Lewis Hamilton Pose in a skirt for GQ Magazine

The Formula One driver,Lewis Hamilton looked cool on the cover of GQ Magazine. The 33-year-old wore a tartan kilt following his controversial Instagram video were he called out his nephew for wearing a princess dress. In the video he said; 'Why are you wearing a princess dress? Is this what you got for Christmas?' Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?''boys don't wear princess dresses'.

And in the interview with GQ ,he talked about his regrets ater he face backlash from people. He said;
'I've been through quite a lot [of criticism], although there are things I regret in my life, I wouldn't go back and change them, because if I did I wouldn't be the man I am today, I wouldn't have the mindset I have today. 

'I wouldn't have grown if I hadn't fallen and stumbled and gotten back up. A lot of the getting back up from the things I have experienced has been so tough that I didn't think I would make it through, particularly with [what happened recently].'

Hehe,the power of social media. He does look good though.

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