Check out first Miss Nigeria at 86

Twitterverse went wild after the first Miss Nigeria ,Grace Oyelude surfaced online thanks to her nephew,U.S. based Professor Pius Adesanmi.

The beauty who was born in Kano in November 16,1937 to James Adeleye Olude and Marthan Dantu was crowned Miss Nigeria in 1957.After winning the contest, she travelled to England to study Nursing. According to her: “I was living in Kano then. My brother saw the advertisement in the newspapers and advised me to go to Lagos for an interview to be selected as a Miss Nigeria contestant. “He applied, and the result was that I was supposed to be in Lagos for the Miss Nigeria contest. I was working in the UAC then, and they also were also involved in the pageant. The following day, they got me on a plane to Lagos and that was it.”

She is 86 years old. Aww ,i love this type of history.
With her nephew.

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