Chapter Twenty Eight:The Fifth And The Last Child

On her way she met with Dennis neighbor, one of Ekenes sisters Chioma, she didnt even know she was in the same department with her but she is also in final year. Among all her sisters shes quiet the responsible one. I guess its because of the department shes in, their head of department is a woman and she graduated with third class so she trying as much as possible to frustrate students from graduating with a reputable 21 talk more of a first class
Chioma: hi Amanda.
Nina : (trying to remember where she knows the face) hi.
Chioma: you dont remember me? From Denniss lodge?
Nina:(recalling) ofcourse I remember you, Ekenes sister.
Chioma: yeah, what was that guy telling you?
Nina: what guy?
Chioma: the one I saw you with.
Nina: oh that guy? He was telling me about this Miss Microbiology stuff.
Chioma: dont mind that guy; hes just looking for who to go to bed with. But if you want to contest, meet the right people.
Nina: thanks, but I dont want to do it.
Chioma: okay, how are you doing?
Nina: Im good thanks. How about you?
Chioma: great.
Nina: okay, I guess Ill see you later.
Chioma: coming by the house today?
Nina: um, I dont know yet.
Chioma: okay, bye.
Nina: bye.
Nina walks to the hostel and goes straight to her room. Her room is always noisy as usual so she goes to Chideras room
Nina :(knocking) good afternoon! What of Chidera?
Roommate: she went to adaezes room.
Nina: okay thanks.
She didnt know whether to go to Adaezes room because they are not close so she decided to head back to her room and she sees Chidera coming back from Adaezes room
Chidera: hey, are you just coming from my room.
Nina: yeah.
Chidera: whats up?
Nina: Im sort of bored.
Chidera: the hostel can be like that sometimes, let us go to my room.
Nina: (walking into her room) your room is always quiet unlike my room, hammer house of horror.
Chidera: yeah, your room is always noisy; do they even go for lectures?
Nina: they do but sometimes I wonder myself.
Chidera: my roommates dont really like noise especially Ify.
Nina: yeah, I see. That reminds me, do you know any Agnes?
Chidera: from?
Nina: our department.
Chidera: no I dont. Maybe Ive seen her before but didnt know her name is Agnes.
Nina: maybe.
Chidera: why?
Nina: someone referred me to her so
Chidera: about?
Nina: nothing serious.
Chidera: okay.
Nina: Im even feeling sleepy.
Chidera: you can sleep on my bed.
Nina: where will you sleep?
Chidera: my bunkmate is not around so you have nothing to worry about,I can sleep on her bed.
Nina: okay thanks (climbs the bunk to Chideras bed since her bunk is up).
She woke up and discovered it was 6.30pm
Chidera: you are awake finally!
Nina: whats the time?
Chidera: 6.30.
Nina: no way!
Chidera: way, do you know you sleep like youve been bitten by tsetse fly.
Nina: wow, I didnt know I slept for that long.

Chidera: well, you did. My roommates were even talking and you didnt even shake, it was like you were dead or something.
Nina: is not that bad.
Chidera: Im serious, Ive been tapping you and you didnt wake up.
Nina: is a lie.
Chidera: Im not lying, ask them.
Nina: whatever, Ive to go to my room now.
Chidera: okay, I prepared a meal in case you are interested.
Nina: thanks (leaving to her room).
Fat kc: Amanda where have you been?
Nina: Chideras room.
Fat kc: Dennis came to look for you.
Nina: oh thanks let me call him, I was having a feeling someone came to check on me.
She was trying to call him but he wasnt picking. After 30minutes he called her and asked her to come, so she did
Nina: hi.
Dennis :( hugging her) Ive missed you so much. Why are you avoiding me?
Nina: Im not, Ive just been busy.
Dennis: busy doing what? (Hold and tickling her)
Nina :( giggling) stop, stop.
Dennis: its not fair, youve been avoiding me, do you want to kill me? You know I always want you with me.
Nina: I was not avoiding you; I just felt you might be busy as well, besides the hostel was quite boring today.
Dennis: why didnt you call me? I would have come.
Nina: I didnt want to disturb you.
Dennis: I have told you not to say that. Whenever you want to come, you can always come. I just wish I had the room to myself.
Nina: thats part of the reason why I dont come anytime. Because, I dont know if Ifeanyi might be around.
Dennis: okay dont worry by Gods grace in year two Ill get my own room.
Nina: okay, that would be great and we can do whatever we like.
Dennis: yeah. So how have you been?
Nina: good. My department wants to have induction party and miss microbiology pageant.
Dennis: when?
Nina: soon, the induction will be before the contest.
Dennis: will you attend?
Niina: the induction maybe because they say its mandatory. Do you know one final year guy was convincing me to participate in the pageant?
Dennis: dont mind him, all these their useless pageant or do you want to participate?
Nina: no, I dont have time for that.
Dennis: okay.
Ifeanyi comes with his girlfriend Nkiru
Ifeanyi: hey my people!
Nina: hi ifeanyi.
Ifeanyi:yes Amanda thank God you are here, so you can meet my girlfriend.
Nina: oh okay.
Ifeanyi: meet Nkiru, Nkiru meet Amanda.
Nina: nice to meet you.
Nkiru: same here, Ive heard a lot about you.
Nina: really? Me too…
Nkiru: ifeanyi and Dennis talk about you. I was even wondering if Ifeanyi is dating you as well.
Ifeanyi: you are not serious, excuse me guys (walks out of the room).
Nina: wow!
Nkiru: so what did you hear about me?
Nina: dont worry, they are all good.
Nkiru :( laughing) Dennis, you are happy now right?
Dennis: about?
Nkiru: stop pretending, he was really missing you yesterday.
Nina: yesterday?
Dennis: baby, I forgot to tell you she has been here since yesterday.
Nina: oh yeah you did.
Nkiru: maybe because he was so excited to see you thats why he forgot.
Nina :(smiling) yeah I guess.
Nkiru: where did Ifeanyi go now? Ill be back, let me check where he went to (leaves).
Nina: wow, shes really a hand full.
Dennis: I told you.

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