Chapter Eighteen:The Fifth And The Last Child {Cont'd}

Nina left and went to the hostel to tell the mayor that she would wait since that’s the only chance of her staying in the hostel…..
Nina: (knocking)
All: come in.
Mayor: hey, Amanda!
Nina: hi, I came to enquire if the space is still available.
Mayor: yes, but it has increased.
Nina: to what again?
Mayor: I’m just playing with you.
Nina: so?
Mayor: whenever you are ready you can pay, since it’s still second semester.
Nina: are you sure that when I come next semester it’ll be free?
Mayor: yeah, hundred percent sure. She might even leave end of first semester.
Nina: really?
Mayor: yeah, the program is during her exam period and accommodation is already provided for her.
Nina: then that means I can move in this semester.
Mayor; yeah, it’s up to you.
Nina: sure I really want to, can I meet her?
Mayor: yeah, she should be up stairs.
Nina: thanks (heads to the stairs)
The room was so hot because they were cooking in there, where she’s paying for is a down bunk.
Nina :( knocking)
Mayor’s sister: who is it?
Nina: it’s me; please I’m looking for the mayors’ sister.
Mayor’s sister: you are talking to her can I help you?
Nina: I’m Amanda…
Mayor’s sister: oh, you are the girl that wants my space.
Nina: yeah, I am.
Mayors’ sister: you are welcome.So are you still interested?
Nina: Yes, I am.
Mayor’s sister: so have you paid her?
Nina: not yet, she was telling me about you moving before the end of first semester.
Mayors’ sister: don’t keep your hopes up, I’m not sure yet. I just told her because they kept postponing that I feel they might postpone it again but if they don’t I’ll let you know.
Nina: okay, let me have you number.
Mayor’s sister :( calls out the number)
Nina: (Nina writing in a sheet of paper).
Mayor’s sister: you don’t have a phone?
Nina: I did, it was stolen.
Mayor’s sister: oh, I’m sorry, is it from this school?
Nina: no, my cousin’s school.
Mayor’s sister: so how do I reach you?
Nina: I’ll give you my brother’s number, so anytime you are ready to leave just let him know and I’ll come.
Mayor’s sister: so when are you paying?
Nina: when the room is ready.
Mayor’s sister: okay, don’t worry I’m a Christian; I’m not going to dupe you. You can pay whenever you want, you can even squat with me from now till that time.
Nina: thanks, I don’t like inconveniencing people besides I have where to stay for now.
Mayors’ sister: okay.
Nina: thanks for your time, I’ve to go now.
Mayor’s sister: don’t you want to eat lunch? The soup is almost ready.
Nina: no, thank you.
Mayor’s sister: okay, take care.
Nina: Thanks, bye.
Mayor’s sister: bye!

When the mayor’s sister offered to give Nina lunch, she remembered her hostel during pre-science, how they shared things together and felt that room might be just like her formal room or even better…
When Ann’s dad found out that Ann was pregnant, he disowned her but he couldn’t endure the humiliation so he decide that the guy should marry his daughter. Agu looks quite mature and he runs a little business that he uses to support himself in school but now he has to think of not just himself but Ann, the baby and her school fees. Since Ann’s dad decided not to take care of her anymore, the least he did was to help finance their traditional wedding. As usual, most of the ex pre-science student went for the wedding including Nina but Dennis didn’t go because he travelled home that period. The wedding was low key because it wasn’t planned and you could tell from her parent eyes that they weren’t pleased..
Nina, Zino, Evelyn and Onome helped out with serving and ushering. After the ceremony, the guys were trying to cheer Agu up by making him have a nice time. Finally the wedding was over and they headed back to school, they got back really late…
Nina: wow, thank God for journey mercies.
Evelyn: yeah, so playfully Ann is married?
Nina: Evelyn, it’s no joke. She’s married for real.
Evelyn: who believed this kind of thing would happen to Ann?
Nina: I’m telling you!
Evelyn: I never even believed Ann can get pregnant mistakenly talk more of getting married in her year one.
Nina: it’s tragic.
Evelyn: do you know what some guys were saying?
Nina: what were they saying?
Evelyn: that she did it on purpose.
Nina: did what on purpose?
Evelyn: got pregnant on purpose.
Nina: that’s bullshit, who is saying that? Why would she do it on purpose? What’s so special about Agu? Or have you forgotten in pre-science she was dating that guy that works.
Evelyn: that’s true, PDP. I wonder how he took it.
Nina: I’m telling you. Mehn, Ann really messed up.
Evelyn: that’s it, the one that you think would be smart would just mess things up.
Nina: I thought she was smarter than that, anyways shit happens.
Evelyn: it’s her cross to bear now.
Nina: Ann. is a strong girl; I think she’ll pull through.
Evelyn: I hope so besides Agu is not a small boy.
Nina: it won’t be easy for them but with their love for each other they’ll make it.
Evelyn: yeah.
Nina: when is Agbani coming back?
Evelyn: On Monday.
Nina: that girl is crazy.
Evelyn: why do you say that?
Nina: do you know that the day you went for lectures and I decided to wait a while, Mopo came.
Evelyn: and so?
Nina: don’t tell her what I’m about to tell you.
Evelyn: what happened?
Nina: they taught I was asleep and they were…
Evelyn:, I hope is not what I’m thinking?
Nina: they’ve done it to you before?
Evelyn: they did something to you?
Nina: not exactly but they taught I was asleep and they were having sex.
Evelyn: no way!
Nina: I’m serious.
Evelyn: what’s wrong with those people, ah that’s just disgusting.
Nina: I wished I could disappear so I would leave there during the act.
Evelyn: God, that’s so horrifying.i’m going to confront her when she gets back.
Nina: Evelyn, please don’t. I could tell she was feeling embarrassed, confronting her would just make it worse, trust me.
Evelyn: Well, God knows she can’t try that when I’m there.
Nina: Indeed, she would. I don’t know whether she was horny or something.
Both: (laughing)
Evelyn: after she’ll carry her bible and start praying for forgiveness.
Nina :( laughing) ah Agbani!
Evelyn: don’t mind her, goodnight!
Nina: goodnight!

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