Chapter Twenty Seven:The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina went to check on Chizoba but she wasnt around so she decided to go to her room. After a while she went to have her evening bath and wore her night gown wondering if she should just go to Denniss lodge and see what was keeping him busy that he didnt care that they havent seen for days. It was 7pm, her roommates were conversing as usual and she couldnt stop thinking about what Dennis might be doing. She didnt even care that she was leaving in her night gown and robe,she just started leaving like that
Fat kc: Amanda where are you going?
Nina: out.
Kaycee: like that?
Nina: yes so? Theres a bike outside, I can take it straight to his lodge.
Fat kc: okay, let me tell him to wait for you.hey, hey! Bike man! Wait up someone is coming down to meet you.
Bike man :( screaming from downstairs) make it quick!
Kaycee: okay! Hurry Amanda.
Nina: See… I dont even have time to change to something else. Bye!
Sometimes we do crazy things in the name of love, although where their school was,was in a village that people might not really notice but it was really an inappropriate dressing. What if something had happen to her, shell say she’s checking if her boyfriend is playing games? That’s if she would be alive to testify.
She got there and saw all of them outside,it was so dark she didnt know if Dennis was sitting there,the bike passed them to his lodge. He recognized her and went after them
Tony: who is that person?
Dennis: no way! That cant be her, let me go check (leaving them where they are seated).
Ifeanyi: who? Amanda? Thats impossible.
Dennis: (approaching them) Amanda? What happened?
Nina: nothing, I wanted to surprise you. What were you doing there?
Dennis: I was with Tony, Ekene and his sisters .
Nina: okay.
Dennis: you went out of the school compound like this?
Nina: yeah but I didnt get to the gate like this, a bike came to the hostel so I took it down here.
Dennis: wow that was risky. You should have told me you wanted to come, I would have come to the hostel to pick you myself.
Nina: then it wont be a surprise anymore.
Dennis: please dont do that again. Ill get you myself.
Nina: okay.
Ifeanyi :( entering the room)hey dude! Is she the.waoh! You are glowing in that night gown.
Nina: thanks.
Ifeanyi: now I see what Dennis is seeing. I hope there is no problem?
Nina :( laughing) no there isnt. And what are you seeing?
Ifeanyi: dont get me wrong, you are always beautiful but theres this glow about you right now, I’m seduced.
Dennis: alright Ifeanyi, time out!
Ifeanyi :( laughing) what?! My dear, Ill be back (leaves the room).
Dennis: have you eaten?
Nina: yeah, I ate peppered rice.
Dennis: peppered rice?
Nina: yes, my friend prepared it.
Dennis: in the hostel? Who?
Nina: yes, Chidera.
Dennis: okay, come here. I missed you.
Nina: yeah right!
Dennis: serious.
Nina: and you didnt do anything about it?
Dennis: I thought you needed your space or something.
Nina: did I tell you I needed one?
Dennis: but I asked you if you wanted to come and your response felt like that.
Nina: okay! You here now.
Dennis: and I want all of you.
Nina :( smiling) okay...
They start kissing and holding each other and talking love talk, then ifeanyi walks in. It wasnt fair to ifeanyi with Nina coming unannounced but he didnt seem to mind since he loved her company anyways

Ifeanyi: okay, let the smooching end Im around.
Nina :( laughing)
Dennis: who is this friend by the way?
Nina: her name is Chidera, shes in my department.
Dennis: okay.
Ifeanyi: is she single?
Nina: I think so.why?
Ifeanyi: I need a girlfriend.
Dennis: dont mind him, he has a new girlfriend.
Nina: really?
Ifeanyi: um sort of.
Nina: (talking to Dennis) have you met her?
Dennis: yeah but they werent dating then, (whispering in Ninas ear) shes very tall, taller than Ifeanyi.
Ifeanyi: what did he say?
Nina: nothing.
Dennis: I told her shes in engineering.
Ifeanyi: do you have to whisper in her ears?
Dennis: is it yours? Shes our level as well.
Nina: oh really?
Ifeanyi: yeah dont worry, one of these days youll meet her.
Nina: okay.
Ifeanyi: mehn, guy Im hungry. I need to fix some noodles, are you interested?
Nina: um, no thank you.
Ifeanyi: are you watching your weight?
Nina: no, I’m just full.
Ifeanyi: how about you Dennis?
Dennis: Im good.
Ifeanyi goes to the passage to prepare the meal for himself and Dennis started telling Nina how Ifeanyis girlfriend face looks like a turkey
The next day Nina went to school and received lectures as usual, after lectures she went to the hostel to see Ernestina and then went to her room. Ernestinas roommates are very friendly, even friendlier than Ernestina herself. They cook together, discuss together and even work out together since Ernestina is so particular about her weight
Nina: hey Tina? How are you doing? Hi everyone!
Ernestina: Im fine.
All:hi Amanda!
Nina:I didnt see you at the house yesterday.
Ernestina: thats because you didnt come to I and Tonys room. He told me you were around though.
Nina: okay, are you going somewhere?
Ernestina: yeah, I’m going back to Tonys house.
Nina: uh
Ernestina: why uh? Anything?
Nina: not really, I just thought youll be around so I can come to your room and stay for a while.
Ernestina: uh sorry maybe next time.
Ifeoma: oh! you could join us when we work out.
Nina: you guys work out?
Ifeoma: yeah, at night most of the time.
Nina: nice.
Ernestina: Amanda? Workout?
Nina: whats that suppose to mean? Ofcourse I can workout.
Ernestina: Im not saying you can or dont work out,Im just wondering how you are going to wake up that early.
Nina: but Ifeoma said its mostly at night.
Ifeoma: actually is in the morning but we do it at night these days because of Ernestina always going to her boyfriends place.
Nina: oh okay. Whenever you guys are at it let me know.
Ernestina: okay, Ill call you. Ive got to go, take care.
Nina: bye.
All: bye! Buy something for us.
Ernestina: okay.
Blessing: so Amanda I guess youll be leaving since Ernestina has gone?
Nina: uh yeah I guess.
Ifeoma: so we are not human beings?
Nina: ofcourse you are, is just that Ive got things to do.
Blessing: okay but in case you need someone to talk to, you can always come here.
Nina: thanks.
Ifeoma: and Ernestina doesnt have to be here before you come and stay.
Nina: alright, thanks.
Nina was wondering if Ernestinas roommates were too nice or Ernestina wasnt being a friend to her. She has been noticing that Ernestina wasnt really comfortable with her and she kept wondering why. She has been trying to be her friend since she is dating Denniss best friend, she felt they could be like good friends and have something in common. What she didnt know was why Ernestina was behaving the way she was behaving was because Chize(Tonys cousin) was her very good friend and Chize has a crush on Dennis. Although Nina was suspecting that something must have happened for Ernestina to answer the way she answered Dennis when he asked her to meet his wife. It seems like Dennis didnt tell them he had a girlfriend because they were all surprise to see Nina. So if Ernestina was being friends to Nina, Chize might not like it because of her feeling for Dennis

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