Chapter Twenty One:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

Later in the evening, all of them started coming back from their various places of work and school, Nina was happy that at least he wont rape her. That day she also found out Jack had sex with someone really close to her and she was very disappointed because this was someone she looked up to.
Uncle Jack started telling her cousins about his university and the pretty girls there. When Zinny got back as usual he entered the room to watch her dress up and acted as if he was telling her a story so she wont ask him to excuse her
Nina: Zinny, how was work?
Zinny: we thank God.
Uncle jack: zinny, I have this friend that will really like you.
Nina: uncle, shes dressing up, come back later.
Uncle Jack: whats your own? Eh-hen Zinny, its a friend of mine that is from a rich family.
Zinny; is that so?
Uncle Jack: yeah! He has seen your picture, he likes you.
Zinny: okay, maybe Ill meet him.
Zinny didnt know the kind of person Jack was and since she loved money she didnt care. The same person Jack wants to introduce her to liked Nina but since Nina noticed thats what he does at first; introducing you to his friends as if he wants to connect you with them and when you accept hell blackmail you with it or make you feel like hes doing you a favor so when he ask to go to bed with you, you wouldnt hesitate to give him, at least for people that didnt mind
Later at night, they gathered for their night prayer and after it Uncle Jack entered the room with Zinny and started telling her how hes friend behaves, what he likes and dislikes. Nina was thinking after the prayer that everyone would go to bed and she really wanted to go to bed but she couldnt because she didnt know when Zinny would go to bed and Uncle Jack would start his rubbish. So she decided to stay awake to hear his mumbo-jumbo until Zinny is ready to sleep because she couldnt ask him to leave because it wasnt her house meanwhile Zinny was enjoying the conversation.
Finally zinny decided to sleep and he left then Nina happily locked the door. The next day Zinny got up for prayers but didnt wake Nina so Nina kept sleeping then Uncle Jack entered the room and was trying to touch her breast. Since the incident in her dad house, Nina has always been alert and wasnt sleeping deep anymore, if someone drops even a pin she would know
Nina:(feeling someones hands going to her breast , at first she taught she was dreaming since she was sure she locked the room, then remembering the night could be over, she woke up) hey, what are you doing here?
Uncle Jack :( shocked that she woke up so fast) uh, I wanted to wake you up for prayers.
Nina :( waking up) okay, Im awake now.
She went for her prayers and was shocked that even in the morning he can still enter the room and disturb her sleep. Therefore she made sure she goes to bed early and wakes up when her cousins are waking up so that Jack wont have any opportunity to disturb her.
After the prayers as usual Zinny went to work because she also works on Saturday while her male cousins were at home. Nina went to the kitchen to wash the dishes while she was washing Jack came along
Uncle Jack: do you know that all this work that you do is a form of exercise?
Nina: mmmhmm.
Uncle Jack: you are really trying at least it will also help you shed some weight. How are your girls in your school?
Nina: Why are you asking?
Uncle Jack: let me see if I can visit that school.
Nina: you didnt come for my matriculation but youll come for fine girls?
Uncle Jack: no, is not like that. I was very busy that day that I couldnt make it.
Nina: yeah right! Like you wanted to come.
Uncle Jack: seriously, I wanted to come.
Nina: whatever!
Uncle Jack: so are there pretty girls there?
Nina: is there anywhere there are no pretty girls?

Uncle: yeah,there are some places you cant find even one.
Nina: have you been there?
Uncle Jack: I dont think so.
Nina: then how do you know?
Uncle Jack: its possible.
Nina: you dont see, do not tell.
Uncle jack: I like to come to your school, maybe I will when I have the time.
Nina: your business.
Uncle Jack: I went to Lagos recently, I was with Sarah. Did you know Sarah is now a born again?
Nina: is she a born against before?
Uncle Jack: seriously, Sarah doesnt wear trousers anymore.
Nina: maybe she took a break from wearing trousers.
Uncle jack: its no break, your dad was even forcing her to wear trousers even jewelries, and she said she doesnt like them anymore.
Nina: thats ridiculous, what would warrant that?
Uncle jack: your dad was saying that maybe your uncles wife forced her to.
Nina: I know she always gives a straight face and preach about it when we wear trousers but she cannot force us. After all, weve been dressing that way since childhood so why stop now?
Uncle Jack: I wonder! Do you know your dad was saying that if it were you or Antonia that he would give thanksgiving in church but that Sarah is too quiet and adding born again to it would just make it worse. That shell turn to a moron and people would take advantage of her.
Nina: well Im not surprised; I know he has always known me to be a rebel. Me, Richard and Tonia.
Uncle jack: he doesnt really see you that way, he see you as really smart thats why he said that, he don’t want you to know too much.
Nina: yeah, sure.
Uncle jack: your dad is really funny, he took her to a shop where they sell trousers and jewelries and bought her some. He told her to wear it, she wore it and he said dont you like how you look? she said it beautiful but Im not comfortable wearing it.
Nina: (laughing) what did he now say?
Uncle Jack: he started shouting why are you not comfortable wearing them, you wear them before and she said I have repented and he said “you dont have to stop wearing trousers to be born again and she said thats how I want it
Nina: Sarah is such a drama queen!
Uncle Jack: Im telling you! They were just arguing until he said I knew it, is my brothers wife, she has gotten Sarah into that her way of life. Your stepmom had to take Sarah to a corner to talk to her, telling her that she doesnt have to wear the jean trousers in school that she should wear them while she at home then when she goes back to school she can give it out or even give them to you.
Nina: is that what shes doing?
Uncle jack: maybe, I didnt stay around much to see that.
Nina: Sarah is really funny. Shes lucky my dad has her time unlike us that he doesnt really care about.
Uncle jack: its not true, your dad is proud of you. Have you not noticed when he wanted to enquire about the school you guys did your West Africa examination council exam he always took you with him. Because you dress well, you are presentable and you speak well.
Nina: he said all that?
Uncle Jack: he doesnt have to, you can tell.
Nina: well, I just feel I wasnt pampered for once.
Uncle Jack: but it helped you.
Nina: sort of. Anyways, it doesnt matter now, Im all grown up.
Uncle Jack: yeah, you are a big girl now.
Anywhere Nina goes, he follow her and conversing. Finally she was through with the house chore then her Aunt called on her to prepare food for everyone. On Saturdays, Zinny comes a little early from work, in the evening Ninas Aunt prepares soup. During weekends, they eat two times a day because thats when most of them are at home but on weekdays they eat ones, at night because thats when most of them are around except for the uncle during the week that works close to the house so sometimes he ask Nina to prepare something for him and to remain for everyone to eat when they get back. Why they cook like that is because they manage a lot.
Night came, they said their prayers and Zinny was really tired and wanted to go to bed early and Nina locked the room as usual and the next day was church, so Nina woke up early as usual and went to church. Jack didnt go and didnt succeed in his escapade but felt its because its Sunday that he would still have his way.
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