Ashton Kutcher hands over Beverly Hills Home to Demi Moore’s daughter,Rumer Willis

Actor,Ashton Kutcher who was married to Hollywood actress ,Demi Moore for eight years has handed over his home,co-owned by Demis daughter,Rumer Willis which he purchased in 2009  for $971,500. According to Yahoo;Kutcher and Rumer each owned 50 percent of the property, but on Aug. 3, Rumer filed documents stating that their co-ownership had ended, with Kutcher granting her his ownership of the home. 
Interestingly, Kutcher’s current wife, Mila Kunis, had to sign off on the documents as well. The home was listed as Kunis and Kutcher’s community property after they tied the knot in 2015. 

And according to his wife Mila Kunis,Ashton is still close to Demi’s three daughters;“They had three kids they were raising,” Kunis said. “It was, like, a normal life… He was younger, but he loved those kids.”

Aww,Kutcher seems like a really nice guy.

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