Chapter Twenty Two:The Fifth And The Last Child {cont'd}

 Nina was still using the phone Maureen borrowed her until she gets hers, Maureen didnt mind because its an old phone. Mike really likes Nina but she has a boyfriend and she doesnt feel the same way for Mike
 After the second week, Nina’s dad and Tonia sent some money so she went back to school immediately the break was over so she could tidy her things. When she got to the hostel she met Maureen, kaycee and fat Kc
 Nina:(carrying her bags) hey guys!
 All: hey welcome!
Maureen: amandi! Whats up?
Nina: Im good, how was your holiday?
Maureen: I didnt go home.
Nina: all of you didnt go home?
Fat Kc: I did, just Maureen and Kaycee.
Nina: really? You guys can stayed back?
Kaycee: anyone can stay back if you want.
Nina: I didnt know that.
Maureen: would you have stayed?
Nina: maybe next semester or anytime we have a short break like that again.
Kaycee: yeah, the break was too short, that’s why I didnt want to travel.
Fat Kc: kaycee, you never travel, you are always in the hostel.
Kaycee: who told you that? I travel, Im not like you that any little thing you pack your bag to see your mum. You are still in year one thats why you travel anyhow, dont worry when you get to my level youll know what Im talking about.
Nina:  Ill be back, let me freshen up.
She got to her school in the evening so it was already dark and she decided to have her bath outside as she saw some girls having their bath. The hostel was really dry; people havent come back yet although she was surprised to see people at all since people werent many, there was enough water for them. She finally finished having her bath and went upstairs, kaycee was reading her novel,Maureen was on the phone and fat Kc was eating.
Fat kc: come and join me Amanda.
Nina: uh, no thanks.
Fat kc: what are you going to eat then?
Nina: Ill take my provision.
Fat kc: okay.
Kaycee: why didnt you call me to join you?
Fat kc: because you have eaten.
Kaycee: do you know if Im still hungry?
Fat Kc: how many times will you eat?
Maureen: kaycee, she doesnt want to give you, move on.
Kaycee: whatever!
Nina :( laughing) okay, so what do you guys do every night?
Maureen: sleep.
Nina: I know, I meant in this hostel now that people are not really here?
Kaycee: converse till sleep comes.
Nina: oh, thats good.
Fat Kc: but not tonight, I need to go to sleep.
Nina; uh, okay.
Maureen: weve been talking since today thats why.
Nina: maybe I should sleep too, tomorrow seems long.
Kaycee: alright, good night all.
Nina: but you are reading novel.
Fat Kc : once Kaycee starts reading her novels she doesnt know who is around anymore.
Nina: I see.
The night was really long and Nina couldnt sleep as usual, she was waiting for morning to come. She prayed her rosary and waited for sleep to come. The next day she saw some of her departmental people and Onome checking some of their results that were out
There are two girls in her deparment; Uche and Amaka, they are friends and love competing with each other...
Amaka: uche,I got B in this course and A in the other one.
Uche: me too.
Amaka: but my score is higher.
Uche : not in the same course.
Amaka: mine is higher in both.
Zino:A is A and B is B. score or no score!
Nina: unbelievable!
Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child

Zino: Nina, what did you get?
Nina: C, how about you?
Zino: C. onome, you?
Onome: B.
Nina: oh, thats good. How come I got a C?
Zino: at least thank God we didnt fail it.
Nina: yeah, whatever!
Ninas grade that semester wasnt good enough; she got C in all the courses and decided to start reading like her mates were doing when she saw how some were making good grades although she was better than some people. After a week, lectures started and student started trooping in one by one, Chize and Ernestina arrived but Dennis didnt come yet.
Another lonely night as usual in her room, although she has started sleeping. All her roommate was back except Ebere, her bunkmates cousin
Fat kc: guys, that my stupid lecturer gave me E.
Nina: oh, Kc sorry about that.
Fat kc: mehn, Im so pissed off.
Kaycee: dont be pissed and study more.
Fat Kc : I studied.
Kaycee: maybe,it wasnt enough.
Maureen: kaycee, what do you mean? That youve not gotten an E before?
Kaycee: for what?  Even if I get an E, Ill accept it that way.
Fat kc: whatever! All I know is I didnt deserve that grade.
Nina: I understand.  I wasnt really pleased with my grades this semester but theres nothing I can do about it now.
Kaycee: see, taking responsibility.
Nina: not really Kaycee, Im not saying I deserve all those grades. I actually deserve better in some because I really knew what I was doing.
Kaycee: so what happened?
Nina: I dont really know.
Nina didnt study for the exam, it was basically what she learnt in class because she thought she was still in secondary school but now she realizes she is now in the university and she has to study to make good grades
Kaycee: Im bored.
Nina: me too, I know what to do. I want to try something.
Fat kc: what?
Nina: guessing a number and dialing.
Kaycee: that should be fun.
Nina: (she guessed three numbers and buzzed). It rang! It rang!
Fat Kc: so what did you do?
Nina: I terminated the call.
Kaycee: what if the person calls back?
Maureen: why would the person call back? Do you think everybody has time like you guys?
Nina :( phone ringing) oh my God! The number is calling.
Maureen: which one?
Nina: I dont know.
Kaycee: (excited) pick up and put it on speaker!
Stranger: hi, who are my speaking with?
Nina: Becky.
Stranger: Okay, what can I do for you?
Nina: Oh, Im sorry I was trying to dial my friends number and mistakenly dialed yours.
Stranger:  uh, okay. Where are you?
Nina: school, why?
Stranger: just wanted to know, you have a lovely voice. Which school?
Nina: its in Anambra state.
Stranger: okay, Im in Calabar, Im a barrister. My name is Greg.
Nina: okay.
Stranger: so what department are you?
Nina: microbiology.
Kaycee:(whispering) you are saying your real school and department?
Stranger: what level?
Nina: 300level.
Stranger: thats nice; youll soon be rounding up.
Nina: yeah.
They talked for thirty minutes, Maureen was so surprised about the time they were talking and decided to flash an odd number as well. The rest of her roommates were doing it, some got lucky and some didnt
When the call finally ended some of her roommates were sleeping except Fat Kc
Fat Kc: wow the guy is really serious.
Nina: indeed, someone I dont even know.
Fat Kc: but you were enjoying the call.
Nina: sort of, the guy can talk.  Besides, whats happening? Everyone is sleeping.
Fat kc: dont mind What next?
Nina: what do you mean?
Fat Kc : you guys seem to be getting along.
Nina:  Kc, it was just a phone thing.
Fat kc: sure?
Nina: of course, besides I told him the line I used in calling wasnt mine that he should call your line if he wants to reach me.
Fat kc: what? Why are you involving me?
Nina: come on now, its just a game. I thought youll be cool with it.
Fat kc: of course Im okay with it, I just hope hes not a psycho.
Nina: me too.When its starts getting too weird, you dont have to continue.
Fat Kc: okay, Im going to sleep, good night.
Nina: goodnight!
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