Khloe Kardashian is back to her workout

Khloe Kardashian is not just back on social media but back to the gym as she shared her first photo since giving birth to daughter,True.The 33-year-old said: My a** and thighs are so big now that I am now wearing my swimsuit on the bottom.  'it sweats some of it off.'''Let's start with the cardio before Coach Joe gets here,'

'Day two in the gym.' 'My body is so sore today.  I woke up hurting, but the best pain ever.'

 'So day two. Let's see how this goes. I hope it's a little better than yesterday.

She discussed her Day 1 experience on snapchat;
'Today is the first day that I have been allowed to work out again by my trainer.'

Khloe added: 'It feels so good to sweat again. I feel like I am evolving and doing something impressive with my body.'
'Mentally I am strong but physically it's not the same,' said the star about her post baby body. 'My body is not doing what my mind tells it to do, that's the struggle.'

To be honest ,she doesn't look as fat as one would expect after having a baby (even while she was pregnant). So you can relax Khloe and focus on your new born. Her baby must be really cute;with handsome cheating Tristan and cute Khloe.

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