Chapter Twenty Three:The Fifth And The Last Child {cont'd}

Everywhere was getting dark, some people were going for night class while some went for tutoring by this guy called Makay; hes in the same level with them but he was smart and he dropped out from his former school, so he knew some things already that hes mate didn’t know. So he decided to tutor them and collect some money, some of Ninas departmental people that stay in the hostel went for his class. Since Nina didnt like anything group and didnt want to waste money she decided to study own her own
The next day, she had her bathe at about 5am with other hostel girls and decided to sleep again till it was bright outside and she dressed up for lectures. On her way out of the hostel she saw Chidera and Adaeze
Chidera: hi Amanda!
Nina: (turns around) hi.
Chidera: Meet Adaeze.
Nina: oh hi! Its just you two?
Adaeze: yeah for now. We want four people but when you join well be three, we dont even have to wait for the fourth person.
Nina: okay, nice. Ill get back to you guys on that.
Adaeze: okay, see you later.
Nina: yeah (walking into class).
Zino: Amanda, over here!
Nina: zino, whats happening?
Zino: not much, the class is filled as usual. I wonder if these people dont sleep.
Nina: dont mind them.
Zino: some people are even keeping seats for their friends that havent even had their baths.
Nina :( laughing) its crazy. Onome, you are at the back today?
Onome: I came late.
Nina: What happened?
Onome: Woke up late.
Nina: dont worry from tomorrow Im going to be seating in front. I cant take this shit anymore.
Zino: yeah right!
Nina: Im serious.
Zino: anyways, if you do? Keep a space for me.
Nina: sure.
Onome: and me besides you stay in the hostel, it ought to be easy for you.
Nina: oh because I stay in the hostel I shouldnt sleep.
Onome: Im not saying you shouldnt sleep, just try to wake up early.
Nina: I wake up early.
Zino: sure you do!
Nina: guys, this isnt pre-science. Its different.
Onome: whatever you say.
Zino: we just have to see.
Nina: Ill surprise you guys dont worry.
Onome: well see.
Zino starts talking to someone she knows, Onome was studying her textbook. Nina didnt know Chux was at her back and listening to everything she was saying, when he saw she wasnt talking to her friends anymore since they were talking to other people; he taps her at the back
Chux: hi!
Nina: hi!
Chux: how was your night?
Nina: good.
Chux: wont you ask me how mine was?
Nina: I dont care.
Chux: come on, I asked about yours.
Nina: thats because you dont have what to do.
Chux: and you do?
Nina: whats that suppose to mean?
Chux: you dont seem to be doing anything.
Nina: its none of your business what I do.
Chux: oh yeah?
Nina: yeah.
Chux: okay, its fine. I dont expect you to care.
Nina: good.
Chux: I like you, can we be friends?
Nina: you are not my enemy.
Chux: I know but I want us to be buddies.
Nina: whatever!
Chux: so is that a yes?
Nina: alright just leave me alone.
Chux: okay.
Nina :( sighs) okay!
Chux: I guess well talk some other time.
Nina: yeah I guess.
Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child

Chux girlfriend comes around there, her name is Ral, and shes in the same department with chux…
Ral: chux! What are you doing here? Why do you always seat at the back?
Chux: These guys are always coming so early that I dont see were to seat.
Ral: I kept a space for you in front.
Chux: you did? Oh, um I dont really know.
Ral: What? You said theres no space and I found one for you and you dont want to come.
Chux: I will, uh have you met my friend Amanda?
Ral: hi, Ive seen your face around the hostel.
Nina: yeah, I stay in the hostel.
Ral: nice to meet you. Chux come now!
Nina: you too.
Chux: okay, Im coming (follows Ral).
Zino: who is that one?
Nina: dont mind that guy, his always disturbing me.
Zino: and he has a girlfriend.
Nina: he says he wants to be friends.
Zino: indeed, thats how it starts.
Onome: I know his friend, he stays in my lodge. His name is also Chux. They are crazy boys.
Nina: I can tell his a player. Im sure that girl is not the only one his dating.
Zino: it is written all over him.
Finally their lecturer came to class and taught them. After the lecture, Nina saw Evelyn and her twin sister. Why Evelyn was no more with Nina all the time is because they are not in the same department and they dont stay together anymore so she has to start following people that are in the same department with her. But they still greet when they see each other
Evelyn: Amanda! Hey!
Nina: hi! Oh my! Is she your twin sister?
Evelyn: yeah, met Ethel, Ethel meet Amanda.
Ethel: hi, I have heard a lot about you.
Nina: yeah, likewise, nice to meet you.
Evelyn: Where are you headed?
Nina: not sure.
Evelyn: lets go take a picture at the photo stand.
Nina: yeah, that will be great.
They got there and took a picture together, the twins wore the same clothes and Nina was in the middle
Nina: wow, its nice to see you again. When did you resume Evelyn?
Evelyn: last week.
Nina: okay, I didnt know youd be around thats why I didnt come.
Evelyn: you could have called.
Nina: true, true. What of Agbani?
Evelyn: shes not back yet.
Nina: okay, send my regards to her when she gets back.
Evelyn: okay, take care.
Nina: yeah, bye! Take care Ethel!
Ethel: you too, thanks.
Nina: bye!
Both: bye!
Nina :(on her way to the hostel, she sees Tony) hi!
Tony: hi! How have you been?
Nina: good.
Tony: Dennis, dont want to come back.
Nina: he said hell be back tomorrow.
Tony: really?
Nina: yeah.
Tony: are you sure? Because most times thats what he says and he doesnt really make it.
Nina: well, I hope its for real.
Tony: it must be lonely for you.
Nina: what can I say? Yeah it is.
Tony: you can come around the house if you want.
Nina: oh thanks, Chize invited me earlier.
Tony: so will you come?
Nina: I dont think I can till Dennis comes.
Tony: okay, take care.
Nina: you too.
On her way she sees a year three guy, hes a cultist but Nina didnt know that.
Cultist: hi, girl. You look sweet.
Nina: (still walking, not answering)
Cultist: hey, Im talking to you. Wont you at least say thank you?
Nina: thank you, excuse me.
Cultist: wait, please! My name is Osas.
Nina: okay.
Cultist: your name?
Nina: Amanda.
Cultist: nice name.
Nina: (still walking to her hostel) thanks.
Cultist :( walking along) are you in a hurry?
Nina: yes I am.
Cultist: okay, can I have your number?
Nina: no.
Cultist: why?
Nina: because I dont know you ( arrives at her hostel).
Cultist: but I want to know you, wait!
Nina: (enters the hostel and murmurs) Asshole!
Nina: (arrives at her room) hi kaycee!
Kaycee: whats up? Who is that guy?
Nina: asking me out as usual.
Kaycee: I use to see the guy; I think he is in the same level with me.
Nina: imagine.
Kaycee: dont mind him, he is looking for a fresher to use and dump. Thats how boys my level behaves.
Nina: Im not even interested in him.
Kaycee: okay.
Nina: excuse me; I want to check on Chize.
Kaycee: alright!
Nina: wheres everyone by the way?
Kaycee: they are not back.
Nina: okay, later (walks down stairs to Chizes room)!
Nina: (knocks and walks in) good evening all! Wheres Chize?
Oluchi: chize is not around.
Nina: is she back from school?
Oluchi: yeah but she went out again.
Nina: okay, thanks (walking out).
Oluchi: or wait! Shes usually in room 217 if she not in her room.
Nina: okay, who stays there?
Oluchi: her friend, chioma.
Nina: okay, thanks.
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