Gigi Hadid’s Style in New York

Model,Gigi Hadid stepped out in New York city wearing a grey blazer and matching shorts in sneakers on Wednesday. The 23-year-old have been away from the spotlight since she rekindled her relationship with Zayn Malik two months after the broke up. she recently discussed with Vogue Australia about taking time off and away from social media;

‘A lot of my stress came from coming on and off a plane, and I didn’t want to be doing that on my time off,’

‘I had realised how much time I had spent in the air and it represented a lot of the lack of control that you feel in a job where you travel all the time.’

‘I’ve learned a lot in the last year, just figuring out what my priorities are and learning how to manage my time to prioritise the things and people that are important to me, because I’m hard on myself with those things,’

‘When you’re in that social media bubble it feels so heated and flammable and then when you step away from it, it just gets lost in the clouds,’ she explained.

‘You can take a walk, or do something that’s so much more real than reading all of that. Sometimes it’s funny to me how much energy people put into other people’s lives.’ Hair story: Highlighting her fantastic facial features, the American stunner scraped her hair away from her face and slicked it back

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