Chapter Twenty Six:The Fifth And The Last Child

The next day was a Saturday and Nina was in the hostel washing, she was feeling much better from her menstrual cycle. After washing she went to see Chizoba, she was sort of feeling like Chizoba was her school mother because she was older than her in age and academics and she treats her like her kid sister
Chizoba: hey babe!
Nina: hi Chizoba.
Chizoba: how are you doing?
Nina: Im good.
Chizoba: so how was the party?
Nina: okay!
Chizoba: what do you mean okay? Like you didnt have fun?
Nina :( just to end the conversation) I did.
Chizoba: this girl, whats happening? You are gaining weight.
Nina: I am?
Chizoba: you are. What are you eating?
Nina: nothing special, at least I know since yesterday I havent had any appetite.
Chizoba: you really have to stop what you are doing. Dont you know with your height you could be a model?
Nina: um I dont really know. I dont want to contest for Miss ANSU.
Chizoba: who is talking about this school? Im talking outside the walls of this school maybe international.
Nina: okay.
Chizoba: so?
Nina:uh, I think its a good thing.
Chizoba: so you should watch what you eat.
Nina :(smiling) okay!
Chizoba: you are laughing? Im serious! Infact from now on Ill be watching what you eat.
Nina: and how are you going to do that?
Rita :( chizoba’s friend walks in) hey babe or will I say babes? What are we discussing?
Chizoba: dont mind this girl Im telling her Im going to be watching what she eats and she thinks Im joking.
Rita: girl,trust me, shes serious.
Chizoba: Good, that reminds me, wheres that my little bowl? Yeah, there it is.
Nina: what is that?
Rita: (laughing) zoba, where did you get that one from?
Chizoba: have you forgotten my calabash I use to eat?
Calabash is a small brown native bowl our forefathers used for food, water, wine, dowry back in the day and chizoba still had it so she is passing it on to Nina, well sort of
Rita: I know where you dug it out from?
Chizoba: its been around; I just kept it since Im not big anymore.  So you can have it now (passing it to Nina).
Nina: Im not big either?
Chizoba: I know but the way you are going you will gain more than you know, here.
Nina: um,okay( collects it from her).
Chizoba: so from now on thats your dish for every meal.
Nina: okay.
Chizoba: Im serious.
Nina; yeah, I know!
Rita: you guys are not serious, Im out of here.
Nina: yeah me too.
Chizoba: Im I chasing you?
 Nina: no, its actually getting late and I washed so I need to go get my clothes in.
Chizoba: and after that?
Nina:Ill prepare something to eat.
Chizoba: what are you preparing?
Nina: noodles.
Chizoba:Im interested!
Nina: okay, Ill prepare for you too.
Chizoba: okay, thanks.

Nina goes to pick her clothes and starts preparing the noodles. After that she went to give chizoba hers
Nina: here you go (drops it on her table and leaves).
Chizoba: thanks, where are you going.
Nina: to go eat mine.
Chizoba: arent you eating here?
Nina: uh, yeah sure, let me go get it.
Chizoba: okay, with the bowl!
Nina: not tonight, Ill start tomorrow (leaves to get her meal)
Chizoba: okay!
Rita: what do I smell? Oh, I met you guys well.
Chizoba: dont touch my food.
Rita: oh come on!
Chizoba: Im just kidding its even too much, I can’t finish it.
Nina :( arrives) Im here!
Chizoba: yeah, sit here. Okay, the size is not that much.
Rita: allow the girl to eat.
Chizoba: whatever! Look Amanda, youll thank me when you start seeing results.
Nina :( smiling and eating) okay.
After the meal Nina went to her room, that was like the first weekend shes spending in the hostel and it was quite lively. In her room they were still engaging in dialing an unknown number and talking to complete strangers especially Maureen and her friend Peace
Fat kc: Amanda! Where have you been?
Nina: around the hostel.
Kaycee: she has been going to see that final year student in that one mans room.
Nina: kaycee! Is there anything you dont know?
Fat kc: oh that girl? I like the way she carries herself.
Kaycee: she doesnt talk to anyone except her best friend; I think shes a snob.
Nina: no shes not.
Kaycee: what are you always doing there by the way?
Nina: just talking.
Fat kc: okay, your friend Chidera came to check on you.
Nina: oh okay, Iet me go check on her, thanks (leaving).
She goes to Chideras room for the first time; she sleeps on the top bunk. She no longer disturbed Nina about the study group because she didnt want it to seem as if shes trying to force her to join their group. Although they are three now, another girl from their department that stays downstairs joined them. Nina didnt know how they joined but according to Chidera, it was Adaeze that brought her, her name is Nora. Shes based in the east unlike Adaeze and Chidera that are based in the west; shes fair in complexion.
Chidera: hey, you are around today?!
Nina: yeah, you came to check on me?
Chidera: yeah, I was checking if you were around and to my surprise your roommates told me you were in that one mans room.
Nina: yeah I was. How are you doing?
Chidera: Im good; who do you know in that one mans room?
Nina: oh its Chizoba, she’s in final year.
Chidera: okay, how is she? I heard shes a snob.
Nina: I wonder why people keep saying that, she is not a snob. She actually talked to me first.
Chidera: she did?
Nina: yeah.
Chidera: okay, maybe she isnt that bad afterall.
Nina: no she isnt.
Chidera: are you going to church tomorrow?
Nina: yeah.
Chidera: you have to wake up early so we can see were to sit.
Nina: its usually crowded right?
Chidera: very crowded.
Nina: no wonder when I come around seven Ill see so many people outside.
Chidera: seven? (Laughing) then you didnt come to church at all because youll be outside. I wake up by four and by five Im there.
Nina: no wonder, its hostel girls that use to fill that hall.
Chidera: yeah.
Nina: anyways, just wanted to check why you came to see me. I should be going to bed.
Chidera: thanks for coming. Besides my roommate in final year loves to put off the light by 12midnight because she cant sleep with the lights on.
Nina: what if you guys dont feel like sleeping at that time?
Chidera: we’ll just have to force ourselves.
Nina: thats ridiculous, is it because shes in final year?
Chidera: youve seen why.
Nina: very funny! Alright take care.
Chidera: yeah, see you tomorrow. Let me see you off, the passage is quite dark.
Nina: alright thanks.
Their school put off the generator by 10pm. So whether anyone is ready to sleep or not, you just dont have a choice, sometimes the power holding company decides to give light at night if not its total darkness. Most times people going to class at night to read take their lamp.
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