay.
Chidera: food is ready!
Nina: no, thanks.
Chidera: what have you eaten today?
Nina: nothing.
Chidera: so why dont you want to eat my food?
Nina: alright Ill eat.
Chidera dished out the food and they ate together then her roommates that dont attend Catholic Church started trooping in one by one, the food was full of pepper although Nina likes food with a good amount of pepper but this was too much
Nina:  oh my! This is very very spicy.
Chidera; is it too much?
Nina: um yeah oh my!( blowing her face with her fingers).
Chidera: wow, I’m sorry. I thought you loved it.
Nina: (sniffing) yeah I do, is just more than I expected.
Chidera: uh, I’m sorry. Do you need a tissue?
Nina: yes please! (Starts wiping her nose) dont get me wrong its delicious.
Chidera: I guess the pepper is the excitement.
Nina:(laughing) yeah I guess.
Chidera: this kind of meal will make you maintain table manners. No talking while eating.
Nina :( laughing) but you are talking (starts coughing).
Chideras roommate: Dera, dont kill someones child with your pepper food!
Chidera :( pass a sachet of water to Nina) take water and please stop talking.
Nina :( clearing her throat) thanks.
After they finished eating, they talked until Norah came into the room
Norah :( making knock noises) Dera what did you cook?hey,mandie whats up?
Chidera: pepper rice.
Nina: Im good, hi.
Norah: why now?
Chidera: sorry?!
Norah: oh what Im I going to eat now?
Nina: dont you like rice?
Norah: I do but its full of pepper.
Nina: have you tested it before?
Norah: yeah, its not nice.
Nina: its not that bad.
Norah: You are both the same.
Nina :( laughing) not quite.
Norah: Im going! I thought you prepared what I might like.
Chidera: maybe next time honey!
Norah: Im having a feeling you did this on purpose so we wont have to eat.
Chidera: no, why would I do that?
Norah:Okay, you guys should enjoy.
Chidera: where are you going?
Norah: back to my room, let me see if I can fix something for myself.
Chidera: okay, later!
Norah: later, bye Amanda!
Nina: bye.
Chidera: norah doesnt like the pepper rice even beans.
Nina: she doesnt like beans?
Chidera:yeah, do mind her shes a weirdo.
Nina: your beans or generally?
Chidera: generally.
Nina: wow, she the first person that Im hearing doesnt like beans.
Chidera: shes just a drama queen.
Nina :( laughing) what of Adaeze?
Chidera: she likes both but sometimes she complains about my pepper rice. That reminds me let me check her.
Nina: okay, let me check Chizoba.
Chidera: alright, later.
Nina: yeah,see you.
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