Toni Braxton's Style at the Faith Under Fire screening

Singer,Toni Braxton looked lovely in this cute dress at the screening of Faith under fire on monday. The 50-year-old sat down with Billboard Magazine senior correspondent Gail Mitchell for a Q&A.

She recently opened up to People magazine about her battle with Lupus -she was diagnosed after she collapsed on stage in Las Vegas,2008. She said her fiance,Birdman real name,Bryan Christopher Williams was her biggest support system.
'I can get on television when I'm having a terrible day and tell them it's a good day, and he'll say, "No, it's now. I can tell",' she said.

'I've always had issues dating because I was ashamed to have lupus and felt like no on would want to take care of a woman with lupus - I was insecure.'

 'With him, I can be comfortable with a little hate or skully on with some lipstick and mascara, but I can just let my hair down a little bit and that feels great,' she continued. 

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