Chapter Twenty:The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina: hey!
Dennis: hi!
Nina: what happened?
Dennis: is my brother; before he gives me money is a problem.
Nina: Im sorry about that, but next time you should tell him exam is approaching and you can afford to take that risk.
Dennis: I will, so how have you been?
Nina: Ive been down since you left, I missed you.
Dennis: me too. I got you something.
Nina: what?
Dennis: a line!
Nina: how did you know?
Dennis: of course I would know you need a line. I couldnt reach you because you dont have a line and dont worry, Ill get you a phone later.
Nina: I thought you knew I had a phone.
Dennis:  no I didnt, how come?
Nina: my roommate gave me her old phone.
Dennis: which of your roommate?
Nina: Maureen.
Dennis: the same Maureen I know?
Nina: you dont know her, you just heard of her.
Dennis: how come you girls are now best buddies?
Nina: we were not enemies besides I dont know what Ernestina is saying because Maureen is not as bad as she seems.
Dennis: okay, Im glad you guys are getting along. Be careful though.
Nina: I will.
Dennis: so what has been going on since I was away?
Nina: not much, I just got menstrual cramps.
Dennis: oh, sorry.
Nina: Im fine now, Richard was there for me.
Dennis: thank God someone was there for you, especially your brother. I bought gibsco bread; do you want to have some?
Nina: gibsco bread?
Dennis: yeah, its the best bread in the country, I wanted to get you a whole loaf but my friends and neighbor took most of it so I saved some for you.
Nina: oh, thats fine is just bread.
Dennis: trust me its not just bread. Taste it!
Nina: I dont think so.
Dennis: just taste it and if you dont like it you can stop.
Nina: okay! Mmmhmm! Oh my God! This is good and its so heavy.
Dennis: yeah, two slices alone can keep you satisfied and its rich.
Nina: yeah, wow! Now I see why your friends rushed it. I guess this is my share right?
Dennis: {smiling} yeah, I told you youll love it.
Nina: yeah, you did its great thanks.
First semester exam started, nina didnt study, shes not really used to studying because during her secondary and primary school times, she didnt have textbooks and besides there wasnt time for her to study due to her stepmother disturbing she and her  siblings to do the house shores therefore she only wrote what she was taught in class.
Out of all the departments, hers was always looking for halls to write exams. They have a building but they barely use it, sometimes their seniors use it or other departments. Why they are always looking for halls is because the ones provided for them, they sit in threes, in a very long bench and table, their number are like hundred and fifty something. When they finally settle down into a class, they take another one hour before the paper for the exam is distributed.

Nina was always sitting with her pre-science friends since they were the only people she knew really well at the time. Out of the three of them, Nina and onome were the brightest, although she didnt know that since she hasnt sat down with any of them before. She was just sitting with them because they were her friends but what she didnt know was that people sit with people that are bright and know what they are doing.

After some courses Nina realized she had to study because not all subjects were objectives, even the ones that were objectives still had theories. One she couldnt forget was computer science exam; it was a funny day because they roamed the whole school as usual looking for a hall for about three hours before they finally settled down and waited another hour for the paper to arrive. While waiting
Zino: babi, come and sit here.
Nina: thats if they arent going to send us to another hall.
Zino: just sit.
Nina: wheres Onome? Okay, there you are.
Zino: why cant these people be organized?
Nina: dont mind them; they keep admitting people and they cant even provide enough room for them.
Onome: is this department, they want us to sit if possible one person on a long bench.
Nina: its crazy.
Nina: who is invigilating this class?
Zino: I have no idea, I heard other department have started, and they said its objectives only.
Nina: thats better; Im exhausted from going from one hall to another.
Onome: that means they are going to rush us.
Nina: oh oh, thats true.
Zino:  look at Martins girlfriend, she cant even walk.
There is this girl, Uju she is a friend of Ann, shes also in microbiology. Anywhere Nina and her friends go, she follows them because she doesnt read, she says she doesnt have the time, she too busy pursuing money from married men. So she was at the back when Zino noticed Sally, Martins girlfriend
Uju: I wonder!
Zino: oh, uju! You are here?
Uju: yes oh! Dont mind Martin, he likes carrying what is bigger than him.
All: laughing!
Onome: Uju!
Uju: its true; just imagine that girl on top of Martin. I pity his back.
Nina: Martin’s might be stronger than you think.

Normally everyone respect Uju in the department because of the way she carries herself, shes also in money from the married men of course and she’s on the big size as well. Martin passes them to his sit
Uju: Martins come, so its true that you are dating that girl?
Martin: (laughing)
Uju: when you start complaining about back pain Im not going to do anything for you.
All: laughing.
Martin :( smiling) uju, dont worry I wont complain.
Uju: Imagine hes even telling me he wont complain.
Zino: Martins please look for your size; its for your own good.
Martins: you guys should free me please (going to his seat).
 Zino: and I heard shes a small girl.
Uju: which small girl? Why do all this girls like lying? Im sure shes calming a virgin too.
Nina: she could be a small girl.
Uju: please, small girl indeed, how did her waist become so big like someone that has had so much sex and is retiring?
Nina: uju! Ah, thats just too much. Shes right there you know.
Zino: and so? Cant Uju talk anymore?
Nina: zino, guys, its okay, give her a break besides our paper has finally arrived.
Uju: oh, thank God.
Invigilator: okay, settle down. Since you people delayed in looking for a hall, this exam is forty five minutes.
Everyone: {screaming all sorts of things}
Invigilator: do you want me to cancel this exam?
Everyone: no-no!
Invigilator: then you have to be quiet and lets leave this place in peace.
Silence was everywhere and the invigilator started delivering the papers and switching some people from their seat
Invigilator: dont start until I tell you to.
Uju: So Martins you came back to my seat?
Martin: oh God!
Zino :( laughing)
Nina: (whispering) imagine, forty-five minutes for hundred questions.
Onome :( whispering as well) wicked people!
Invigilator: no noise, you can start.
Uju was waiting for everywhere to be silent before she starts disturbing; zino was just looking into Onome and Ninas sheet. If they ask them to sit in threes, they sit horizontally with Zino in the middle while sometimes they decide to sit vertically with Zino still in the middle as usual. Finally everywhere was quiet and the invigilator was going out and coming in.
Uju :( whispering) Martins, number one to ten?
Martins: (whispering)B,D,B,C,D,C,C,B,A,B.
UJU: (whispering) Amanda, twenty to thirty?
Zino: (whispering) Ah, Uju youve done ten to twenty?
Uju: (whispering) Some, Amanda?
Invigilator: (walks in) hey, who is making that noise? If I hear any noise from anyone, that person is submitting his/her paper.
Whenever the invigilator leaves the hall, the noise continued. Since the questions were objectives everybody started asking their friends questions that way. Finally the exam was over and fortunately it was their last for the semester. Nina and her friends leave the hall
Invigilator: okay, time up!
Nina: what?!
Everyone: panicking
Onome: its just thirty minutes.
Invigilator: you must have a wrong clock. Now people on the right pass your sheets to the left. If I get where your sheets are and youve not submitted youll take your sheet to the lecturer yourself.
Zino: Ojimba (the name of the lecturer that taught the course and set the questions) is crazy! Hundred questions for thirty minutes… Amanda did you finish?
Nina: no but I cant fail it.
Onome: its well.
Zino: how about you Onome?
Onome: how Im I supposed to finish in that state?
Uju: Guys dont worry. It has passed; well wait for results except you were not sure of the ones you answered.
Onome: We are sure.
Uju: Good then lets move on.
Nina: hey, what are you doing here (talking to Ken)? Guys later! Enjoy your first semester break.
All: bye!
Nina: bye.
Ken: I was passing by and I saw you writing here, how was it?
Nina: it was okay, just the timing.
Ken: uh! Dont worry youll pass it.
Nina: thanks, wheres Ifeanyi?
Ken: his talking to someone at the back.
Nina: so how was yours?
Ken: good.
Nina: okay, wow! Im so tired.
Ken: so where are you headed?
Nina: to the hostel.
Ken:  okay, let me walk you. Are you going home for the break?
Nina: of course, arent you?
Ken: I am, I just thought youll hang around since the break is not that long.
Nina: yeah, two weeks right?
Ken: yeah, some people wont go home, theyll be around.
Nina: doing what? I rather go home even if it means staying in my uncle’s house for the break.
Ken: if my house was far like yours I wont travel.
Nina: its not my fault my house is far besides I love travelling, so its nothing.
Ken: okay.
Nina :( getting to the hostel) thanks for seeing me off to the hostel.
Ken: sure anytime.
Nina: take care.
Ken: you too.

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