Chapter Eighteen:The Fifth And The Last Child

Nina didn’t have a phone and line to communicate with her boyfriend due to her cousin’s matriculation fiasco. So the only way Dennis reaches her is through her roommates’ phone and sometimes it’s quite embarrassing but she had no choice at the time.  She had to know if his at home before she goes to see him, she didn’t want to get there and not see him. But she always knew he’s always around in the evenings, so that’s when she visit…
Nina: hi, Tony.
Tony: hey, Amanda got your message the day before yesterday, thanks.
Nina: don’t worry about it, anytime… Um, have you seen Dennis?
Tony: no, he’s not back from school; let me call him for you.
Nina: his number is not going, I tried it.
Tony: maybe he’s battery is flat, just stick around he’ll be back soon.
Nina: how soon?
Tony: soon, soon. He doesn’t stay that late.
Nina: okay. Where is okey?
Tony: he’s at the other side of the building.
Nina: okay.
Okey :( coming from outside) who is calling me?
Nina: hi!
Okey :( goes to shake her) I enjoyed your beans.
Nina: oh thanks.
Tony: that’s what I was telling her, where did you learn how to prepare that?
Nina: at home.
Tony: really nice, now I see where your height came from. It’s like you guys eat beans and nothing else.
Nina: not really, I mean we eat beans sometimes in my house but I didn’t enjoy it, I wasn’t a fan of it until I visited my uncle in my state. I loved the way it was prepared and since then I just loved it.
Tony: okay, here are some pictures.
Nina was looking at Tony and okey’s pictures and saw a picture of Tony with his full hair and that was when she remembered where she knew the face. Tony was the first guy Nina saw when she was doing her registration and had a little crush because he was the only guy that dressed well, looked funky and really cute although they didn’t talk. Then, he was in year one while she was registering for pre-science, she thought he was doing the same thing and would probably see him at the pre-science campus. When she didn’t see him she forgot about him and fell in love with Dennis. Finally Dennis gets back…
Nina: tony is this you?
Tony: which one?
Nina: the one with the afro?
Tony: yep, why? You like the afro?
Okey: afro that made him look like a rat.
Tony: jealous!
Dennis: who is?
Tony: okey.
Nina: do you know I’ve seen you before?
Tony: really, where?
Nina: around medicals, you were doing your registration I think.
Tony: maybe, although I hang out there a lot because my department is close.
Nina: okay.
Dennis: how come you remembered? Was it before or after pre-science?
Nina: before pre-science, I guess I remember things a lot.
Tony: hey Dennis, what if I saw her first and had asked her out. How weird would that be?
Nina: really weird,lol.
Dennis: thank God it didn’t happen that way.
Okey: yeah, it will be really weird.
All: laughing.

Ernestina arrives; she always stays with Tony, and she has a room in the hostel but is always sleeping in Tony’s house. She was head over heels in love with him and Nina was beginning to wonder if she even had where she had a place to stay. After Nina confirmed that Tony was the same guy she had a crush before she left for her pre-science she was beginning to think that fate had brought them together, she was confused because she saw Tony twice before she left for pre-science, now he’s her boyfriend’s friend how weird is that?
Anybody could have been Dennis’s friend why Tony? She taught it was a sign that maybe she was meant to date Tony but then she remembered he has a girlfriend and she also has a boyfriend, that it was stupid. Tony on the other hand didn’t help matters, the way he looked at her lustfully and the fact that he loves rock music made her feel connected to him. Ernestina was good to her besides she loves Dennis; she didn’t let what she watched in movies get the best of her so she made herself forget about it…
Nina was struggling with getting a place to settle down and her dad wants her to stay in the hostel but didn’t understand that there was no space. She decided to wait until second semester because she didn’t have any other choice. She was roaming from Dennis’s house to Evelyn’s to lecture hall throughout first semester when most people had settled down even her brother, at least he was staying with his friend...
On one of those days she goes for lecture in Jimbaz hall...
Zino: babi, over here!
Nina: hi, zino, what’s up?
Zino; nothing much, sit here.
Nina: thanks, where’s Onome?
Zino: she’s in front, you know now, serious student.
Nina :( smling) it’s good, if I have the chance to sit in front I would but I can’t struggle for a seat.
Zino:  me neither, do you know that people come here by six o clock.
Nina: Zino, how do you know? I’ve you been here by that time before?
Zino:I don’t have to be here to know. I heard one girl quarrelling with another because of space saying she had been here since six o clock.
Nina: wow, that’s really serious. Some people have time.
Zino: I’m telling you, hey!
Nina: what?
Zino: I just saw Uju, she has gone far.
Nina: oh, is it that Ann’s friend in pre-science?
Zino: yeah,she’s in our department.
Nina: you don’t say?
Zino: she is.
Nina: looks like there are a lot of people from pre-science in our department.
Zino: not so much, check out Martin’s girlfriend.
Nina: no!
Zino: Serious, she is…the one with the big waist.
Nina: no wonder, I was talking to Martins the other day and the way she was staring at me was suspicious.
Zino: Martins is carrying what’s bigger than him.
Nina: I’m telling you, she so big and he’s too skinny.
Zino: maybe that’s how he likes it.
Both :( laughing)
Their lecturer came to class, taught them and left. Everyone was leaving the class when Nina bumped into a guy from biochemistry department…
Nina: ouch!
Chux: hey, I’m sorry.
Nina: just watch where you are going next time.
Chux: I’m really sorry, my name is Chux but my friends call me Kas.
Nina: Kas, as in?
Chux:  Cassidy.
Nina: whatever! (Leaves)
Chux: (blocking her way) so are you going to be my friend?
Nina: I don’t make friends anyhow.
Chux: your eyes are beautiful.
Nina: excuse me (walks away)
Chux: at least say thank you (watch her as she leaves)

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