Chapter Twenty Three:The Fifth And The Last Child

The next day Nina went for lectures and sat with her friends as usual, after lectures she saw her brother and they talked briefly then she went to the hostel. On her way to the hostel, Chize saw her from her window and started screaming her name
Chize: Amanda! Amanda!
Nina: whos calling?
Chize: its Chize, come to my room.
Nina: oh, you are back, Im coming.
Chize: hey, when did you arrive?
Nina: a week ago.
Chize: wow, you came early. What of Dennis is he around?
Nina: no, he hasnt come yet. When did you come?
Chize: yesterday. You must have been alone all this while.
Nina: yeah, I have. I didnt know you were around; I would have come to see you.
Chize: me neither, I didnt expect you to come this early.
Nina: how was the break?
Chize: really short.
Nina: yeah, it was.
Chize: I wish it were longer.
Nina:(smiling) what of Ernestina?
Chize: shes around, we came together with Tony.
Nina: oh, you guys live close to eachother?
Chize: sort of, Ernestina’s house is not that far from our house so we decided to come together.
Nina: okay.
Chize: what of your brother?
Nina: he is around, he didnt travel.
Chize: why?
Nina: the break was too short, I didnt go home too. I was at my uncle’s place.
Chize: are you sure? Is he your real uncle or is it his nick name?
Nina :( smiling) my uncle! I dont do that sugar daddy stuff.
Chize: I know, just joking with you. Dont worry I wont tell Dennis.
Nina :( shaking her head) you are not serious.
Chize: lets go and see Ernestina.
Nina: okay.
Chize: Ernie! Are you there?
Nina: shes always packing, where to?
Ernestina: the usual place.
Nina: you just got here?!
Ernestina: no, I got here yesterday.
Chize: thats true, Im going with her. Do you want to come with us?
Nina: um, no thanks. Its kind of weird since Dennis isnt there.
Chize: but my friends sleep over if they want.
Nina: thanks but when Dennis is around.
Chize: Okay.
Ernestina: chize, where is your bag.
Chize: in my room.
Ernestina: have you finished packing?
Chize: what Im I packing? Im not like you, you know.
Ernestina: whats that supposed to mean?
Chize: you pack too many things that you might not need.
Ernestina: Whatever! Just get your bag.
Chize: okay!
Nina: okay, you guys should take care. Greet Tony for me.
Chize: we will, too bad you are not coming. Its going to be fun.
Nina: Ill bet! Have fun (walking up to her room)!
In her room Fat Kc , her bunkmate and Ebere were around, ebere was cooking and Kc was lying on her bed.Nina walks in
Nina; hey, Ebere! You are back! Welcome.
Ebere: thanks. You came early like these ones?
Nina: not that early. I guess my Bunkie is back as well?
Ebere: yeah, shes in class.
Fat kc: I saw your friend Chize and Ernestina.
Nina: yeah, I’m just coming from their rooms, they just went out.
Fat Kc: okay. I have to go see someone (starts dressing up).
Nina: okay, I’m exhausted. Maybe I should catch some sleep (lies on her bed and slept off after thirty minutes).
After two hours she woke up, all her roommates were around. It was the heat from the stove that woke her up and noise as well
Ebere: sleep sleep!
Nina: (stretching) you dont know how tired I was.
Maureen: you are always tired.
Fat kc: that reminds me, that guy called.
Nina: what guy?
Fat kc: the one of last night.
Nina: serious?

Ebere: what guy?
Nina: its something we were joking about lastnight;guessing and dialing numbers.
Ebere: and the person called?
Nina: yeah. So Kc what did he say?
Fat Kc: he wanted to speak with you.
Kaycee: this is getting serious.
Nina:  Serious indeed. Im not interested in the guy; it was just a game, Kc whenever he calls tell him I travelled.
Fat kc: Why now?
Nina: the game is over; I dont want to play anymore.
Kaycee: shes right, she doesnt even know if the person is human.
Ebere: kaycee! If the person isnt human, how come it talks?
Nina :( laughing) ghost can talk too. I just hope I havent been talking to one since last night.
Maureen: I hope not, because I dialed a number and the person called and has been calling since then.
Nina: you have to stop talking to the person.
Maureen: Dont worry, nothing will happen. Hes telling me a lot about himself.
Nina: just be careful.
Maureen: you guys get scared too much, nothing will happen. It is just a phone call.
Kaycee: okay, suit yourself
Nina: (calling Dennis) hello!
Dennis: hey!
Nina: why did it take you so long to pick my call?
Dennis: I was far from my phone.
Nina: when are you coming to school?
Dennis: um, the day after tomorrow.
Nina: really?
Dennis: yeah.
Nina: how are you?
Dennis: Im good.
Nina :( whispering) miss you!
Dennis: me too. So whats happening in school?
Nina: lectures have started already. The hostel is now full, everyone is back.
Dennis: wow, I guess Im the only one left.
Nina: yes you are.
Dennis: dont worry, Ill soon be there.
Nina: okay, love you!
Dennis: love you too.
Nina: bye!
Dennis: bye!
Dennis just said the day after tomorrow because he didnt want her to get upset but the fact is he came back the week after that week. Everyone in the room were doing one thing or the other, then a girl from Ninas department came to see her, her name is Chidera,her parents are based were Ninas are, she has a cousin in the school, hes in his third year. It was her friend that sent her to talk to Nina; they wanted to form a group in their department
Chidera: good evening!
Nina: evening.
Chidera: you are in microbiology right?
Nina: right. Is there a problem?
Chidera: no, I just want to talk to you about something.
Nina: whats that?
Chidera: we feel since we are in the same department, we should form a study group.
Nina: we?
Chidera: me and my friend.
Nina: do I know this friend?
Chidera: her name is Adaeze. Maybe you must have seen her in our department.
Nina: um, no I dont think so.
Chidera: okay, so what do you think?
Nina: how is it going to be? I mean the study time?
Chidera: um, we were thinking weekends.
Nina: where?
Chidera: in the common room.
Nina: uh, Ill have to think about it.
Chidera: okay, just take your time and get back to us, my room is 212 and Adaezes is 213.
Nina: okay, thanks by the way.
Chidera: you are welcome. Take care!
Nina: you too.
 The common room is where the hostel girls relax, sometimes watch TV. Nina liked the idea but the timing wasnt right because thats when she sees Dennis so she didnt know how it was going to work and she was sort of wondering why they came to her. Was she the only one in the hostel from their department? Do they know her from somewhere? Well, from their department but that wasnt enough. She wanted to be sure about them before she accepts to study with them
Kaycee: Amanda, do you know that girl?
Nina: no but I just found out that shes from my department. She wants me to be in her study group.
Kaycee: just like that?
Nina: yeah, its suspicious right?
Kaycee: I cant really say but you just have to be careful.
Fat Kc: what study group? Is it not she and that short girl with bow leg and an ass that faces the floor?
Nina: kc! Easy!
Kaycee: shes right thats how she is.
Nina: are you serious?
Fat kc: yeah.
Maureen: the girl forms, I dont even like her.
Nina: well, Ive not seen her but maybe Ill look out for her tomorrow when I go to class.
Ebere: so what did you say?
Nina: I said I would think about it.
Fat Kc: sometimes it could be a cult group.
Nina: what?
Kaycee: its possible.
Nina: come on! They are year one student like me, what do they know about cult.
Ebere: you can never know.
Nina: whatever! Ill think about it.
Check Here for Chapter Twenty two {cont'd} 

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