KIm Kardashian attacks Rhymefest after he claims Kanye West abandoned his late mother’s charity foundation

Songwriter,Rhymefest called out Kanye West in some tweets for abandoning his late mother’s foundation ‘Donda’s house on twitter and asked singer Drake to assist. Kanye’s wife,Kim Kardashian took to her twitter to defend Kanye,threaten to take over the foundation from Rhymfest. See below;

Rhymefest, whose real name is Che Smith, and West co-founded the nonprofit to help serve Chicago's youth four years after Donda West (pictured in 2006) died in November 2007The foundation also claimed that West had not offered any recent financial support to help Donda's House convert his childhood home (pictured) into a museum and learning space
Kardashian unleased a slew of tweets directed at Rhymefest on Saturday night, after the Donda's House co-founder claimed West said 'f**k the youth of Chicago' 
Rhymefest replied Kim;
Rhymefest hit back at Kardashian's tweets with a long letter, in which he said West cared more about his record than helping Chicago
This happened on saturday. In the heat of the argument,Rhymefest released a statement that he would no longer use the name ‘Donda’s House’ but would continue with the foundation.

Following Kardashian's tweets, the foundation revealed it would no longer use the name Donda's House

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