Chapter Twenty Five:The Fifth And The Last Child

She waited for him and they went to school together and she went to her hostel to drop her things before going to class. She was in class with her friends as usual and Chidera came to ask her about their study group because she missed the first weekend
Chidera: hi, Amanda!
Nina: hey, Chidera right?
Chidera: yeah, we didnt see you last weekend?
Nina: Um yeah I couldnt make it.
Chidera: will you make it this weekend?
Nina: um, Im not sure yet.
Chidera: just try, well be expecting you.
Nina: okay, meet my friend Zino and Onome.
Chidera: nice to meet you guys. You dont stay in the hostel right?
Zino: hostel? Not me.
Onome: me neither.
Chidera: alright, later (leaving).
Nina: okay, bye.
Zino: what study group?
Nina: they want me to join them in reading.
Zino: are you sure its just reading?
Onome: what else would it be Zino?
Nina: yeah, Zino! What else would it be?
Zino: Im just saying!
Onome: I think its a good idea,Nina.
Nina: thanks Onome but I dont know if I have that time besides I dont really fancy group reading.
Zino: do what you have to do.
Nina: yeah.
Sally: Amanda, Martins asked me to give this to you(hands over  the handout and leaves).
Nina: oh thanks.
Zino: is she the assistant course rep now?
Nina: maybe.
Zino; what do you mean maybe? Its Adaora that is the course rep.
Nina: who is Adaora?
Zino: that tall and big girl.
Nina: oh she is? When did they give her course rep?
Zino: it the computer science HOD that gave her. No one wanted to be assistant so he insisted Adaora should be the assistant.
Nina: wow, not bad. At least when she talks theyll listen to her.
Zino: yeah, but I think he gave her so he could see her all the time. I heard hes a womanizer.
Nina: Zino! You and your information!
Zino: Im serious. I heard she didnt want it, she doesnt even deserve it.
Nina: why not?
Zino: she cheats in exam hall, Ive caught her before.
Nina: really?
Zino: yeah, thats why people are always rushing to sit with her especially Uche and Amaka.
Nina: but she seems intelligent.
Zino: please, dont let that innocent face fool you. Most of them act like they know what they are doing but when you check their result youll know what Im talking about and even the ones that make good results is due to cheating.
Onome: wow!
Zino: yeah, you guys are the only ones I can trust.
Nina: well, Im sure there are still people like us.
Zino: maybe but I wont be too sure.
Their lecturer comes to class to teach them and after class; Nina went straight to the hostel
Nina: hey, Bunkie! You werent in class today?
Nneka: I didnt feel like it.
Nina: oh, everyone is in class I believe?
Nneka: yeah.
Nina: (changing to her house wear) oh Im so tired.
Nneka: that reminds me! A girl came here looking for you last night.
Nina: Chize?
Nneka: no, I know Chize. She said her name is Chizoba that she stays at the one mans room (that’s what they called one-bunk-room).
Nina: oh okay. Did she say it was important?
Nneka: she just asked after you, I think she just finish having her bath downstairs and decided to check on you.
Nina: okay, thanks. Let me check on her at once (walks to her room and sees Chioma).
Chioma: hey, Ive you seen Chize?
Nina: (stretches her neck) um, no. What of your roommate?
Choima: she went for lectures, come inside.
Nina: oh thanks. I should go; I just wanted to check on her. When she comes back tell her I checked on her.
Chioma: alright, take care.
Nina: you too (leaves).
Chapter Seventeen:The Fifth And The Last Child

She went back to her room to catch some sleep and chize comes to visit.
Chize: hey! Wake up.
Nina: hey, where have you been?
Chize: around. Chioma told me youve been looking for me.
Nina: are you just getting the message?
Chize: no, but I came to check you this morning. Heard Dennis is back, you can rest now.
Nina: (smiles) well, yeah. So where did you go since.
Chize: I and my friend went to see someone.
Nina: what friend?
Chize: oh you dont know her, her name is Blessing. She stays in room 110.
Nina: okay, so who did you visit? Chize!?
Chize :(smiling) a friend.
Nina: mmmhmm! (Smiling)Just a friend?
Chize: serious, hes just a friend besides the hostel was really boring I had to go out.
Nina: okay, (smiling) at least hes a he
Chize: whatever! So hope you are cool? Why Im I even asking when Dennis is back.
Nina: (smiling) so because I have a boyfriend you dont have to ask how I am?
Chize: Im just joking. So how are you?
Nina: good, thank you for asking.
Chize: okay can I go now?
Nina: was I holding you?
Chize: imagine!
Nina :( laughing) yeah, you can go now. Thanks for stopping by.
Chize: you are welcome.
Nina: I hope youll be in your room when I come.
Chize: when are you coming?
Nina: be around when I come!
Chize: okay, bye!
Nina finally slept and woke up in the evening and went to see Chizoba in her room
Nina :(knocking)hi!
Chizoba: hi there! How are you doing?
Nina: Im good and you?
Chizoba: Im great. Checked on you last night, where were you?
Nina: I went to see my boyfriend.
Chizoba: oh, you have a boyfriend already? Sit down.
Nina: thanks, he’s from pre-science.
Chizoba: you did pre-science?
Nina: yeah I did, thats how we met.
Chizoba: oh,I see and you guys decided to continue here.
Nina: its not like that.
Chizoba; Im not saying its wrong I just think you should be focused thats all.
Nina: I am.
Chizoba: you sure?
Nina: yeah, I am.
Chizoba: just be careful, guys are not what they seem to be.
Nina: I am. Thanks.
Chizoba: so what can I get you?
Nina: nothing, thanks!
Chizoba: you dont take anything I give, why?
Nina: when have I rejected something?
Chizoba: the first time and now.
Nina: the first time is normal. I just dont feel like taking anything right now.
Chizoba: okay! I offered!
Nina: yeah, thanks again.
Chizoba ;( gives Nina her photo album) here are my pictures.
Nina: oh okay (collects them).
Nina sees a picture thats familiar because she has seen that face in school, besides Chizoba said she had a brother in school
Nina: who is this?
Chizoba: my brother.
Nina: oh okay, Ive seen him before.
Chizoba: Im not surprised since his in your level.
They talked all evening until Nina went to bed. By 12midnight her period came and she changed into a pad after some hours, her tummy started aching her. She felt bad because the next day was freshers party, and then she remembered that Dennis wasnt going so she didnt even bother herself. She had her bath and stayed in the hostel, whenever she is on her period she hardly concentrate, she always irritated and pissed and a day before it she craves sugar. During the day, Dennis called to ask  where she was in school but she told him in the hostel that shes having cramps and later that evening…
Kaycee: Nina, whats up?
Nina:(lying in her bed) kaycee, welcome.
Kaycee: whats wrong? Is it the usual?
Nina: yeah
 Kaycee: eyah! Sorry.
Nneka: no wonder youve been so quiet, sorry.
Kaycee: have you taken drugs?
Nina: I sent kc.
Kaycee: okay,kc can be slow sometimes.
Fat kc:(arrives) who is calling my name?uh, sweetheart! Sorry I waisted time, here is your drug.
Nina: thanks Kc ( sits up to take her drug).
Kaycee: I was telling her how unreliable you can be.
Fat kc: Im never unreliable.
Kaycee: you are, if it was something between life and death, she would have given up before you came back.
Fat Kc ; it wasnt between life and death besides I had lectures.
Kaycee: whatever!
Nina:(took her drug) guys its cool! Im alright.
Fat Kc: imagine, the person that is in need of the drug isnt crucifying me, its you.
Kaycee: because I care.
Fat Kc: (smiling) yeah right and I dont? Mind your business kaycee, stop looking for trouble, it doesnt suit you!
Kaycee: who does it suit?
Fat Kc; you know now!
They were talking about Maureen although she wasnt around. It was getting dark and some hostel girls were dressing for the party, Nina was still in bed watching some of her roommates dress up and Denniss friends on the other hand were all going for the party including Chize. Dennis knew that Nina would not be able to go to the party yet he came to the hostel with Tony and one other guy that hes girlfriend also stay in the hostel; her name is Rachel. Rachel was contesting for Miss mass communication and two other girls so her boyfriend had to be at that party. Chize didnt come with any date but she was with them incase Nina didnt show up. As usual when they got to the hostel, they sent Chize to call Nina
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