Kylie Jenner share photo with sister Kendall but she crops her out

Twice as nice! Fans got a double dose of Jenner on social media Tuesday after the siblings shared Instagram photos from a sister photoshoot

Kylie Jenner shows love to her model sister ,Kendall with a photo of them on instagram but Kendall cropped her out in the one she shared. Guess sister rivarly (and is totally normal) is expected with Kylie getting the attention as a self-made almost billionaire,welcoming a baby and getting a million dollar per social media post.

The Victoria Secret model seem to be having a hot and cold moment as she later shared photo of the both of them. Maybe she just wanted the attention on her for a second. See below;

PS:Kendall Jenner also changed too -see their childhood photo below;
Cut it out: While both beauties wowed, it appeared that Kendall wasn't interested in sharing the attention, as she cropped her sibling out of a selfie completelySisters: Kendall honored her sibling on social media

No edits! Sister Kylie was happy to share uncropped shots of the duo on her social media though


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