Chapter Nineteen:The Fifth And The Last Child

The next day Nina prepared for school as usual, after lectures…

Richard: Nina, where have you been?
Nina: around, what’s going on?
Richard: nothing just wanted to know how you are doing and if you have gotten a space yet.
Nina: yes I have but it’s not up until second semester.
Richard: why?
Nina: the hostel is full; the girl is just given her space. She is going for a church program.
Richard: who much?
Nina: fifteen thousand.
Richard: you didn’t prize?
Nina: Richard I just need to settle, I didn’t have time to do that.
Richard: anyways, how is Evelyn’s place?
Nina: it’s ok.
Richard: hope no trouble?
Nina: no, but it can’t be comfortable especially when I know I’m still going to move out again.
Richard: just manage; I’m also managing with Augustine. You know he is staying with his brother.
Nina: yeah, how’s the place.
Richard: okay.
Nina: guys can manage but it’s difficult with girls. That reminds me, I saw this guy, Kc.
Richard: the one from our place?
Nina: yes, do you know what he was telling me?
Richard: what?
Nina: that he’s looking for a wife not girlfriend, that his father want him to marry early, imagine!
Richard: don’t mind him, that’s how he was persuading me to join him in Geology department, that he’ll secure a job for us after school.
Nina: indeed.
Richard: I didn’t even mind him.
Nina: do you have any money on you, I’m broke.
Richard: like how much?
Nina: two hundred?
Richard: okay, take.
Nina: I have to go now, bye.
Richard: bye.
Nina went to see were Onome is staying and sees Richard’s girlfriend there ( she also have a room in the lodge).
Nina: (knocking) Onome!
Onome: Amanda, hey!
Nina: so this is the Blue lodge?
Onome: yeah, the almighty Blue lodge. What’s up, I didn’t see you in class.
Nina: I was in class.
Onome: sure?
Nina: yeah, I guess I’m always sitting at the back since I don’t come early enough.
Onome: yeah, cause people drag seats a lot.
Nina: yeah, they do (hearing a loud voice from the background). Who is that?
Onome: you mean the noise?
Nina: yeah, the person is so loud.
Onome: guess.
Nina: do I know the person?
Onome: yeah, it’s Ify.
Nina: are you serious?
Onome: yeah, meawhile what can I get you?
Nina: I’m good.
Onome: sure? I made melon soup.
Nina: (she didn’t want to seem rude) okay, let’s have it. So you mean Ify stays in this lodge?
Onome: yeah, she’s the party organizer and noisemaker here.

Nina: that girl has not change.
Ify :( screaming from outside her room) onome, do you have a visitor?!
Onome: yes!
Ify: who is this person; I must see this visitor (walking towards onome’s door)
Onome: come see for yourself.
Nina: Onome why?
Ify: Amanda! Amanda! So you are here and didn’t even think of checking on me?
Nina: I didn’t know you stay here, just found out. Come and join us.
Ify: no, thanks. Make sure you see me before you go, or are you spending the night?
Nina: no, I’m not. I’ll see you before I leave.
Ify: you better! I was wondering who the visitor was, Onome hardly invites people.
Onome: don’t mind her, I invite people.
Ify: did she invite you today, Amanda?
Nina: no…
Ify: you see!
Nina: but she has been inviting me but I didn’t have the time.
Ify: okay, catch you later (leaves)!
Nina: okay.
Onome: your in-law! lol.
Nina: please, my brother is not married yet.
Onome likes Richard but he doesn’t see her that way. He just likes that she’s intelligent, responsible and decent but he doesn’t see himself dating her because she’s not his type…
After some weeks and it was almost time for exam, the mayor’s sister called Nina that she’s ready to leave the hostel. Nina was very excited, she told Evelyn about it and packed her bags, paid for the hostel and settled in…
Mayor’s sister: Amanda, you are here already?
Nina: didn’t I tell you how much I needed to settle down?
Mayor’s sister: roomies, meet the girl I told you about, some of you met her the first day she came.
Kaycee: yeah, Amanda right?
Nina: yeah.
Kaycee: welcome.
Nina saw a girl from her secondary school, Maureen; she was in art class so they never communicated. She was always fighting in Nina’s secondary boarding school, Nina couldn’t tell if she recognized her or not. Nina wouldn’t have recognized her as well but with Maureen’s history of bullying and fighting she had to…All the roommates invited her.
Success: So when are you moving in?
Nina: as soon as she leaves.
Mayor’s sister: hey, don’t get rid of me yet. Besides have you paid my sister?
Kaycee: don’t mind her; she’s been threatening us about leaving.
Nina :( smiling) yeah, I just paid her. She asked me to get the receipt from you.
Mayor’s sister: alright, here you go.
Nina: (looks at the receipt) but your name is on it.
Mayor’s sister: I don’t have another receipt. For now on you answer my name especially when there’s inspection.
Nina: oh no, I don’t need to be living in fear, do I?
Kaycee: no, don’t worry, they don’t even inspect as much. Relax!
Mayor’s sister: yeah, you have nothing to worry about, my roommates are the best, we don’t like trouble and we appreciate one another. Especially my Bunkie, the most quiet of all; she’s your Bunkie now.
Nina: hi
Nneka: welcome!
Nina: thanks.
Mayor’s sister: so I’ll be leaving this evening, I’ve packed most of my things.
Nina: okay, I’ll move in tomorrow. Alright, thanks guys, Bunkie! I’ve to go now.
All: bye
What Nina didn’t know was that, the room was the most notorious room in that building and Maureen was the terrorist that everyone feared, not just in the room but the whole hostel; room 208 directly above Ernestina’s room. Nina soon to be bunkmate is also in the same department, she didn’t have any friend in the hostel except Ernestina and Chize, they are not really her friends, and they are just the familiar faces she knows. Most of the people she knows stayed off-campus. Nina has never stayed in a hostel full of girls before apart from pre-science and pre-science was just six months but now she has like the entire four years. She had always wanted to be a boarder in her secondary school because they made it look so cool and acted so cool like they own the school. But her dad didn’t let that happen because it would be ridiculous since their house was a stone’s throw to the school. Besides Boarders made it look so cool, yet they eat watery pap, white rice, basically unhealthy foods, the only reason why they were there is because they lived far from the school…

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