Chapter Thirty One :The Fifth And The Last Child

Dennis came around that night and Nina followed him as usual to his lodge and went to school the next day and a new guy starts asking Nina out, his name is Tony, not Denniss Tony, another Tony from Denniss department  but Nina doesnt know that
Tony: hi pretty girl.
Nina :( ignoring him)
Tony :( blocking her way) hey girl, whats your name?
Nina: excuse me.
Tony: until you answer me.
Nina: whatever it is you want to say, Im not interested.
Tony: why not? Dont you want to know me?
Nina: no, excuse me.
Tony: let me have your phone number.
Nina:I dont have a phone excuse me(leaves)!
Tony; how come you don’t have a phone.
Nina :( ignoring him and just moving away) idiot!
She got to the hall and saw some of her friends that attended pre-science with her and stopped to say hi
Nina: Anita!
Anita: hey mandie! Long time, how have you been?
Nina: Ive been good, you?
Anita: Im good; you are not looking bad, just shining every day.
Nina: you too.
Anita: please… as lean as I am?
Nina: its a good thing.
Anita: I heard you were looking for space, have you gotten?
Nina: yeah, I have.
Anita: so how is hostel life?
Nina: normal.
Anita; hope no one is giving you trouble?
Nina: not really.
Anita: if anyone is giving you trouble, just call me.
Nina: {smiles} you got it.
Since the school is not an organized school, people come into the school anyhow, some carry fruit basket on their head to sell them, some people even go to classes to sell underwear. Where Nina was sitting with Anita, a woman came to sell bra and panties to some girls
Seller: buy your bra!
Student: let me see.
Seller: check out this one, it will suit you well.
Anita: oh this one is fine, Amanda check this one.
Nina: um I dont think so.
Seller: why not? This one is your colour (handing the bra over to Nina).
Nina: um thank you, I dont need it.
Dennis was in front of the hall with his friends facing the back since he was sitting on the table and saw Nina where the seller was sampling bra and he was embarrassed because hes friends were there looking as well.
Ayo: is that not your girlfriend?
Dennis: where?
Ayo: buying bra in public.
Dennis: shes not doing that.
Ayo: then why is she there? Is that how she shops for bras?
Dennis: I dont want to think thats what shes doing.
Nina: (saw Dennis watching her and smiled)
Dennis :( he didnt smile back, he just looked questioning)
Nina: um, Anita, excuse me.
Anita: okay, are you going?
Nina: yeah, need to find a space in front.
Anita: alright, take care.
Nina: you too (going to the front to sit down).
Before she could get to the front Dennis left with his friends and she was wondering where they went. After lectures she went to Dennis house
Nina: hello? Damn, they are not around (heads to Tonys room). Hi!
Tony: hey Amanda. Whats up? Come in.
Nina :( clears her throat) thanks, Im good.
Tony was wearing his pants, when Nina walked in he was only wearing his boxers. Tony is no doubt really hot and since he was Ninas crush it was awkward seeing him in his boxers.
Tony: you can come in its cool. It feels like forever that Ive seen you, how are you?
Nina: Im good, what of Ernestina?
Tony: she went for lectures. Are you here with Dennis?
Nina: um no, I thought he might be here.
Tony:oh no hes not, and I was thinking you came to say hi.
Nina: saying hi is part of the visit as well.
Tony: are you sure?
Nina: yeah.
Tony: so that means his room is locked, right?
Nina: (looking away) yeah.
Tony: ah you know what? Ill leave my key with you so you can stay here till they come back.
Nina: okay, thanks.
Tony: brushing his hair) so what has been going on?

Nina: not much.
Tony :( clears throat) okay, time to go and please because you are dating Dennis doesnt mean you cant come and say hi once in a while, okay?
Nina: Okay. Alright have a nice day.
Tony: you too, when you are leaving just lock the door and put the key under the foot mat .bye.
Nina :( laughing)really?
Tony: yeah, thats the only place they wont suspect.
Nina: really funny.
Tony: running late, bye.
Nina: bye.
After two hours Dennis came back but didnt know Nina was around because she was sleeping in Tonys apartment until Tony came back from school meanwhile Dennis was sitting at the other lodge with Ekenes sister as usual
Tony :( approaching them) hi guys!
Dennis: hey Tony!
All: welcome!
Tony: thanks, um Dennis have you seen Amanda?
Dennis: Amanda? Was she here?
Tony: yeah, I thought she would wait for you but maybe she left afterall.
Dennis: maybe, what of Ernestina?
Tony: shell come around later.
Dennis: okay.
Tony: alright, let me go and freshen up (leaving for his room).
Dennis: yeah, later man.
Tony gets to his room and sees Nina sleeping there and it was getting sort of dark so he ran to tell Dennis
Tony: where is this key? oh my, its open! Amanda is here? (Shouting from afar) Dennis, Dennis!
Dennis: what?
Tony: Amanda is here!
Dennis: what?!(Rushes over)
Nina :( hearing noises she wakes up) oh my God! Look at the time.
Dennis :( enters the room) hey sweetie! Youve been here all this while?
Nina: yeah, are you just getting back?
Tony: hi Amanda!
Nina :(talking softly) hi Tony.
Dennis: no, Ive been back since.
Nina: Ive been here because the door was locked.
Dennis: come on lets go to my room.
Nina: alright.
Tony: look at your mouth, come lets go. Meanwhile she has been sleeping here.
Dennis: I didnt know that (leaving with Nina).
Nina: I know that now (leaving as well). (Talking to Dennis) babe, why dont you guys leave your keys on top of your door?
Dennis: what?
Nina: tony does that.
Dennis: we use to do that but we stopped.
Nina; why?
Dennis: nothing really, I mean its not like we have any special gadgets in our room.
Nina: true.
Dennis: yeah, tease us all you want.
Nina: Im not Im just being realistic.
Dennis: of course you are. Besides what were you doing at the hall today?
Nina: what do you mean?
Dennis: with those girls and the bras.
Nina: oh you thought I was buying one?
Dennis: well, she was close to you.
Nina: yes because the girls close to me where the ones buying them.
Dennis: really? Are you sure?
Nina: yes, why?
Dennis: because it didnt look like that from where I was standing.
Nina: is that why you disappeared?
Dennis:  wasnt that embarrassing?
Nina: it was, sort of I guess.
Dennis: you didnt look embarrassed sitting there.
Nina: what did you expect me to do, chase the woman?
Dennis: no but at least you could have left there.
Nina: I did, I was actually coming to meet you but before I could look up to where you were sitting you where gone.
Dennis: okay, its just disgust me when I see girls buying their underwear in a market place.
Nina: you have nothing to worry about because your baby doesnt do that either.
Dennis: so how was your day, apart from buying bra?
Nina: ha ha! Very funny! My day was good and yours?
Dennis: good too. Christ, Im so hungry.
Nina: me too.
Dennis: can you make noodles for us?
Nina: okay, I will.
She prepared the noodle, they ate and they went to bed.  The next day she went to school and met her friend Ken
Ken: hey, mandie! Long time no see.
Nina: likewise, where have you been?
Ken: Ive been sought of busy and you?
Nina: not much, hi Ifeanyi!
Ifeanyi: hi Amanda.
Nina: where are you guys headed?
Ifeanyi: to our department.
Nina: okay, I guess I should be leaving I have lectures in ten minutes.
Ken: we can walk you to your class.
Nina: dont you have lectures as well?
Ken: yeah, but not now.
Nina: okay.
They walked her to her class; she settled in class and waited for her lecturer to arrive. Ken likes Nina but Nina doesnt know that, she just sees him as a friend. He never said anything to her, I guess its because Nina has a boyfriend or he is just scared to tell her. He didn’t even give a hint that he has feelings for her and she didn’t suspect. He doesnt spite Dennis in any way or interfere in her relationship problems.
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