Chapter Twenty One:The Fifth And The Last Child

The next day, her uncle arrived. She was washing the dishes outside, when she saw him she was really upset but she couldnt show it. She told herself that she has to be careful, whenever his around, she doesnt get much sleep because when shes asleep he goes to her bed side and starts touching her. Because of how she sleeps then, she didnt know what he used to do, she was also scared that what if he disvirgined her and she didnt know. She kept asking herself if its possible for someone to disvirgin her without knowing while asleep, she hoped and prayed not and the only way she would find out is if she does it with Dennis besides she loves him and didnt see herself doing it with anyone else.
But the good news is that in her uncles house, girls have their own room and due to the way the house was built, the rooms are out which means they have to lock their door. The only problem is in the afternoon because Nina slept a lot and loved her siesta but she has to forfeit it since Jack is around.
Uncle Jack: hey my sweet cousin!
Nina: good morning!
Uncle jack: how are you? And school?
Nina: school is fine.                       
Uncle jack: it looks like you are busy, let me go and check uncle.
Nina: okay.
He went to greet their uncle and was talking to Ninas male cousins. When Nina finished with the plates, swept the kitchen and went to have her bath. The bathroom is also built in a way that the window projects outside and people pass there a lot, it just has one window and its mostly open. As she was having her bath her cousin passed by looking into the bathroom and stayed for some time and passed back again.  Nina was traumatized and closed the window. Normally people pass there and dont look in but she knew her shameless cousin passed there to look at her and she was really upset. After having her bath, she went into her room and her uncle followed her
Nina: uncle! What are you doing?
Uncle Jack: men, Nina you are still looking very good, My God!
Nina: I need to change, you have to leave.
Uncle jack: just let me see your naked body, please.
Nina: get out or Ill scream.
Uncle Jack: okay, okay! Whats wrong with you?
Nina: what wrong with me? Please get out!
Uncle Jack: (leaving the room and murmuring) I dont even know what you are hiding.
She blocks the curtains incase he tries to peep. She wished she travelled back home although the break was short to be on the road but now that this cousin of hers is around, its even worse. No one was at home, her aunt went to work, two of her cousins went to school and Zinny went to work, Tessy was in school and the eldest doesnt stay with them. The only person that was around but not really around was her uncle because his house is in the same compound with the laundry company he manages. She would kill for just two days at home without her cousin around; her only prayer was that he wouldnt stay for too long
Uncle Jack: Nina, have you finished dressing up?
Nina: yes.
Uncle jack: unlock the door.
Nina:(unlocks it )
Uncle jack: why are you hiding your body from me?
Nina: why shouldnt i? Are you not my cousin? Even if you werent my cousin…
Uncle Jack: but theres nothing there. Zinny changes in front of me.
Nina: thats because she doesnt know the kind of person you are.
Uncle Jack: what kind of person Im i? Im just been free with all my cousins even the ones from my fathers side dress in front of me.
Nina: that is their problem I am not them.
Uncle jack: are you better than them?
Nina: thats their problem; I dont have to do what they do.
Uncle Jack: why are you been so difficult, theres nothing wrong with two cousinss making out?

Nina: thats for you, but for me theres everything wrong with that.
Uncle Jack: even Tessy did it.
Nina: which tessy?
Uncle Jack: Tessy our cousin.
Nina: shell never do that.
Uncle Jack: we did it in my fathers house when she was staying with us.
Nina: you are sick.
Uncle jack: I didnt even know she was a virgin.
Nina: oh my God! What kind of person are you?
Uncle Jack: shes not even the only person, even Daniel sisters and someone close to you.
Nina: you are lying, I don’t believe you.
Uncle jack: you can believe what you want; I know who I have sexed. So you see theres nothing there.
Nina: I will never do it with you.
Uncle jack: so who will you do it with? Daniel? Or your new boyfriend?
Nina: What are you talking about?
Uncle jack: I heard you guys are really close and you are always together.
Nina: so? You think everybody is like you.
Uncle Jack: spare me all that, you guys were doing it.
Nina: you can say whatever you want.
Uncle jack: I heard he peeps at you in the bathroom when he was staying with you guys.
Nina: how Im I supposed to know if he did that? You can forge any story you want but all I know is that Daniel is nothing like you!
Uncle Jack: what do you even see in Daniel? Hes so lean or is it down there you love?
Nina: Im not having this conversation with you. I can see you are really crazy, living in a world where everyone act like animals and sleep with whomever they see, blood or no blood.
Uncle Jack: Tessy, told me herself that sex is just an exercise. If you really look at it, its true.
Nina :( blocking her ears with her palms and leaving the room) I dont want to know.
Uncle Jack: where are you going? You know I love staying with you even if you wont let me bone you.
Nina: I dont want to listen to any rubbish.
Uncle: okay just stay with me. Its because I heard you are around thats why I came.
Nina: so you can pester me like you are doing now.
Uncle Jack: no-no! Out of all of them is you I really like, sex apart but you dont even like seeing me. Zinny really likes me although Ive not done anything with her. I feel if I ask her, she’ll co-operate.
Nina: thats your business; I dont want to talk about it.
Uncle jack: okay, so how is your boyfriend?
Nina: hes fine.
Uncle Jack: where is he now?
Nina: at home.
Uncle jack: where?
 Nina: Port Harcourt.
Uncle jack: Port Harcourt boy! Just be careful, guys are not really how they look.
Nina: this advice is coming from someone that wants to sleep with me.
Uncle jack: no matter what, Im still your elder cousin. I can still give you advice.
Nina: then start acting like my cousin.
Uncle jack: hope you have not slept with him yet?
Nina: why? Do you want to go first?
Uncle Jack: if you let me. No, seriously have you?
Nina: no!
Uncle Jack: how will I even know if youve not. Even if you have you wont tell me.
Nina: then why are you asking?
Uncle Jack: anyhow!
Check Here for Chapter Twenty {cont'd}

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