Chapter Nineteen:The Fifth And The Last Child {cont'd}

The next day Nina moved in, Dennis wasn’t really involved with her and didn’t care what was going on with her, he was all about he’s friends, neighbors and best friends cousin;Chize and her friends. Nina’s friends and her brother helped her move her things and she got settled. Ernestina hardly stays in the hostel, she always at Tony’s place, either she dresses up and leaves for his place or Tony would come to the hostel and take her to his house…
The room was quiet because most of them were in class, the only person she saw was her Bunkie, she hardly goes for lectures, she’s very lazy and imbecile looking, her dad is a doctor, they stay in a city in the south but no one could tell because of her odd lifestyle. She squats her cousin; Ebere, Ebere is livelier, although she’s the sugar daddy kind of girl but she has a good heart and everyone in Nina’s room just likes her being around. Her roommates aren’t that bad but they are very noisy and Nina can’t even read in the room or even concentrate, coupled with Maureen bulling either Success or some other smallish person…
 Nina finally gets settled in a way, attends lectures as usual and gets back to her room. At night the hostel is always noisy, guys come to checkout their girlfriends while girls talk from evening till morning. She wanted to sleep in the hostel that first day to see how it looked, sitting on her bed watching everybody, feeling bored already she decided to call her sister…..          
Nina: hello,T!
Tonia: sweetheart, how are you doing? Heard you’ve settled down, how’s the hostel?
Nina: not bad, just stuffy.
Tonia: how many are you guys?
Nina: we have four bunks, so eight.
Tonia: wow, how big is the room?
Nina: not big at all, like four by six roofing.
Tonia: uh, just manage?
Nina: anyhow! What are you doing?
Tonia: just got back from work, I’m even looking for what to eat.
Nina: okay, take care.
Tonia: you too, goodnight!
Nina: goodnight!
Ebere: was that your sister?
Nina: yeah!
Ebere: it’s like you guys are really close.
Nina: why?
Ebere: is she not the one that called?
Nina: yeah.
Ebere: I heard the way you talk on phone with her.
Nina: yeah, we are close.
Kaycee: I’m the first in my house so I don’t have any very close sibling, you?
Nina: um…(nina didn’t know how to start explaining how her dad took another woman and had two other children with her, that story was  just too long  at the time besides her close cousin, Daniel advised her before she got admission into the university not to tell people her background) the last.
Kaycee; how many are you guys?
Nina: five.
Ebere: wow that means your elder ones should be like in their finals or probably working?
Nina: not exactly, I have a brother here, the one I just spoke to works and the other two are in their second year.
Ebere; you have a brother here?
Kaycee: yes, she does, very handsome.
Ebere: really?
Nina: yes, I have a brother.
Ebere: you dad is really trying, four children in school.
Nina: yeah, I guess he is.
Kaycee: it’s not easy besides why are your elder ones in year two, shouldn’t they be in their finals.
Maureen: does it matter? The fact is that they are in school, what of her that is in the same level with her? It just happens.
Ebere: it could be true.
Nina: guys, they are not that older than me, my parent sort of gave birth to us without spacing much.
Kaycee: even at that.
Maureen: Kaycee, it’s ok!
Kaycee: what?!
Nina: (smiling) you guys are funny.
Kaycee: don’t mind Maureen, she likes arguing.
Maureen: it’s you that like arguing.
Tony arrived as usual to pick his girlfriend and since Dennis hasn’t seen Nina for days, he decided to accompany him and also to see his girlfriend. The girls in Ernestina’s room were really screaming Tony’s name and things like “she’s not around, give her a break” ….
Nina: why are thoes girls shouting?
Kaycee: oh, it’s the guy that comes to get his girlfriend like five times a week.
Maureen: ah kaycee! How do you know its five times a week?
Kaycee: no seriously, you know my bed is close to the window so I know everyone that comes here to check on their girlfriends.

Ebere: gossip! Which ones are coming to check on you?
Nina :( laughing) kaycee, answer the question.
Kaycee: I don’t have time for these small boys; it’s you guys they are looking for, freshers.
Maureen: you are old school now.
Kaycee: please! Because guys don’t check on me doesn’t mean I don’t have game.
Maureen: yeah right, you’ve got real game!
Chize walks into Nina’s room to tell her Dennis is asking after her…
Chize: (knocking) hi everyone! Amanda.Dennis is outside.
Nina: outside?
All: mmhmm! Dennis! Who Is that?
Maureen: mind you business all of you.
Nina: okay, thanks Chize (wears her robe and heads down the stairs).
She sees tony and Dennis downstairs waiting for their queen “Ernestina” I guess they were hungry and needed her to go fix them something…
Nina: hi, tony! And you what are you doing here? I thought you said you hate coming here?
Dennis: is Tony that dragged me here besides I wanted to see you too (hugging her).
Nina: okay, where is Ernestina?
Dennis: she’s still packing her property.
Tony: what are you girls always packing by the way?
Nina: something you guys would never understand. Hold on let me get her for you.
Ernestina: (shouting from her room) I’m coming!
All from her room: she’s coming.
Ifeoma: (from Ernestina’s room) Tony will you marry me?
All :( laughing)
Ifeoma is the crazy one in room 108; she’s like the mother of the room. She’s very beautiful, open-minded, generous, caring, free and friendly but her only problem is that she follows married men “sugar daddy”…
Nina: Ernestina, Tony needs you to hurry.
Ernestina: I know I’m coming.
Ifeoma: Ernestina! See the way she called your name, like a baby. Are you a baby? My name is Ifeoma, you?
Nina: Amanda.
Ifeoma: lovely name.
Nina: thanks, see you some other time (leaves the room).
Ernestina: Amanda, I’m coming okay.
Nina: she’ll soon be here, she’s through.
Tony: God have mercy!
Dennis: don’t worry she’ll soon be here. Baby don’t you want to come with us?
Tony: and it’s now you are asking her?
Nina: no, I just want to spend my first night here; it’s somehow that I moved in today and can’t even stay for one night.
Dennis: I understand.
Ernestina: alright, I’m done let’s go.
Tony: (carries her bag) finally! What did you put in this bag, it’s so heavy.
Dennis and Nina still talking…
Ernestina: I’m ready now and you guys are the ones I’m waiting for.
Dennis: you wasted our time, it’s my turn now.
Tony: guy, please let’s go already.
Ernestina: Amanda, are you not coming with us?
Nina: not tonight.
Dennis: she wants to sleep in her room today. Where is your room by the way?
Nina: up, directly above Ernestina’s room.
Ernestina: no!
Nina: what? Why?
Ernestina: is it not the same room Maureen is staying?
Nina: yeah, why?
Tony: who is Maureen?
Ernestina: Amanda is in the most notorious room in this hostel.
Nina: what?
Dennis: how is it a notorious room?
Ernestina: I can’t explain right now because its late and we’ve got to go but I’ll explain to you guys on our way and as for Amanda, you’ll just have to see for yourself tonight.
Nina: I want to come with you guys!
Tony: she’s scared.
Dennis: okay.
Nina: I’m kidding! What could possibly happen this night, it’s not like I’m looking for any trouble.
Dennis: baby, just be careful okay?
Nina: I will.
Tony, yeah… be careful!
Nina: thanks (She climbs back upstairs).
Kaycee: thought you were going with them.
Nina: in my night wear?
Ebere: so you know them?
Nina: yeah, they are my friends.
Nina told them they are her friends because she didn’t want too much questions from them. The night was unbelievably noisy, Nina couldn’t sleep, normally when she goes to a place for the first time she hardly sleeps that night till the second or third night…

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