Chapter Twenty Nine:The Fifth And The Last Child

Blessing was reading OK magazine with Agnes and Nina went to read it with them, she didnt know that Agnes had told them not to tell her, her name.
Nina: Blessing please let me see that magazine.
Blessing: sure.
Nina: oh Halle berry, always looking good.
Blessing: right?
Nina: yeah, I wish I had a body like hers.
Ifeoma: you have a nice shape, what of we that can lose this fat.
Ernestina: will you stop eating?
Ifeoma: how will I stop eating? I’m human you know.
Ernestina: I dont mean literally, I mean the way you eat normally.
Ifeoma: its not easy my dear.
Agnes: check out Beyonce.
Nina: thats another hottie but I still prefer Halles shape.
Ifeoma: I prefer Beyonce, Halle Berry is short.
Nina: Beyonce looks like she would get fatter than this but since Ive known Halle berry she has always been like this and shes older than Beyonce but when you see both of them youll think Beyonce is older.
Agnes: thats true but Beyonce is a good musician.
Nina: I dont doubt that, shes a great musician.
Ifeoma: do you know this her song, baby boy?
Nina: (singing the song) yeah.
Ifeoma: I love that song and the way she danced (singing and dancing at the same time).
Ernestina: ifeoma has started her crazy dance.
Adaobi: ifeoma and her snake dance.
Adaobi is Agnes friend; she is the original roommate in Ernestinas room. Agnes just comes to see her since she was her bestfriend, she is in the same room with Adaeze but she doesnt like staying there because most of them in the room were was only she (Agnes) and Adaeze (chideras friend) that were in the same level so she felt more comfortable in Adaobis room because they were all in year one. She sleeps there most of the time; its just her bags she keeps in her own room. Adaobi is the first and only daughter in her family; she’s in microbiology as well and is based in a local government area close to the school since shes from the state.
Ifeoma: Amanda do you know this song? Tell me by bobby Valentino?
Nina: yeah.
Ifeoma: I love that song, when its played in the club I just go crazy (singing the song).
Blessing: (sing along as well) its a nice song.
Ifeoma: Agi,, Sing the song.( she didnt want to call her name in front of Nina)
Nina: can she sing?
Agnes: I dont even know the song.
Ifeoma: yeah Amanda she can.Sing the one you know, sing beyonce song.
Agnes: which one?
Ifeoma: he still loves me (Soundtrack from the movie ‘Fighting Temptations’).
Agnes and blessing starts singing the song, Nina knows the song but didnt know the title so she started singing along
Agnes: you know the song as well.
Nina: yeah but its just the chorus I know. You sing it pretty well.
Agnes: you too. Theres this club in school if youd like to join.
Nina: what club?
Adaobi: ATC club.
Nina: what’s that?
Agnes: All Talented Christian Club.
Nina: oh okay.
Ifeoma: Agnes you and this ATC club. Oh my, Im sorry.
Nina: why are you? I knew it, you are the Agnes.
Agnes: ifeoma why? Yes Im Agnes.
Ifeoma: sorry Agie, me and my big mouth.
Nina: I knew it wont take long to find you. Why did you run away anyways?
Agnes: I dont know, maybe I wanted you to look for me like youve been doing.
Nina: wow! So youve been the person Ive been seeing in the room and I didnt even know.
Agnes: maybe its because you didnt notice I was here.
Nina: maybe.
Adaobi: whenever you come here you are always asking of Ernestina, you dont even want to know who is around.

Nina: really? I do that?
Blessing: yeah you do it.
Nina: my apologies.
Agnes: no problem.
Adaobi: can you imagine Ernestina has been sleeping since.
Nina: yeah, I notice. You see, but I still stayed to talk to you guys.
Agnes: true.
Nina: so Agnes where are you based.
Agnes: Lagos.
Nina: really? Where in Lagos?
Agnes: Festac.
Nina: oh really,I was born there at least thats what I was told.
Agnes: where in Festac?
Nina: 21 road.
Agnes: what close?
Nina: thats all I know since we moved out when I was three.
Adaobi: why?
Nina: my dads job.
Adaobi: okay.
Agnes: so are you going to join ATC club?
Nina: I think I would.
Agnes: cool. I heard you are in room 208.
Nina: yeah.
Agnes: how is the ultimate warrior?
Nina: who? Maureen? Shes were she should be, I have no idea.
Agnes: is she really giving headache in that room.
Nina: yeah, at first I didnt notice and then I started seeing her true colour. Its Success I pity, she keeps bullying that girl, when Im around she doesnt really trouble her but when Im not when I come back the next day, I’ll hear the gist.
Agnes: why cant she pick someone her own size?
Nina: dont mind her she wants someone she can ride on.
Adaobi: thats terrible.
Nina: as of me, I cant wait to change room.
Adaobi: thats till second year.
Nina: yeah I know.
Agnes: most times you have to register early or else therell be no room left.
Nina: yeah, I figured. Thats what Ill do next year.
Ernestina woke up and started preparing as usual to go to Tonys house. She doesnt treat Nina like a friend, she felt maybe she hated her or maybe she doesnt like the idea of Nina dating Dennis but then why would she care that Dennis was dating her, does she like Dennis or what? That was what was going through her mind and she decided not to force her to be her friend since it was looking that way. Besides shes making new friends now and dont really need the ones that dont appreciate her. Since she didnt have anything in common, she and Chize werent really friends, its just that she was one of the first people she met in the main campus aside her pre-science friends. So they say hi to each other whenever they meet, Chize on the other hand, because she liked Dennis she didnt want to get close to Nina so it wont be difficult to do what she wants to do with Dennis.
Nina is a very nice and good person but can get jealous with who she loves when it seem like someone is trying to take them away from her no matter who the person is;father,mother ,brother,sister,boyfriend, and girlfriends.
Adaobi: wakie wakie!
Agnes: someone came to see you and you slept off.
Ernestina: who? Oh Amanda, are you still here? Im sorry I was so tired.
Nina: its cool. Your roommates were keeping me company.
Ernestina: thanks guys (coming down from her bunk and preparing to leave for Tonys place). I dont even know how I slept off.
Nina: it happens to all of us sometimes.
Ernestina: yeah.
Adaobi: not when someone comes to see me.
Nina: I guess people are different. (thinking in her head -or just being mean or telling you to leave them alone).
Ernestina: (finished packing) Im going, are you coming later?
Nina: I dont know yet.
Ernestina: okay, take care.
Nina: yeah bye. I think I should be leaving to my noisy room.
Ernestina: you can stay if you want.bye!
Adaobi: who is chasing you?
Nina: no one, I just have things to do right now.
Agnes: or you are leaving because Ernestina is leaving.
Nina: not at all.Ive tried havent i?
Adaobi: how?
Nina: Ive been here for hours, Ill come again and this time to see you guys.
Agnes: sure?
Nina: yeah.
Agnes: okay, see you soon.
Nina: yeah bye, thanks for the company though,I really appreciate it.
Agnes: anytime.
Adaobi: bye!
Nina: bye.

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