Jennifer Aniston Sizzle for InStyle Magazine

Ugh ,i love me some Aniston! Jennifer Aniston smoldered for Instyle magazine,September issue as she discuss new movie ‘Dumplin’,Dolly Parton,Women taking over the industry and Friends reboot – did y’all know she is still making money ‘$20million per year’ from the iconic sitcom?

Crazy uh?Don’t think so… Check out the interview with Molly McNearney;

MM: I didn’t want to say anything, but you really need one. But wow, the tabloids are relentless.

JA: It’s pretty crazy. The misconceptions are “Jen can’t keep a man,” and “Jen refuses to have a baby because she’s selfish and committed to her career.” Or that I’m sad and heartbroken. First, with all due respect, I’m not heartbroken. And second, those are reckless assumptions. No one knows what’s going on behind closed doors. No one considers how sensitive that might be for my partner and me. They don’t know what I’ve been through medically or emotionally. There is a pressure on women to be mothers, and if they are not, then they’re deemed damaged goods. Maybe my purpose on this planet isn’t to procreate. Maybe I have other things I’m supposed to do?

MM: What was it like exploring the pageant world to prepare for Dumplin’?

JA: I had so much fun. There are women devoting their lives to training young girls for pageants, and it’s the real deal. I loved those women and really enjoyed getting into the mindsets. My character is an ex–pageant queen who is fun but broken. It’s a beautiful mother-daughter story. And, of course, there’s the amazing musical element: Dumplin’ is an homage to Dolly Parton, who wrote six original songs for this film. She has a whole album coming out when this movie is released.

MM: Dolly is incredible.

JA: She’s magic. I remember the first thing she said to me when she walked into my house. I said, “I don’t know how you do everything you’re still doing.” She said, “Well, I dreamed myself into a corner, and now I gotta live up to it.”

MM: Everything she says is a bumper sticker.

JA: When Dolly and I watched the movie together, we were in a theater full of people who didn’t know we were sitting in the back. During one of the funnier parts, she’s stifling her laugh and whispers to me, “They can’t hear my laugh. They’ll know my laugh.” A couple of minutes later I look over and she’s crying, and she says, “But they don’t know my tears.”

MM: I like mine with a Twizzler as a straw. Dumplin’ is written, produced, and directed primarily by women. The leads are all women. The timing is perfect for such a film.

JA: Yes, lots of great women in front of and behind the camera. All extraordinarily qualified. This wasn’t because it was mandatory; it wasn’t because of a movement. They’re a part of this movie because they are exceptionally talented. Rachel Morrison was our DP on Cake and the first woman nominated for best cinematography [for Mudbound] at the Oscars. She’s a badass. We need to find more women like her and give them the opportunities. It’s like mining for gold. We shouldn’t be shoving female directors and producers down each other’s throats because we have to. Then we’re making those decisions from a place of fear.

MM: What about Friends? Will Friends ever come back?

JA: Before that show ended, people were asking if we were coming back. Courteney [Cox] and Lisa [Kudrow] and I talk about it. I fantasize about it. It really was the greatest job I ever had. I don’t know what it would look like today, but you never know. So many shows are being successfully rebooted. I know Matt LeBlanc doesn’t want to be asked that question anymore. But maybe we could talk him into it. Or we just give it some time and then Lisa, Courteney, and I could reboot The Golden Girls and spend our last years together on wicker furniture.

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