Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor, still going strong and its not ‘Mommy issues’

In an interview with The Sunday Times,Ocean's 8 actress,Sarah Paulson discuss her relationship with Holland Taylor who is 75 and freezing her eggs. The 43-year-old said;

“People look at me and Holland and say, ‘Mommy issues,’ but I parent her as much as she parents me, so that’s not it,”

“I think a lot of people have a stunted way of looking at older people, it’s a way of distancing themselves from something that they think will not happen to them,” she continued, adding, “I have the good fortune of being with someone who is older and wiser than I am.”

“I love kids,” “But I’m very impulsive and I was afraid that I would have children and then regret it. But that’s not something I feel entirely confident about either, because I might regret not having them, too. So I froze my eggs, just in case.”

The couple began dating few years after meeting each other at a party, followed each other on Twitter, exchanged direct messages and decided to go out for dinner.

You know we are used to seeing an older man and younger lady ,is new to see an older woman and younger lady. Well,Sarah always loved to do the unthinkable...They kinda look alike,like different versions of each other.

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