Chalize Theron dons four outfits for new 'Tully' movie screening

Hollywood actress,Charlize Theron stepped out in three different outfits as she promotes new movie 'Tully' in New York city.The 42-year-old donned a short black romper with an oversized monochrome cardigan in flat oxfords (which is my fav btw),a sheer pencil dress,black tee,skirt and boots.

In the movie,Chalize gained 50lbs,speaking on her role in the comedy,she said in at a special Q&A while attending TimesTalks ScreenTimes Presents;
'It was really brutal,' Charlize expressed. 'I like having that moment at the end of the day (of shooting) when you change in your trailer, get in your car, go home and you’re you. But I couldn’t do it on this and it really got to me.

'I couldn’t leave this character because my body was just dictating where my mind was and how my moods were.' 'I know a lot of moms who feel like (crap) because it takes that long and everybody’s expecting them to be back,

'Me gaining weight for the movie — it’s hard when somebody’s like, "Wow, that’s really brave!" Moms do this all the time and we don't call them brave. We're like, "Why are you still carrying that baby weight?"'

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