Chapter Twenty Two:The Fifth And The Last Child

After church, Zinny went to the kitchen to prepare food, every Sunday they make sure they eat rice and stew with fish. Nina beeped Tonias line and in a minute Tonia called back
Tonia:(on the phone with Nina) baby girl, how are you?
Nina: Im good, you?
Tonia: thank God.
Nina: did you hear about Sarah?
Tonia: what about her?
Nina: she says shes now a born again.
Tonia: very funny, since when?
Nina: since this year, that she doesnt wear trouser anymore and jewelry.
Tonia: does uncles wife have anything to do with?
Nina: maybe. Daddy wasnt in support of it.
Tonia: why would he be? Sarah is just a case, so all this while she has been wearing trouser does it mean shes not a child of God.
Nina: dont mind her, shell get tired. Im sure she just trying to please uncles wife, as of me I dont have that time to pretend.
Tonia: but what if shes in for real?
Nina: I wont count on that.
Tonia: anyways, why didnt you come back home?
Nina: the break is really short and you know I just got a space in the hostel and didnt even have time to settle then started exam. So immediately the break is over, Ill go back at least to tidy the place and feel settled for the semester.
Tonia: you want to be the first person to be there.
Nina: of course not, besides Richard is there. Had it been I started off campus I would stay in school but I dont know if people are going to be in the hostel so I had to come here.
Tonia: how are they?
Nina: they are good, Uncle jack is even here.
Tonia: greet him for me. Ive got to go, take care of yourself and next time make sure you come straight home even if its just for a week.
Nina: Indeed, because you are not the one on the road.
Tonia: whatever! Ill send you some money before you resume school.
Nina: oh, thank you.
Tonia: yeah, bye!
Nina: take care, bye!
Uncle jack: how is Tonia?
Nina: shes fine, she sent her regards.
Uncle Jack: shes really doing well for herself, Im happy for her.
Nina: we all are.
Nina joined Zinny in the kitchen even when she doesnt like assistance since shes quite fast, after three hours the food was ready. The kind of stove they use, doesnt use gas but kerosene thats why it is that slow…
They all had breakfast at twelve noon, most of the time they sleep after meal or watch movie but Nina couldt sleep because she didnt want Uncle Jack to disturb her. So she went to the living room to watch TV after some time the power ceased; over here power holding company cease the light at all times, sometimes they dont have light for three days, sometimes a week and Uncle Jack on the other hand hardly sleeps. Hes always awake even at night that sometimes Nina wonders if he ever sleeps
Uncle Jack: look at how everyone is sleeping.
Nina: its good.
Uncle Jack: Im surprised you are not sleeping.
Nina: I dont feel like sleeping.
Uncle Jack: thats a first! You and your siblings that love to sleep a lot, I guess you got it from your dad because he sleeps a lot.
Nina: yeah I guess so besides this people work all week especially Zinny. So she needs it.
Uncle Jack: if I sleep the way you guys sleep, Ill be very fresh.
Nina: who is stopping you?
Uncle Jack: Im just not use to it.
Nina: whose fault is that?
Uncle Jack: its stress that makes me look the way I look sometimes. Im this hot talk more of when I start getting some sleep like you.
Nina: whatever!
Nina was wishing they all wake up or at least Zinny because she was really tired of been around uncle Jack and he wont let her listen to music or read a book because of his nasty talk and she doesnt want to seem rude when someone is talking to her.
Finally Zinny and her male cousins woke up in the evening and their mum got back from church. She wanted to cook soup so she called Nina to help her with the vegetable and pepper, after some hours the food was ready and they all ate. By 10pm, they gathered for prayers, after their prayers they went straight bed because Zinny had to work the next day, the boys school, their mum and dad work as well.
The next day Nina went to pee in the toilet and discovered it was about time for morning prayers but she still went back to bed after peeing, after some minutes her aunt called from outside their room for prayers and she got up.
When Uncle Jack notices how alert Nina was and didnt just give him any chance, he decided to leave
Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child

Uncle Jack: Nina lets go see my friend.
Nina: where?
Uncle jack: around my school.
Nina: I dont feel like going out.
Uncle Jack; why? Ill buy you something from there.
Nina: I dont want to go out.
Uncle Jack: why not?
Nina: I just said I dont feel like.
Uncle Jack: what are you even doing in here?
Nina: I like it here.
Uncle Jack: I want to introduce you to people.
Nina: who? Your friends?
Uncle jack: yeah.
Nina: I dont feel like meeting your friends.
Uncle Jack: okay, well Im leaving today.
Nina:(pretending to act concern) why?
Uncle Jack :( hisses) I dont feel welcomed.
Nina: how do you mean?
Uncle jack: it looks like you dont want me around.
Nina: me? This isnt my house, besides you didnt come to see me.
Uncle Jack: it was because of you I came.
Nina: havent I been here?
Uncle Jack: you know what I mean, you dont want to co-operate with me.
Nina: no, I dont and wont.
Uncle Jack: if you just let me, youll enjoy me. Ill give you anything you want.
Nina :( looking at him disgustingly) so I have to sleep with you before you act like an elderly cousin to me?
Uncle jack: theres nothing there, you are just taking it personal.
Nina: Im taking it personal? If you want to go you can go.
Uncle Jack: are you missing me already? I know youll miss me, you are just forming.
Nina: (sarcastically saying) okay!
Uncle Jack: Ill give you money to buy your toiletries and stuff.
Nina: if I let you. Not happening!
Uncle jack: (dressing up) I dont even know who you think you are, are you better than the people that did it?
Nina: Im not them.
Finally he leaves, Nina was so happy he has gone although she wont have anybody to talk to during the week; it was still better than having someone molest you. Since it wasnt long before school resumes, she can cope. The house was becoming really boring so she decided to go check if her friend Mike was around. Mike is the younger brother to Nathan and Sarahs friend from school; he also went for Ninas matriculation. Since the house is close to her uncles house, she walked
Mike: hey, look at his girl. When did you get back?
Nina: some days ago.
Mike:(hugs her)and you didnt care to say hi, come in.
Nina: thanks, I didnt know youd be around.
Mike: you should have checked.
Nina: yeah, I know. How are you doing?
Mike: Im okay oh! You look good though.
Nina: thanks, you too.
Mike: so, where are the university pictures, university babe?!
Nina: which one is university babe now?
Mike: arent you in the university?
Nina: so?
Mike: therefore you are a university babe.
Nina: stop calling me that.
Mike :( smiling) university babe!
Nina: Im serious.
Mike: relax; cant I joke with you anymore? So what of the picture we snapped at your matriculation?
Nina: Ill get it when I come again.
Mike: will you come tomorrow?
Nina: I dont know maybe.
Mike: what do you mean you dont know? You are coming tomorrow.
Nina: an order or a request.
Mike :( smiling) order!
Nina: (sarcastically) Ill come tomorrow, dont worry.
Mike: thats my girl.
Nina: you are not serious.
Mike: sorry, sorry, its a request. Please come tomorrow?!
Nina: okay, Ill come (phone rings).
Mike: oh you have a phone now, give me your number.
Nina :( Dennis was on the line) shhHello!
Dennis (on the phone) hi, how are you doing?
Nina: Im good, you?
Dennis: Im okay.
Nina: when are you going to school?
Dennis: I dont really know, you know how my house is.
Nina: so are you saying that when I get to school, I wont see you?
Dennis: I really dont know. You will but not immediately school resumes.
Nina: start telling your brother before the time.
Dennis: okay, I’ll try. Where are you?
Nina: I went to see a friend.
Dennis: okay, miss you. Take care, bye!
Nina: me too, bye.
Mike: Im guessing thats the boyfriend.
Nina: yeah.
Mike: oh, I see. So what makes you think hes not dating someone in Port Harcourt.
Nina: hes not.
Mike: Nina, you cant tell.
Nina: I can.
Mike: Im just saying distance relationship is not the best. You might be faithful to him but he might not.
Nina: I dont want to talk about it.
Mike: okay.
Nina: Ive got to go now.
Mike: are you angry.
Nina: yes, why will you be telling me such a thing?
Mike: Im sorry I pissed you off, I just want you to be careful.
Nina: does this have anything to do with me not wanting to go out with you?
Mike: of course not, I care about you.
Nina: I hope so. Okay, Ill see you.
Mike: let me walk you.
Nina: (walking along) yeah, but just at the express, my uncle could be outside.
Mike: so?
Nina: its trouble. I dont need anyone reporting me to my dad.
Mike: okay, bye!
Check Here for Chapter Twenty One {cont'd}

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