Chapter Twenty:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

The semester was over; some people went home, while some stayed because of the short break. Since the break was too short, Nina decided not to travel so she stayed at her uncles house in Owerri (which is the capital of their state; Imo). Sometimes her elderly cousin; jack comes to visit; they call him Uncle because he is son of their dads eldest and first child from their grandfather, more like their first cousin.

When Ninas Dad was younger, Jacks mom would take care of him and his siblings, she was the eldest, she got married and had Jack and hes siblings. Ninas dad joined the force and started doing well for himself, got married and heard his own children. After some years, his eldest sister’s husband wasnt doing so well, so she would send her children to stay with Nina and her siblings. The eldest son stayed with them for a long time while Jack comes and goes. Jack was like the fun uncle, he told them stories, movies hed watch and even do magic for them until the girls in the house started growing and he started acting weird to Nina.

Nina lost respect for him and she didnt like being around him because she was afraid he would rape her so even if she has to be around him there must be at least two or more people in the room. The only person that knew what he does was Sarah and her eldest sister, although he didnt try to molest Sarah, Sarah caught him. They are thinking maybe the family is cursed somehow because all of them sort of have some problems or one thing they are addicted to except their second and only sister that finally got married at a very mature age to a man based in the United States of America after series of prayers.

Meanwhile her uncles wife is a born again. When we call; someone a born again in Nigeria, it means no trousers, make up and jewelries. Her aunt is a strict born again, in their home they pray together when they wake up and go to bed, she always preaches about women wearing men garment meanwhile her daughter,Zinny wears trousers. The obedient one was Tessy, she does everything her parent says she should do but when she goes to school, she puts on trousers. Nina couldnt fall for that but Sarah did, at least for the main time.
Nina: Ainny, whats going on with school?
Zinny: Still expecting.
Nina: dont worry, it will come. Worse come to worse, you take pre-science.
Zinny: yeah, can you follow me somewhere?
Nina: where?
Zinny: some guys want to take me out.
Nina: okay, at least I wont be bored.
Zinny: okay, dress up lets go.
Nina: alright but where exactly are they taking us?
Zinny: I have no idea, until we meet them (phone ringing). Oh uncle jack, hi!
Nina: (expression changes) oh.
Zinny: whats happening?
Jack: not much, are you at home?
Zinny: yes, but Im going out. Ill be back in the evening; Nina Is here by the way.
Nina: no-no!
Jack: really! Okay, Ill come see you guys later.
Zinny :(questioning stare) Okay, buy something for us.
Jack: okay, greet Nina for me, later!
Zinny: bye! (Hangs up) Nina, whats up?
Nina: with what?
Zinny: why didnt you want me to tell Uncle Jack you are around?
Nina: wanted to surprise him {she didn’t want to tell Zinny about how their Uncle molested her}
Zinny: sure?
Nina: yeah.
Zinny: okay, lets go.
Nina: alright!
They met with the guys, entered their car and drove off to the place. Nina dont really know around her state much, so she was getting kind of scared because they took them to a far place where guys drink and eat goat head and cow leg. It wasnt a fast food, a restaurant, joint or a bar, it was just a joint. Nina have not been to that kind of place before, besides the men were really matured, they looked like they were married although there wasnt any ring on their finger
Nina :( whispering) zinny, do you know this place?
Zinny; not really but I think the road leads to our village.
Zinnys friend: what are you guys talking about?
Zinny: the area.
Zinnys friend: oh okay, I heard you are from mbaise.
Nina: yeah.

Zinnys friend: we can go to your village from here if you like, it’s not far.
Nina: yeah, zinny told me.
Ninas date: so, you are in school right?
Nina: yes I am.
Ninas date: can I talk to you privately?
Nina: uh, I dont know.
Ninas date: Im not going to kill you.
Nina: yeah, I know. Its just… I dont know where we are supposed to go.
Ninas date: dont worry, just at the back.
Nina :( looks at zinny) dont worry Im good here.
Ninas date: you are funny; okay let me tell you in your ear (coming closer).
Nina: (trying to move her ear away) uh?
Ninas date: relax; what Im I going to do now? Chop off your ears?
Nina: no, its okay.
Ninas date :( whispering in her ears) theres a chalet at the back, if you come with us, well give you some cool cash for school.
Nina :( pissed) is that so?
Nina didnt want to show how annoyed and disappointed, her disappointment wasnt a surprise considering the place they took them in the first place and she doesnt know the kind of people they are, whether they are psychos or even human. So she tried to be as matured as she can be meanwhile Zinny was just eating and drinking, who can blame her considering the way they feed at home: no breakfast nor lunch except dinner,Nina calls it 001.
Ninas date: what do you say?
Nina :( faking a smile} maybe some other time…
Ninas date: not today?
Nina: uh, no besides its getting late, right zinny?
Zinny: uh, yeah?
Nina: can I talk to you now (dragging her)?
Zinny: okay?
Nina: zinny, its 7pm.
Zinny: you want us to leave?
Nina: yes, your friends guy is getting on my last nerve besides its late, before we get home could be 8pm.
Zinny: this isnt Lagos; we dont have much traffic here.
Nina: it doesnt matter, are you not worried about your dad or mum?
Zinny: okay, let’s go!
Zinnys friend: baby girl, whats up?
Zinny: we have to go.
Zinnys friend: why? We have somewhere else to go.
Nina :( mocking) yeah, okay!
Zinny: my dad just called asking where we are, we have to go now.
Zinnys friend: okay, you guys act like kids.
Ninas date: arent you big girls? You guys should stay a while.
Nina: we cant.
Zinnys friend: dont worry youll go home now. Lets go!
Finally they entered the car to their house, Nina was happy that the guys didnt cut off their heads or something considering…
Nina: oh thank God!
Zinny: whats my own; at least theyve spent some money. Thats how I treat these guys.
Nina: you just have to be careful because you dont know how these people can be.
Zinny: no time!
Nina :( laughing) imagine what that one was telling me.
Zinny: dont mind him, besides uncle Jack is supposed to be here. (Phone ringing) oh thats him!
Nina: okay.
Zinny :( after the call) Uncle Jack said hell be coming tomorrow. I guess you will see him because Ill be at work.
Nina: its cool.
Nina called Dennis that night to know how he is doing, she really misses him but she didnt know about him because they havent had sex yet. She really liked him and wants to do anything he says but shes scared of having sex at eighteen and even if she wants to shell want to do it when she knows shes really in love.

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