Chapter Twenty Four:The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina goes up stairs again to check for Chize but she didnt see her, she saw her friend Chioma. Chioma is also a year one student, stays in a small one-bunk room with a final year student, shes in the same department with Chize, electrical engineering which is also Ninas brothers department and a good friend of Chize, her father is a lecturer in Ninas school. What Nina didnt know was that Choimas father help Dennis with his admission. He was initially in the math and statistics department but he didnt like the course and asked for help from Chiomas father through his brother.
 Meanwhile Nina met the final year student there, her name is Chizoba and they had instant chemistry. Chizoba liked Nina because she is pretty and friendly and also from her state. Chizoba also hava a brother in the same level with Nina, Nina have met him but she didnt know hes Chizobas brother. His name is Jide, he never asked Nina out, just talked to her as a friend. Even if he liked Nina, she doesnt have an idea…
Nina: (gets to the door and sees both Chizoba and Choima) hi, please who is chioma?
Chioma:(packing her bag to go out) I am.
Nina: hi, Im I thought Chize was here. Its cool Ill just leave now.
Chioma: but you asked of me.
Nina: yeah, her roommates directed me to you but since she isnt here, no problem.
Chioma: she hasnt been here today.
Nina: okay, thanks. If you see her please tell her I checked on her.
Chizoba: hey, Chioma wont you ask you visitor to come in?
Chioma :(answering Nina)um, I will.
Nina: Im not her visitor; I thought Ill find someone here.
Chizoba: who?
Nina: chize.
Chizoba: this isnt her room, what’s your name?
Nina: Amanda.
Chizoba: Im chizoba, where are you from?
Nina: imo state.
Chizoba: oh! Where in imo state?
Chioma: okay, Ill just leave you two (Leaving the room). Nice meeting you Amanda, when I see Chize Ill tell her you stopped by.
Nina: oh thanks. I should be going too.
Chizoba: Im not done. Where in imo state?
Nina: Mbaise.
Chizoba: wow! Im from there as well.
Nina: oh okay.
Chizoba: so what local government?
Nina: aboh-mbaise.
Chioba: uh, different local government. All the same we are sisters somehow. What level and department are you?
Nina: 100 level, microbiology.
Chizoba: four hundred level, accounting.
Nina: okay.
Chizoba: so, how do you know Chize? Considering shes in elect-electrical.
Nina: oh, I knew her through a friend.
Chizoba: okay, because those girls arent serious minded. My Bunkie tries at least, I guess its because her dad is a lecturer here but Chize is another story put together. Then theres another one, Mercy, they call her fire in this hostel.
Nina :(laughing)fire?
Chizoba: funny right? Thats what I thought. What room are you in?
Nina: room 210.
Chizoba: Maureen’s room?
Nina: yeah.
Chizoba: how are you coping there? I had Maureen is a trouble maker.
Nina: she hasn’t stepped on my toe yet but I dont think she would because I dont have her time.
Chizoba: just avoid her. What can I get you?
Nina: um, nothing. I have to go now.
Chiboza: why?
Nina: I have something I need to do.
Chizoba: okay, whenever you are bored or need to talk to someone you can always come here.
Nina: thanks,i really appreciate that.
Chizoba: alright take care. I could stop by your room to check on you.
Nina: okay, thanks.
Chizoba: yeah, bye.
Nina: bye.
Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina went back to her room; she was really bored but didnt want to stay with Chizoba since she just met her. She wished Dennis would just be back, she didnt know if he was already back but wanted to surprise her. He came back in the evening and asked Tony to see him off to Ninas hostel. Nina woke up and saw Maureen bullying Success and decided to chip in.
Success: who used my bucket of water?
Kaycee: not me.
Fat Kc: not me either.
Success: nneka, is it you?
Maureen: I used it, Ill replace it back.
Success: Maureen, I need my water now. Ive been asking since and you didnt answer.
Maureen: and Ive answered now. I’ll get it later.
Success: I need it now.
Maureen: so what do you want me to do? Get up from my bed and get water for you?
Success: Maureen, I need that water for tomorrow. I have a 7am lecture.
Maureen: too bad, I dont have any lecture.
Success: why do you always look for my trouble?
Maureen: whats that suppose to mean? Are you calling me a trouble maker?
Success: you are acting like one.
Maureen: what? (Going close to her) are you crazy?
Success: Maureen, leave me alone oh! Maureen, leave me alone.
Maureen: (slapping her head) oh now you want me to leave you alone and you couldnt even let me rest because of one bucket of water.
Success :( screaming) Maureen, I didnt do anything to you, leave me alone.
Nina: (waking up and murmuring) oh God, why cant someone have a good sleep in this room?
Maureen: then forget about your water today or I wouldnt get it for you anymore.
Success: but I need it very early tomorrow.
Nina: success what is it?
Success: Maureen used my water and dont want to replace it.
Nina: Maureen why now? Why would you use her water? Why cant you go and fetch water for yourself?
Maureen: this is none of your business.
Nina: as a matter of fact it is, I have kept water here before and I couldnt find it later. Im convinced you took it. You have to fetch her water back.
Maureen: or what?
Nina: or Ill use any water you keep under your bunk.
Maureen: you wouldnt.
Nina: try me, I dont care how you look for that water all I know is that you are given Success her water today.
Maureen: I wont.
Nina: oh okay,then better dont keep any water in this room because it will look like you didnt in the first place.
Kaycee: Amanda, its okay. Ill give Success water for tomorrow.
Nina: and Maureen will replace it.
Kaycee: yes, she will replace it.
Someone comes to her room to tell her a guy is looking for her downstairs
Hostel girl: (knocking) hi!
All: hi!
Hostel girl: who is Amanda here?
Nina: I am. Is there a problem?
Hostel girl: someone is asking of you outside.
Nina: name?
Hostel girl: didnt tell.
Kaycee: (she looks outside her window) oh its your friend.
Nina: thats not possible, thanks for the message (walks to Kaycees bunk to check at her window).
Kaycee: is that not him?
Nina:(smiling) yes.
Fat kc: shes happy now!
Nina :(pretending) please! Wasnt I happy before?
Fat Kc: no you werent.
Nina: whatever (rushes down stairs)!
Dennis: hi babe!
Nina:( hugs him) hi, when did you get here?
Dennis: some hours ago.
Nina: I was worried. Hi, Tony!
Tony: I thought you wouldnt notice.
Nina: (smiling) why did you take this long?
Dennis: Ill tell you at home.
Nina: at home?
Dennis: yeah, my lodge. Just go and pack your bag.
Nina: really?
Dennis: yeah! I missed you.
Nina: okay.
She rushes back to her room and starts packing some clothes, she was so excited because she has really missed him and just wants to spend the night with him. She packed quickly and left. They got to his apartment and she noticed that Ifeanyi wasnt around
Nina: where is Ifeanyi?
Dennis: hes not around, I heard he travelled.
Nina: oh okay.
Dennis: we are all by ourselves.
Nina: yeah, finally!
Check Here for Chapter Twenty Three {cont'd}

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