Selena Gomez fans come for Stefano Gabbana for calling her ugly

After fashion news site,The Catwalk Italia shared the photo (above) of Selena Gomez in five outfits and asked the 1.4 million followers to pick their favorite ,Dolce and Gabbana designer,Stefano Gabbana commented; 'She's so ugly!!!' 

And Selena fans took to instagram to slam the 55-year-old. This comes few days after her said 'no' to a mini black dress won by Supermodel,Kate Moss. In his defense,the gown was a little too short for Kate,giving she is in her forties and don't have those toned pins she used to have.
Who are you? Many Instagrammers defended Selena's looks and some didn't even know the famous fashion designer 
I also don't want to believe called Selena ugly on purpose,she is clearly nothing close to ugly. I think it's like when you say you hate someone when you actually love them or when you say i hate you cause you are just know in a healthy way. Don't know if you get what i mean.

Then again,he need to let people know it's a joke. So it doesn't go overboard.

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