Chapter Twenty Eight:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

Nina was just imaging how the four of them are going to sleep in the room. She was hoping they could get along fine so it would reduce the awkwardness surrounding the room. They ate and talked and since there were two beds in the room, each couple used a bed. The next day they all went to school together and decided to take couples picture with Ernestina, Tony, Rachel and her boyfriend. Out of all of them Ernestina and Tony looked best as couples while the worst looking was Ifeanyi and his girlfriend because Ifeanyi was shorter than Nkiru so it looked funny
Dennis: baby, how was your night?
Nina: okay.
Dennis: are you sure?
Nina: what can I say?
Dennis: I know it wasnt that great but Ifeanyi will be graduating this year so I have the place to myself.
Nina: are we not moving out anymore?
Dennis: when ifeanyi leaves theres no point moving out.
Nina: you still want to stay there?
Dennis: I feel its safe because its a family house.
Nina: but theres no privacy, I mean we bathe in Tonys bathroom. For how long are we going to keep doing that?
Dennis: I know thats why you prefer Tonys bathroom because we dont have to share it with the villagers. I‘ll think of something okay?
Nina: okay.
Dennis: thats why you dont like coming around. I understand now.
Nina: if you are getting a place, let it be self-contained.
Dennis: look at your mouth, dont you know that those places are expensive.
Nina: wait, are you saying if you want to get a place we still have to share bathrooms?
Dennis: not exactly.
Nina: then if thats the case, we better remain here.
Dennis: okay Ill get a self-contain,as long as you are happy.
Nina: yeah, I’ll be really happy, come anytime I want, prepare any meal I want and probably do what you want me to do.
Dennis: really?
Nina: yeah.
Dennis: then I better get that place soon.
Nina: you better {laughing}!
Nina goes for her lectures, its a general course that also includes other departments, so as usual the hall was filled with people but its an open hall so Nina sat outside.
Zino: hey Amanda! Over here!
Nina: (walking towards Zino) zino, whats happening? This isnt the biology teacher.
Zino: he saw that the woman wasnt around and decided to take this class.
Nina: thats bullshit. Im sure most people dont even know about this class.
As she was complaining Chux was at her back with his friend Vivian and Chucks talking. It was their maths teacher that talks with a purposeful low tone of voice
Chux :( tapping Nina at the back) hi friend!
Nina: hi.
Chux: you came late to class.
Nina: yes because the lecturer I was expecting isnt here yet.
Chux: how would you know when you were not here?
Nina: I have friends that inform me besides you were also late, if not you wont be sitting out here.
Chux: I love sitting outside to this mans class because when Im inside I still can’t hear what hes saying.
Nina: I didnt lose as well.
Chux: have you met my friends, Vivian and Chucks?
Nina: no, hi.
Chuck: whats up(stretching his arms to shake her)?
Nina: (shaking back) Im good and you?
Chuck: wonderful!
Vivian: girl, whats up?
Nina: Im great hi!
Vivian is a girl but shes more of the tomboy, she dresses like a boy and even shaved her hair. She also stays in the hostel, shes in Biochemistry, the same department with chux and chuck

Nina: Ive seen you in the hostel before.
Vivian: yeah I stay in the hostel.
Nina: okay, nice to meet you.
Vivian: you too.
Vivian and chuck starts their conversation and chux keeps talking to Nina. Chux is a player, he has a girlfriend but also wants Nina even when she told him she has a boyfriend and knows he has a girlfriend. He still flirts with her and stares like he could see what she wears underneath her clothes
Chux: so who’s that your boyfriend?
Nina: who?
Chux: the guy you were taking pictures with.
Nina: How did you know I took pictures?
Chux: because the photo stand is not far from this hall.
Nina: well, he is.
Chux: which of them?
Nina: the one I snapped close to.
Chux: how should I know that?
Nina: you just said you were staring.
Chux: they were all close to you, I dont know which one.
Nina: he walked me down to this hall.
Chux: maybe I didnt look.
Nina: he wore a white shirt and a black trouser.
Chux: I didnt take notice.
Nina: is that right?
Chux: Im kidding, I saw him. So where are you based?
Nina: Lagos.
Chux: wow, Vivian,she stays in lagos.
Vivian: really? Where?
Nina: badagry.
Vivian: um thats quite far.
Nina: yeah but sometimes I go to Ikeja to see my sister. Im not really steady.
Vivian: oh okay.
Chux: so you guys can bond well.
Nina :( smiling) so where do you stay in Lagos?
Vivian: you might not know the place, its after mile 2.
Nina: I dont really know so many places in Lagos. How about you Chux?
Vivian: Chux is an Abuja boy.
Nina: oh Abuja, nice.
Chux girlfriend Ral meets Chux where he is
Ral: what are you guys doing here when a lecturer is in class?
Chux: serious student.
Ral: I cant even hear what his saying. The class is really boring, hi Amanda!
Nina: hi.
Ral: you stay in the hostel right?
Nina: yeah I do.
Ral: I hardly see you in the hostel.
Nina: Im not always in the hostel, I stay off-campus sometimes.
Ral: I thought as much because almost everybody comes to the common room during the weekend to watch movie.
Chux: must everyone be there to watch movie?
Ral: not really but youd expect people like her to be there.
Nina: why? Do I look like a movie freak?
Ral: thats not what I mean. You can agree with me that the hostel is boring sometimes.
Nina: true.
Ral: thats why I go there sometimes to be entertained.
Nina: anyways, Im not always around.
Ral: yeah, I thought so.
Nina: well, it seems this biology lecturer is not coming today.
Ral: I dont think so.
Nina: oh thank God, the class is over. Whats he doing?
Zino: test.
Nina: what?
Ral: this man is full of shit, how can he be giving test right now.
Zino: just write the question first.
Chux: let me check the textbook.
Ral: Chux,have you seen it?
Chux: hold on.
Amanda: Zino, what of Onome?
Zino: shes in front.
Amanda: okay.
Chux: Ive seen it.
Most times what the math lecturer teaches is from his textbook, he literally writes whats on his textbook on the chalk board. He doesnt teach, he just writes for them to copy, that’s why most of them dont have notebook for that course since the teaching is from the textbook. So they copied exactly how it was in his textbook and submitted the paper to him. After the class Nina went to the hostel and stopped by Ernestinas room to see if she was around but what she didnt know was that Agnes was in the same room
Nina: hello! Mmmhmm, this one you are around. Whats happening?
Ernestina: I just came from Tonys house this morning.
Blessing: its not surprising that you run off today again.
Ernestina: Blessing whatever! So Amanda whats going on?
Nina: nothing much, just checking you.
Ernestina: you saw Ifeanyis girlfriend right? What do you think?
Nina: shes okay.
Ernestina: really?
Nina: okay, she talks a lot.
Ernestina: Tony says she looks like a turkey.
Nina :( laughing) Tony is crazy.
Ifeoma: you guys should free this girl.
Ernestina: she wants to belong and ifeanyi on the other hand is trying so hard to have a girlfriend.
Nina: yeah,i think he just wants a girlfriend. She doesnt look like our set.
Ernestina: right? Thats what I thought too.
Nina: but she is, engineering.
Ernestina: yeah, I know. Shes very tall as well and lean.
Ifeoma: Amanda is she taller than you?
Nina: I didnt really take measurements.
Ernestina: she should be.
Nina: I dont think so.
Ifeanyi likes Chize but Chize doesnt like him instead shes lusting and crushing over Dennis, ifeanyi saw that she wasnt dating anyone yet so he was waiting for her to love him but he found that it wasnt going to happen and since he was quite intimidated by Dennis and Tonys relationships he decided to forget Chize and start dating Nkiru, the younger sister to his departmental friend.
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