Chapter Nineteen:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

Tony: oh Dennis, shes alive!
Nina:Yeah yeah, very funny.
Dennis: how are you?
Nina: Im good.
Dennis: Maureen didnt trouble you?
Nina: no.
Tony: maybe shes welcoming her.
Ernestina: that Maureen, I just dont like her with her oversized breast. Shes just a trouble maker.
Nina: well, she didnt trouble me and I hope it stays that way.
Dennis: come; let’s go over to the other side.
Nina: okay, what of Ifeanyi?
Dennis: he just went out some minutes ago. So we are free to do whatever we want.
Nina: see your head.
They were in the room, talking about her roommates and hostel in general
Dennis: so how was your night?
Nina: terrible, I couldnt sleep; everywhere was just so stuffy, noisy and smelly.
Dennis: see why you should have gone with us?
Nina: I know I just wanted to get used to the place. The bathroom very stinky, I cant even talk about the toilet.
Dennis: dont they have like cleaners that take care of the place?
Nina: even if they do I dont see what they are doing.
Dennis: so sorry dear but know that you can always come here anytime okay?
Nina: yeah right! with your roommate around all the time.
Dennis: he doesnt mind.
Nina: he wouldnt tell you he minds but he will.
Dennis: then thats his problem.
He starts kissing and romancing her and goes to lock the door because his friends and neighbors dont give him any privacy
Nina: what are you doing?
Dennis: how do you mean?
Nina: why are you locking the door?
Dennis: so no one can interrupt us.
Nina: interrupt us from doing what?
Dennis: baby, come on. Why dont you want us to have sex?
Nina: thats what it is to you sex.
Dennis: I love you and I want to make love to you.
Nina: I want it to be special; I dont want to rush into it.
Dennis: okay, okay! Its fine.
Nina: now you are angry.
Dennis: Im not angry; Im just tired of asking.
Nina: be patient with me, you know have not done it before, I just need time.
Dennis: its okay, Ive you eating?
Nina: Im not hungry, thanks.
Tony :(knocking at the door)
Dennis: hold on.
Tony: what are you guys doing inside, are you not feeling hot?
Dennis: not really.
Tony: okay, I and Ernestina are taking a walk, you guys want to come?
Dennis: dont worry, go ahead.
Tony: who asked you? Amanda, do you want to come?
Nina: maybe, later.
Tony: so, because Dennis isnt going? You decided not to go.
Dennis: yes?!
Tony: okay, boring people!
Nina :( smiling) we are not boring.
Tony: whatever!
Nina was there till evening and then she went back to the hostel. By then  fat Kc came back, they call her that because her name is also kaycee but shes fat so they try to differentiate by calling one fat and the other senior because shes older and in her third year. Nina meets only fat kc and her bunkmate;her bunkmate is always lying on her bed

Nina: hi Bunkie!
Nneka: Amanda, welcome!
Fat kc: you are the Amanda?
Nina: yeah, hi! You are?
Fat kc: kaycee.
Nina: oh another kaycee!
Fat kc: yeah! Where are you from?
Nina: East.
Fat kc: where in the east?
Nina: imo
Fat kc: likewise, and your village?
Nina: mbaise.
Fat kc: oh, you and my Bunkie are like from the same place.
Nina: success?
Fat kc: yeah, youve met her?
Nina: not exactly, I was told earlier.
Fat kc: okay, welcome.
Nina: thanks.
After some weeks Ninas period came and she always has cramps. So she wasnt feeling too well, whenever shes going through that shes always moody and weak the first day and everything really irritates her. Dennis travelled home and whenever he does, it takes him up to a week, sometimes two to three weeks, so Ninas brother came to her rescue
Kaycee: Nina’s brother is here, hes downstairs.
Maureen :( rushing to the window) okay, this fine quiet boy.
Ebere :( rushing too) let me see. Hes cute, is like all of them are really beautiful.
Kaycee: oh, God was really fair to them.
Fat kc: its okay, how does he get to her since we dont allow boys into the hostel and shes sleeping?
Ebere: was that supposed to mean? Let him in, I dont think she can even get up right now.
Maureen: is she a baby? Why wouldnt she get up?
Kaycee: Maureen, havent you had menstrual cramps before? Its very painful besides I just want to see her brother closely.
Fat kc: naughty kaycee!
Ebere: Maureen, it depends on the individual. When my cousin is on, she cant do anything for that day, she just rolls on the floor.
Hostel girl :( waking nina) nina, your brother is here.
Nina:(waking up) where is he?
Hostel girl: he is downstairs.
Kaycee: Amanda, can you go downstairs?
Nina: I dont know.
Kaycee: okay, then he should come in.
Nina: is that okay?
Maureen: not really but you are not strong so he can come in.
Fat kc and kaycee started shouting his name to come in and take the stairs.
Both: shes in room 208.
Nina: Did you get the drug?
Richard: yeah, I also got some boosting drink and beverage. Whats the problem?
Nina: its stomach cramps.
Richard: sorry, here you go, have you eating something?
Nina: Im not hungry.
Richard: okay.
Fat kc: so Richard what department are you in?
Kaycee: kc, havent Amanda told you before?
Fat kc: I forgot.
Richard: electrical engineering.
Fat kc: okay, public administration.
Richard: nice to meet you, Nina Ive got to go, talk to you later.
Nina: okay, thanks.
Richard :( leaving) bye!
Nina: bye.
All: bye.
Ebere: you are lucky to have a brother thats always there for you.
Nina: yeah, hes great.
Fat kc: what of your friend Dennis.
Nina: he travelled.
Maureen: that reminds me, Amanda why dont you have a phone? At least for someone to call you?
Nina: I did, it got stolen during my cousins matriculation and I dont have money right now for a phone.
Maureen: I have an old phone I could give you, at least till you get another phone.
Nina: that would be great thanks.
Maureen: there you go.
Nina: oh, thanks. Ill have to get a network for it.
Kaycee: Maureen thats really sweet of you.
Maureen: yeah, yeah, whatever!
When Maureen gave Nina the phone, Nina started thinking maybe Maureen is not so bad like people say or is she giving her the phone to get something in return? Hope not. Meanwhile her period was over, Dennis finally got back after his unplanned long vacation, she went to see him as usual and exam was fast approaching
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