Chapter Twenty Seven:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

Nina slept in the hostel that night and her roommates were making noises as usual and she tried to sleep until she slept finally. Due to the noise they were making she slept late and woke up late so she couldnt bathe outside then decided to have it in the bathroom
Fat kc: sleeping sickness!
Ebere: Amandie!
Nina: morning.
Fat kc: what happened? You woke up late.
Nina: you guys didnt let me sleep last night with your noise
Ebere: uh sorry, thats just how we do.
Nina :( getting up to have her bath) whaterver! I need to bathe ASAP.
Fat kc: do you have lectures this morning?
Nina: by 11am.
Fat kc: okay.
Goes to the bathroom since she woke up late, she passed the ones that someone was in and went to the next one. A girl was in the one she passed Agnes is her name,shes in Ninas department and the same level but Nina didnt check who was in. Agnes was singing a song by The corrs in the bathroom, the soundtrack “runaway” and Nina loves that song a lot so she was backing up for Agnes as she was singing
Nina :( not seeing who was singing) who is singing my song?
Agnes: I also love the song as well.
Nina: yeah, the Corrs are really great
Agnes: yeah I have their album.
Nina: really? You have a disc man?
Agnes: we play it in our room some times.
Nina: okay, so who Im I talking to?
Agnes: you dont know whom you are talking to?
Nina: no, I dont.
Agnes; but you just passed where Im bathing.
Nina: yeah but I didnt look.
Agnes: my name is Agnes; Im in your department.
Nina: okay, I’m Aman…
Agnes: I know who you are but you dont know me.
Nina: I dont really know people in my department that well. I must have seen you but I wouldnt know your name.
Agnes: it happens.
Nina: so can you come out of the bathroom when you are through so I can see your face.
Agnes: okay.
Nina: whats your room number by the way?
Agnes :(tiptoeing to her room) I have two rooms.
Nina: how is that possible? Hello?
Nina wasnt getting any reply and noticed that shes gone. She wanted to know more of her because she felt a connection, she felt like shed seen someone that share the same music sense with her and they could possibly have more things in common. She went to her room and started dressing up for lectures
Fat kc: how come you were in that bathroom for so long?
Nina: I met someone and we started talking or singing?
Fat kc: a guy (laughing)?
Nina: yeah, very funny! Shes from my department.
Ebere: whats her name?
Nina: Agnes.
Ebere: how awkward is that? You met in the bathroom.
Nina: yeah right? Maybe thats why she acted the way she did.
Fat kc: how did she act?
Nina:(dressing up)I wanted to know who she was but before I could finish she ran away.
Fat kc: maybe she didnt want you to know who she was.
Nina: but she knows who I am.
Ebere: maybe shes okay with that.
Nina: well, I’m not.
Ebere: okay?!
Nina: anyhow, Im off to lectures.
Both: bye.
Nina: bye.

She went to class was asking her friends if they knew any Agnes and there course representative Martin announces there would be an induction party
Martin: may I have you attention please?
Zino: Why does Martin like showing off.
Nina: He our course rep what else do you expect. Its an opportunity to show himself.
Zino: choir master!
Nina :( laughing) that reminds me, do you know any Agnes?
Zino: Agnes?no,I dont think so.
Nina: Onome what about you?
Onome: Nah.
Martin:(still talking) well be having an induction party, our Excos sent me to announce this and Miss microbiology pageant. So all you girls that fell you are qualified should apply.
Colleague: martins, are we paying any thing?
Zino: look at that one, she wants to contest.
Nina :( laughing) dont mind her.
Martin: Im getting there. For the form, you are to pay five hundred naira and the induction is one thousand naira.
Zino: martins, so what will the winner get?
Martins: a very good price.
Zino: not good enough.
Martins: I heard its a TV.
Nina: is that it?
Martins: and maybe some money.
Zino: Martins, if you dont have authentic information dont come up here and start announcing.
Nina: Zino! Chill.
Martins: (ignoring Zino) the deadline is this Friday.
Zino: yeah okay! Amanda are you going to participate?
Nina: with what exactly?
Zino: the pageant.
Nina: no way.
Zino: but you are prettier than these girls and taller.
Nina: but I dont want to do it.
Onome: zino is right; at least youll get the TV.
Nina: indeed, because TV is my problem.
Zino: you can always sell the TV if you want.
Nina: I am not interested.
Zino: okay, okay!
Their lecturer came to class, taught and left. Nina was leaving the class only to be approached by a final year student from the same department trying to convince her to participate in the pageantry. Most times guys use this opportunity to sleep with girls by telling them theyll make sure they win the contest
Final year student: Amanda, wait up!
Nina: (she was surprise wondering how he knew her name) hi
Final year student: how are you doing?
Nina: Im good, can I help you?
Final year student: as a matter of fact you can. Ive you heard about the pageant?
Nina: yes I have.
Final year student: I hope you are going to participate?
Nina: no Im not.
Final year student: why?
Nina: I dont want to do it.
Final year student: but you have all the qualities of a model. You are tall, have a good skin and really pretty.
Nina: thank you, but Im not interested.
Final year student: is it because of the money for the form? I can pay that for you, all you have to do is to participate.
Nina: its not the money Im not just interested, excuse me (leaving).
Final year student :( yelling so she could hear him) think about it!
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